17 Pet Owners Were Asked: 'What's The Dumbest Thing Your Pet Has Ever Done?'

17 Pet Owners Were Asked: 'What's The Dumbest Thing Your Pet Has Ever Done?'


13. My dog digging up a wasp's nest under the deck, then fleeing back to the house in a waspnado. We weren't able to find the nest afterward.

The next day (after having a couple of stings), she decided that she was going to show those wasps some canine justice. She went under the deck, started digging with determination, and then fled with the equivalent of "OMG HALLLLLLP!!!!!" She ran back to the house, swarmed with wasps yet again.

She means well.


14. When my dog was a pup he jumped out the window of a moving car to chase a deer. When he hit the ground he rolled like 5 times, then got up and ran until he calmed down.


15. My cat liked to catch bees. Being a cat, she also liked to bring me her "kills". There's nothing like waking up in the morning to your cat dropping a pissed-off injured bee on your face.


16. Picked up an upside down frisbee. Started running. Wind pushed the frisbee up, over his eyes. Ran full pelt into a tree. Still loves frisbees.


17. Linus boldly charges out of the apartment front door, only to realize he is terrified of anything past that doorway. But instead of walking back inside, he flops over on his side, and does a sideways shuffle/self-dragging motion to get himself back in. The one time he was seemingly brave enough to do further exploration, we brought him down to the mailbox late at night when there were no other people around. Nope. Not okay. Pee everywhere.



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