Delinquent or inspiration?

This is Shrek, the runaway rebel sheep that managed to avoid shearing for six years.

Apparently, Shrek absolutely hates getting his hair cut. So for six years, this New Zealand sheep managed to avoid spring shearings by escaping to hide in a cave.

By the time he was found in 2004, Shrek's owners couldn't even tell he was a sheep!

Just how much wool is that, you may be asking?

Well, according to 'modern farmer', when Shrek was finally brought home and sheared, there was enough wool to produce 20 men's suits.

The question that comes up now is - how long would have Shrek's wool become if he wasn't found? Does sheep wool grow indefinitely?

The answer is yes, but not for all sheep. Only sheep that have been domesticated will continue to produce wool in this way. They've evolved in this way because of human intervention - breeding and grooming patterns. However, wild, undomesticated sheep will shed their wool regularly.

Maybe Shrek wanted to be found? That much wool can have negative effects on a sheep - temperature management, vision impairment, and mobility issues, all become potential problems when domesticated sheep aren't regularly sheared.

He certainly doesn't look like a "Shrek" anymore - just look at this handsome fellow!


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