Whether it's terrible roommates, horrible classmates, mean friends, or obnoxious strangers, there is nothing in this world better than getting sweet revenge on people that have wronged you. The sooner the better too!

These are those stories. From the guy that got beat up by an old friend to the obnoxious neighbors that won't stop partying downstairs, these are amazing examples of how to get back at the people that make your life miserable, making their life as miserable or worse!

Winning In More Ways Than One
Winning In More Ways Than One

I went to their flat, which had a serious security gate protecting the front door. I put the glue nozzle into the gate lock - a heavy duty bolt lock - and squeezed the sucker dry. A couple of hours later, as I was lying in bed, I hear the guys arrive back. It was the same deal as when they left. They were making a heck of a commotion as they spilled out their cars and head for the apartment. Then silence. Later I heard they ended up breaking a window and getting in that way.

The girlfriends, of course, were having none of it so they buggered off, as did the mates. The next day they had to get in a locksmith who used a blowtorch to cut the lock out of its steel casing. This damaged the door behind it, so both gate and door had to be replaced, along with the bathroom window. Because these boneheads did not have the money for all this, the dad who owned the apartment had to cough it up.

He was so ticked off that he kicked out the roommate. From then on, it was the quietest flat in the building."

Tossing A Possum In The Mix
Tossing A Possum In The Mix

Sari ONeal/

"For ten months I had the worst roommate ever.

He was a 40-year-old guy who acted like he was 21. His parents supported him and paid for his condo, from which I rented a room in with no lease. As such, I had no tenant rights which he took advantage of. He was loud, constantly wasted and/or high, and loved yelling racial obscenities at the TV daily. He was constantly forcing me to listen to his rants about things he had no real knowledge about. This guy was the most spoiled, entitled, inconsiderate, narcissistic person I have ever met.

The day I was supposed to move out, he was passed out from a days-long bender. I moved all of my stuff into the truck and was driving off when it hit me: there was a possum carcass on the side of the road near the condo. I went back up, grabbed his BBQ tongs and a bag, and picked up that carcass. I walked back up again, went in, opened the door to his room, and whipped that carcass onto his bed, then walked out of that place for the last time. He never even stirred as the dead possum, rotting and baked by the sun, landed next to him with a sickening plop.

He deserves worse, actually, but I did what I could."

A Navy Man Always Gets His Revenge
A Navy Man Always Gets His Revenge

"I was in the Navy.

I was in Basic Enlisted Submarine School with shared barrack rooms. I had two roommates who, for a lack of a better term, sucked. They were dirty, they never cleaned and they just smelled bad all the time. Oh, and also they NEVER woke up on time for anything.

Every week during room inspections we failed. Terribly. I ended up getting so annoyed with them because we started to get into a lot of trouble that I plotted the revenge to show the inspectors that it wasn't me and it was my two soil-sack roommates. Every 4 or so days everyone stood duty. One weeknight, I had duty and I waited for the exact time that I was a roving watchstander in the barracks to pull off the trickery.

I peed in a Ziploc baggy and placed it in my friend's freezer prior to my watch and there I had it, a sheet of urine ice.

I walked up to my room an hour before inspection, knowing my idiot roommates wouldn't be up, and slid this sheet of urine-ice under the door into the middle of the room. And you may ask why I didn't just open the door as it was my room? Because I didn't want to take the chance of waking one of them up during my covert operation.

The inspectors came around and sure enough, oops, I forgot to wake up my roommates like I did everyone else on the floor. Amidst the chaos of the inspector banging on the door, them trying to get dressed and them both very confused and shuffling through the urine, all heck broke loose. The inspector had those morons standing at attention leaning over to smell the huge puddle and realizing it was urine in the middle of the floor. The face he made when he made that realization was something I will never forget. He lost it.

Those two got in a ton of trouble and since I was on watch they lifted all punishment on me, finally realizing it was them the whole time. I don't feel guilty at all. I never did, I never will."

The Subtle Revenge On The Woman That Broke His Heart
The Subtle Revenge On The Woman That Broke His Heart

"I like to get revenge by making all of a person's dreams come true without them.

Once I dated a girl who told me about all of these life goals she had. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination, go night swimming in a lake in the middle of nowhere, etc etc. Whenever I suggested we go do one of those things she had an argument that it was not sensible at the moment but would be when she finished school, secured a job, and so on.

Well, she ended up dumping me, so I decided to take some petty revenge.


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