"So I went to high school in South Texas, an area in which it almost never snows. For me, this doesn’t mean anything. I have lived in most of the north for my life so I know what it’s like to play in snow.

However, somehow it ended up snowing overnight. And by snowing, I mean like what snow looked like in the north-deep and not just thin and watery. These were immensely heavy flakes.

We were all sure they would cancel school, because Texas does not have salt machines or snow plows and the roads were super slick. A lot of parents didn’t want their kids to go to school, because they didn’t feel comfortable with a bunch of new high school drivers on ice.

Yet alas they of course did not cancel school. A little rain knocks out our whole district, but a foot of snow and nothing.

My mother made us take the bus because although she felt comfortable driving in snow being from Illinois, Texas drivers are more aggressive and the roads weren’t properly cleared. I took the bus and it was like being on a safari tour. Kids were taking pictures of the icicles on trees, all wide-eyed. It was funny.

Once we got to school, though, the campus looked like a war zone. No one would go inside and had instead resorted to snow ball fights on the entire campus and parking lots.

Might as well have some fun!

Once the bell rang, of course no one went inside. I watched from the window as the vice principal went to the front of the school and commanded the kids inside, of course getting nailed in his bald head by snowballs.

He finally managed to round up the rogue kids, and we all went about first period. I had a relaxed teacher who knew no one would pay attention. Since half the class was missing anyway, she let us 'act out the Civil War' with snowballs and took us outside.

While we were playing outside, we all paused as we heard the fire alarm went off. The school came pouring out for the next two periods.

Dude that pulled the fire alarm is a legend and lives on at our school till this day. He did in fact get arrested, along with another kid that thought it'd be smart to throw ice at a cop.

That was the one time I saw the high school completely not have a handle on anyone."

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