From movies, music, comedy skits and other things in between, people’s names are often used as a point of reference. While the reference doesn’t necessarily point out anyone in particular, it does however imply something, and does more than start a conversation.

Have you ever heard someone refer to an annoying woman as “Karen?” Well, just with that, instead of naming the real person in a story, it’s just easier to say Karen- to not offend anyone directly, except if your name is Karen.

And even though using “Karen” to point out an entitled and impatient (maybe suburban) woman has been kind of recent, a lot of people have been dealing with this for years.

31 People Who Hilariously Had Their Names Ruined By Pop Culture,” discussed this and shared what other names have been ruined by pop culture.

The article included how Late Night TV writer Jesse McLaren asked people of Twitter, a question:

Some people thought they were the only ones who felt sorry for themselves and the name their parents gave them, but soon found out they were not.

Twitter’s response was hilarious, and allowed the rest of to be thankful for not only our first name, but also our last.

So, if you have one of those names, or another that pop culture has ruined, don’t feel bad, because chances are, there’s one that’s worse.

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