With Apple iOS updates, comes new Emojis! Now, users can talk less, but that doesn’t mean the communication isn't as effective. Infact, we have endless opportunities to be able to express multiple responses and emotions with just a few images.

Apple constantly has updates, and that means so do all the apps in our smartphones, tablets and computers. But with that, users have to get acclimated to the new features and sometimes learn how to actually use them. But most of the time, people just play around with their phone until they feel like they can use the features to the best or their, and the device’s ability. Some people don’t like the (necessary) updates, and honestly put them off in fear of their phone freezing, going black, or simply dying. While others can’t wait to update and see what new things they can do with their electronic lifeline.

When Emojis first came out we remember smiley faces, some plants, and few food groups, in addition to hearts, flags and some professions. But now there’s a way more complex list of Emojis to where you can pretty much write a whole sentence in just a few touches on the screen/keyboard.

Instead of only having one smiley face to choose from, we have at least six that solely refer to grinning, multiple faces for “laughing,” and several categories other than “Smileys & People,” like: “Animals & Nature,” “Food & Drink,” and even “Activities,” “Travel & Nature,” and many more. And as if we didn’t have enough already, Apple adds more with almost every update. And now users have more to work with to fit the context and an individual's specific needs or preferences. For example, there are now Emojis not just “running,” or “dancing,” we can use ones with hearing aids, canes, wheelchairs, and more:

Plus, with the additions of the new Emojis, users have more options with the modifications made to the existing Emojis characters. Users can make their conversations gender-neutral appropriate, as well as combinations with couples implying interracial relationships:

And to all the foodies out there, don’t worry. Emoji did not forget. For those of us who take pictures of our food and drinks to post on social media, but can’t think of a caption, just use an Emoji. Next time your have a Gyro, just post:

And then there are some random additions like these:

I mean, why not have Emojis of butter or ice? We’ll probably use them at some point. Because after all, the world is our oyster:

So, when you can't think of anything to say, or have too much to say and can't put it all out there, just use Emojis. We can bet there's one out there for what needs to be said, implied, or shared. And if there isn't, just ask! And it could make their next list of additions.

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