Kids can be great, but at the same time, they can be awful, spoiled little minions who expect anything and everything to be given to them. Go anywhere and you'll see at least one kid yelling, screaming, hitting, or kicking their parents until they get what they want.

A Reddit thread recently asked people to reveal the most spoiled kid they've ever had the displeasuring of meeting, and let me tell you, they didn't hold back with these stories. They dished out on some of the worst behaved, most entitled, and least grateful children that have walked this Earth. Take a look at some of the worst of the worst. All posts have been edited for clarity.

She Resorted To Theft To Get What She Wanted
She Resorted To Theft To Get What She Wanted

"I was a student tech at our university, so I was usually helping with repairing student's and the occasional professor's laptop or desktop. However, during a big sale, it was required that we help freshman and their parents with buying computers from the student store. Now, we had two options at this point for students who chose to buy our laptops with a student discount. We had Dell Latitudes and Insprions, and we had MacBooks. A girl and a father walked in and she darted right over to the MacBooks. She knew exactly which one she wanted. Her father told her that they didn't have the cash for the laptop, and at my recommendation, we settled on a Dell Latitude Laptop. I thought it would be an easy sale.

Well, the father and I did. The daughter did not agree with our opinion. She threw a tantrum right in the middle of the store, initially with hushed reservations which escalated to her loudly calling her father out, telling him how much of a good girl she was, how much of a bad father he was because he wouldn't buy her things like her mother always did, and how he was RUINING HER LIFE, because she would be unpopular if she didn't have a MacBook. The father then said he was stepping out for five minutes, at which point she began asking random customers to help defend her, all of them looked at her like she was crazy, one even told her that they'd buy the Dell laptop from her for $50 minus retail, others said they'd be happy to get any laptop for free, and she should be too, that their parents never helped them through college, etc. When the father came back, they continued fighting, and he left once again, telling her she was not getting the MacBook. She left a minute or so later.

Fifteen minutes later, she came to my register and asked for a MacBook Pro. When I plopped down the box, her eyes widened. I took the card out of her hand, and examined it. It was obviously the father's card. I asked for ID, and did the usual policy for high end purchases. Because it was not her card, I declined the sale. She gave me every excuse in the book, oh he's outside, dad gave me the card, blah blah blah. None of it stuck and I refused the sale, explaining the situation to the store manager, who had seen the entire thing and confirmed it. The father, confident where his daughter was, came storming in a few seconds later. He asked her what happened and I told him exactly what had happened, and she gave me an extremely dirty look as I handed back the card. She had stolen the card from the backpack the father was carrying their stuff in. She turned quickly and begged for the Dell laptop, but the father refused anything, saying he had a much better punishment. We all laughed and cringed. Others in the line chuckled.

I saw her two months later and she scowled at me, blaming me for not just swiping the card, because she had to use the lab computers for everything for an entire semester as punishment. I laughed, and walked back to my desk."

He Won't Be Having Kids After Dealing With This Spoiled Brat
He Won't Be Having Kids After Dealing With This Spoiled Brat

"I was at an airport in my hometown, chilling at the gate with my girlfriend. There was this kid, maybe 4 or 5 years old, who was running around everywhere from our gate to the next one over to the Starbucks nearby. That in itself was annoying but, whatever. Kids are hyper, I'd rather have him do this here than on the plane. His dad was sitting in front of us and while jumping onto his dad's lap, he took a big step on my girlfriend's foot. She loudly said, 'Ouch,' and glared at the kid expecting a sorry or something. But instead, the kid made a disgusted face and said, 'What.' And my girlfriend looked at the dad and he just shrugged.

Not 10 minutes later, my girlfriend left to go to the bathroom and the kid was speeding around again and he fell over my duffel bag and knocked over her coffee. I shouted, 'HEY, kid. Be careful, watch where you're running,' and AGAIN he made the same face and said, 'NO.'

The kid's dad came to pick him up and said, 'What did I say before, we need to be nice to people.' He didn't acknowledge the spilled coffee or tell the kid to apologize, he just walked back to his seat. The coffee was almost empty but it still spilled on the ground. The dad didn't even look at or say anything to me.

Finally, we were about to board the plane but I needed to use the restroom. As I was washing my hands and leaving, the same kid was running around inside the restroom. The most appalling thing was when he ran up to a stroller with a baby in it and started staring at the baby. I thought they knew each other or something but the baby's dad came to get the stroller and the kid would NOT let go of it. It was so bizarre. The baby's dad said, 'Let go, please,' very gently, and when the kid just wouldn't let go, he YANKED the stroller out of the kid's hands and the kid started to cry and yelled at the baby's dad.

I've since delayed having my own child for a couple of years after witnessing this."

This Is Why You Tell Your Kids "No"
This Is Why You Tell Your Kids

"A (thankfully) distant cousin would always challenge me to play Mario Kart with him. One day, he was doing so bad that I had no other choice than to be first, literally no way for me to lose or it would be obvious that I'm trying to let him win. The moment he saw that I was in lead, he threw the controller at the TV and started screaming around.

The same kid started eating something like a muffin, and the moment he realized that he didn't like it, he threw it on the ground and walked away. I had to babysit him once, it was the absolute worst. He would tell me that if I didn't do everything he wanted, he'd punch himself and say that it was me; he was 7 at that time.

He was the most spoiled kid ever, I'm telling you. Literally anything he did was okay because mommy and daddy didn't have the heart to say anything to their only son. His behavior was so bad that I started crying as soon as they picked him up, and now I only babysit kids that aren't complete and utter psychopaths.

That cousin literally gave me a mental scar, and whenever I hear that they are coming over, I lock myself in my room and don't come out and of course our house ends up looking like a pigsty because he throws everything around and his parents don't do a thing because, like I said, they just love their only son so much they can't say no to him."

She Just Kept Getting Worse The Older She Got
She Just Kept Getting Worse The Older She Got

"My mom's cousin's kid was the worst. She was like something out of a TV show, stamping her foot and getting her own way whilst her parents scrambled to ensure she got everything she wanted.

Once, when my grandpa was very sick, she had to be driven home by my uncle. She point blank refused to get in the car, and when asked why she said, 'My daddy drives a Ferrari. I'm not getting in that thing!'

It was just a basic Ford Fiesta. She sat on the floor and screamed. We told her to get in the car, but when she still wouldn't, my uncle called her dad who drove all the way back from the hospital and got her like it was no big deal. She was 6 years old.

I heard all sorts of horror stories after that. She would spit in her granny's face if she didn't give her money, and tell her dementia-ridden grandpa that she couldn't wait for him to die. She asked for a dog for Christmas and they got her one, only to demand they get rid of it after two months, so they did. They went to Disney World for two weeks, and when it was over, she refused to leave, so her dad stayed an extra week with her whilst her mom flew home to the UK. I remember him saying, 'She screamed the whole night, scratched and bit us until we agreed to an extra week,' and laughing like it was a funny anecdote and not the most insane thing ever.

She used to smash and break things as a way of 'punishing' her parents when she didn't get her own way. She got a brand new car when she was 15, despite not even being able to learn to drive until you're 17 here. Just because she wanted it. I heard recently that she told her dad she would accuse him of violating her if he didn't pay for her to go on vacation with her friends."

He Found Someone Worse Than Dirt
He Found Someone Worse Than Dirt

"Through the Spanish program at my school, I got to take a trip to Peru with my class. I made a deal with my dad that I would pay for half and he would pay for half. I spent the savings of two summers' worth of job earnings.

This one guy though, his mom had clearly paid for the whole thing. Not too unusual, but his parents paid for everything, including paying the school to let him stay when he was caught smoking pot in the bathroom in the eighth grade.

At the info meeting, his mom asked what would happen if there was a 'picky child.' My dad leaned over and whispered, 'Then he starves,' which helped improve my mood.

When we arrived, he ate nothing but Pringles. I think he ate one or two meals, but he survived on Pringles. He also basically just spent the rest of the time ruining everyone else's trip. I spent the trip trying not to get in his way and actually enjoy it.

That last two days were the worst because there was no longer the threat of literally getting sent back home early. He took this opportunity to kick it up to an 11, which included shouting on the bus when he didn't get what he wanted.

I've moved a few times for my dad's job, and across all the places I've been there's like five people I actually hate, and he's one of them. I literally value the dirt outside more that his opinion because something good can come out of the dirt."

His Elderly Father Has To Work Two Jobs To Sustain This Lifestyle
His Elderly Father Has To Work Two Jobs To Sustain This Lifestyle

"I know a couple who couldn't have children. They finally got approved for adoption when they were older, and they finally got their first child in their mid to late 50s.

They were just so happy with finally having a child that they spoiled him rotten. Anything he wanted, they gave him. He grew up demanding things and throwing tantrums. They let him eat what he wanted so he ballooned in size. Eventually, he dropped out of school because he didn't want to go, and his parents were fine with this until the state told them they weren't allowed to do this, so they got his butt back into school, which he failed miserably in because he didn't care.

He was eating away at all of their savings. He would randomly pick up new hobbies and needed top-of-the-line things for those hobbies, which he gave up on after a few months. His parents received an inheritance, and he blew through that entire amount within a few months, spending it on stupid stuff.

Eventually, his mother passed away, and his elderly dad, who is in his 70s, is having to work two full jobs while his son, now in his 20s, does nothing all day except drive around in his vehicle, live streaming himself talking while driving. He's already had two accidents from filming himself doing this.

His extended family tried to have a family meeting with the dad, telling him that he's got to put his foot down because his son is going to kill someone, and when the dad finally had a talk with the son, the son attacked him, knocking him down a flight of stairs.

He didn't want to press charges. After he got well again, he went back to working his two jobs, and started drinking heavily during his non-work hours, letting his son run all over him because he is terrified of telling him 'No.'

The worst part is that the dad has spent his entire retirement fund on this 'kid.' He is going to have to work until he dies because he has a parasitic son who refuses to do anything except spend spend spend."

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