13 People Share How The Biggest Lie They’ve Ever Heard Got Exposed.

13 People Share How The Biggest Lie They’ve Ever Heard Got Exposed.


8/13. My brother got accepted into an Ivy League school, dropped out after having a mental break down, and later enlisted in the Marines. We found out the truth while he was in basic training. My brother was always an overachiever in high school, but he was under an enormous amount of pressure from my parents. I'm surprised that he didn't crack sooner. My parents have pretty much disowned him now. They're really pissed off that they now have two failures for sons! I did poorly in high school, had a difficult time focusing due to a learning disability, but I managed to get into a good university. F*ck our parents, honestly. They're awful people and I'm glad they can't piggyback off my brother's achievements and brag to their friends anymore. I ain't even mad at my brother for lying.


9/13. Yesterday I learned that my favorite cousin has been a drug addict for the last two years. He was recently caught because lots of my family's belongings went missing. All of my aunt's jewelry was gone, and he hacked her Sprint account to buy two iPhones then sell them. He stole all of my grandfathers collections. He had multiple rare coin collections and stole all his class rings. My grandfather worked for Hughes Aircraft for 30 years, and my cousin stole commemorative pens given to my grandfather from Hughes for his years of loyal employment. They weren't worth much money, but Howard Hughes himself gave them to him, they have astronomical value to my grandfather. My cousin stole all these things for drug money, and for awhile nobody knew.


10/13. In college, a friend of mine cheated on her boyfriend (also, a friend of mine) with, wait for it, another friend of mine. The boyfriend and the guy she cheated on with had never met. The boyfriend I met in college, Zach, and the guy she, Melissa, fooled around with I had known since elementary school, James. The three of us, James, Melissa, and myself went out one night with a group of about 4 other people, and Zach invited the three of us over. James was very reserved the entire evening, I asked him if something was up, and he told me that he had sex with Melissa last night. I was not happy with him. We awkwardly cruised through the rest of the evening, got home, and I told Melissa I won't say anything, but she needs to come clean.


Zach calls me while I'm walking to a class. "Dude, Adam, she cheated on me... I can't believe this". Thinking he was talking about my friend James, I respond with the utmost remorse. I felt terrible, I knew this whole time but didn't say anything.

"Zach, man, I'm so sorry. I knew for months and wanted to say something but it just didn't seem right. I told her to come clean but I thought she would have done it sooner."

This is where it gets interesting. He comes back with "What the f*ck are you talking about? She slept with some random guy at the house last night."

Apparently, she was at our frat house the night before and slept with some random bro. One of our brothers saw it, and told Zach. Zach called me looking for a sympathetic ear, and I accidentally told him about the other guy she had cheated on him with from months earlier. He goes ballistic, she calls me up yelling and screaming about how I betrayed her (that gave me a laugh), tried to get my friend James to do the same but he didn't bite, and when it was all said and done, she transferred to a different school because nobody wanted her around.



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