So much effort into something so ridiculous. Totally worth it.
Photoshop has made every photo subject to doubt. The term "photo evidence" has become kind of meaningless. But at least Photoshop has provided us with some damn funny pictures over the years.

Below you'll find some of the very best photos made infinitely better by Photoshop, compiled from the Photoshop Battles subreddit. Enjoy!

1. This Overly Confident Crab

Fastest crab in the world

Just crabbin' some air

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2. Ridiculous dog wearing a jacket

Ridiculous Snoop Dog wearing a jacket


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3. Dog wearing a cat-mask

Infiltration successful

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4. Cat pretends to be a student

"Excuse me, when can we hand in our homework?"

They have no idea.

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5. This majestic corgi catching a ball


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6. The creepiest sign ever


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7. Tough dog standing up

Bad to the bone

JK, I'm actually just Nic Cage

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8. Sheep takes a selfie

The perfect disguise

Some sheep just want to watch the world burn

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9. Teacher tries to warn students about online privacy

Find the treasure kids!

Back from vacation, with some selfies

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10. Shia LaBeouf stretching

World record attempt!

Career change

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11. This enthusiastic guy jumping

Became a ballerina

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12. Cheery kid in a lawn-chair bag

Thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation, he achieved his dreams.

Now go and be free!

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13. Giraffe mid-sneeze

Giraffe Vs. The Legend

He should meet the sheep.

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14. Chicken wearing sunglasses

Chickens WILL fly, I swear it!

Hold me closer, tiny dancer!

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15. Ecstatic bride removes chastity belt

Step Up 2 The Streets


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