One never knows what may be going on behind closed doors. On the other hand, some may wish they did not know. On another hand, some may hope that no one knows what they have been doing behind closed doors, especially if it involves them and a blood relative.

Interfamilial relationships happen more often than one would imagine (if simply imagining it was not bad enough) and we have the proof right here in these stories from those who have witnessed, engaged in, or are the product of the act and told all on Reddit. Content has been edited for clarity.

He Was Shocked To Discover Who His Real Father Was
He Was Shocked To Discover Who His Real Father Was

"My brother is my father. It's messed up. My mother groomed him from a young age to be her perfect lover and they had me when he was 17 and she was 35. I grew up thinking he was my brother and that my dad had left the family, but I found out the truth when I walked in on my brother and mother when I turned 14. I was absolutely horrified. I confronted them and they told me the truth.

I felt betrayed and disgusted. That night, I took my belongings and left home. Haven't spoken to them since. They were the only family I had since my mother also left her family and I never spoke to them again at a young age. At first, it was tough. I lived on the streets and pretty much did inappropriate favors to older men or women for food and money to survive.

I, eventually, found a good construction job to buy myself a car and drive longer distances by the time I was 16. I always lied about my age and I had a fake I.D. I did odd jobs as a farm hand for awhile, but then I got into really heavy illicit substances. I was a junkie for about two years and I traveled with this crust punk band called Days N Daze. We would busk for gas and food to get by, but I eventually left them, too. I got jumped while freight hopping and lost the last $100 I had. That's when I knew I was going die if I didn't find something stable.

I broke my addiction. I was 20 at the time, living out of hostels. Eventually, I found another construction job through a friend's dad. My friend tried to commit suicide and I helped his dad throughout the process. He's made sure I've had a good paying job since. I'm 24 now and I'm saving money right now to move to LA with pursuits of becoming an actor or screenwriter. I've since changed my name so that my brother and mother couldn't find me and I have no interest in ever seeing them again. I've got nothing to lose at this point so I am just chasing out every pipe dream."

"I Was Made For Her"

"My biological mother had given me up for adoption, so I never knew her growing up. I tracked her down and, when we met for the first time, the connection was electric. She took my V-Card that first day. I have been living with her for the past two years now and we still do it like rabbits almost every night.

It has sort of ruined my life. It's been rough having to keep a secret from the world. We can't pretend to be a normal couple. We are decently close in age, which is why she gave me up - teen mom. But too many people knew about my search for her and would connect the dots. We have to pass as a normal mother and son. It kills me having to lie to my adoptive family, my REAL family, basically. I have to lie to my friends who I've known for my whole life and everyone I meet from now on.

It's terrifying that, at any moment, the truth could be out if we're not careful enough, but it feels like it's so worth it. I love my biological mom and she loves me. We're soulmates. We're made for each other - well, more like I was made for her. Right now, we're sort of just taking it one day at a time. But, something has to give and I'm scared of what comes next."

"I'm Not Sure That I Want To Stop"

"A non-consensual relationship with my father became a consensual. Now, I'm fine with it, but I am really promiscuous. We only see each other three or four times a year now, but lovemaking is always involved.

It's been a long complex relationship. I don't expect anyone to approve or understand. It's my history. It's a part of my life. I'm ok with it. I would miss it if it were gone. We have a special connection and I like being with him. I'm not sure that I want to stop but I know I'm co-dependent. It has been going on nearly my whole life. I don't know any different."

A Nightmarish Seven Minutes In Heaven
A Nightmarish Seven Minutes In Heaven

"I never thought I would get to share this. A day after our prom ended, many of our classmates met the next day at a friend's home. The house was quite big and we partied hard until we reached the bed of the night. We all were playing a game in which we would draw out two names from the bowl and both of them had to make out inside a spare guest room. Most of these cases ended with the pairings going all the way.

This was the last round we played.

Most of us were wasted. We pulled out two names. They turned out to be brother and sister. Now, being big idiots and pretty much rude, we started to chant for them to make out and started to push them into the guest room. We were just joking and they just played along with it. So, we locked them in, waited five to ten minutes, and, then, opened the door to end the round. We expected them to be just angrily just sitting there, waiting for us to open the door. Instead, the brother was deep inside his sister.

It was the grossest thing you could ever see in your life time. Both of them quickly ran out of the house. Later, we came to know that it was a first time event and a heat of the moment situation. I met a friend last year who told me nobody their family knows anything happened between them and it has turned very awkward between them."

"When She Would Bend Over, I Was In Heaven"

"I have had many situations with my cousins that could be considered inappropriate, without actually going all the way. Most of these stemmed from pure curiosity. However, they still impact me to this day.

When I was little, I liked to hang out with my one cousin when she would use the toilet. I was around 4 and she must have been 2. I used to walk around erect while she was on the john. I would get off on watching her go. I still have a pooping/farting fetish. That same cousin, some years later, I kissed on the lips. It was just silly kid stuff and nothing too bad. I even experimented with the same gender with a first cousin. We were sleeping in the same bed together, which was a twin, and our heads were on the opposite sides of the bed. We used our feet to play with each other's genitals. I later discovered that I am not gay.

I have very attractive female cousins and, to be honest, I have always been curious about their bodies and have felt urges around them. When we were teenagers, perhaps 14 or 15, we were having a sleepover together and we were drinking. This turned into a pantsing contest in which we would keep trying to pants each other. Eventually, one of my cousins said, 'Why not?' and she took off her pants. My god.

To be honest, I still get off to the sight. She was wearing a long T-shirt and a thong underneath. When she would bend over, I was in heaven. I was too shy at the time to show my member, but I did have a digital camera and I took a lot of pictures of my cousin's rear ends during this crazy night. On another occasion, a year or so later, that same cousin and I were drinking alone, and she was flaunting her rear end, so I showed her my erect member. I get off on showing people that, for some reason, and I had shown it to my female cousins in the past. They never knew how to react and never said anything about it. But, she liked it and took her clothes off. I remember recording a video of her strip teasing and bending over. She later asked me to cuddle in bed with her because she was scared. We cuddled and spooned, which turned into dry (and then not so dry) humping.

She wanted me to do it with her, but I denied it, as I didn't want my first time to be with my cousin. Looking back at it, she's way hotter than who I ended up losing my V-Card to. I went back to my own bed and jerked off to the video I took of her. Then, some type of insight told me I would be better off if I deleted the explicit videos and pictures of my cousins and I did without really thinking about it. It may be messed up, but I still wish I had saved those files."

"It Was Probably My Biggest Regret"

"When I was 15, my 14-year-old brother and I lived in an almost psychotically sheltered home. We bounced around foster homes a lot, but this was by far the most restrictive. Our foster parents were incredibly religious and overprotective. They never had kids of their own, so they didn't really know how to parent, I guess. It was clear that they cared about us deeply and they didn't intend to hurt us or make our lives difficult. That much was obvious. They were just misguided. They homeschooled us and kept us home almost 100% of the time. We rarely got any outside interaction except when friends of theirs would bring their children over to visit. It was brutal on our mental state.

Both he and I went for months without any intimate contact and barely any contact with the opposite gender outside of each other. Eventually, I could't take it anymore, so I went to the bathroom to pleasure myself in the early hours of the morning when I was sure our foster parents were asleep. Apparently, my brother had the same idea. We were both extremely frustrated and I couldn't take it anymore. Although it was consensual, at the time, I kind of felt that I forced him into doing it with me. He was hesitant, since he didn't want me to regret it in the future, but I insisted. So, he accepted.

After we did it, we kind of had a falling out in that we didn't really talk much and we were really awkward around each other. I felt ashamed of what I did and I didn't really have the courage to bring it up again. I just wanted to forget about it and ignore it. Once we moved apart, we didn't really talk all that much. We would send each other and email or call from time to time, and on holidays he would visit, but it was always weird for me.

It was probably my biggest regret for most of my life after that and I feared that he had deep seeded resentment for me. He's pretty much the only family I had left and I was afraid that I would lose him too due to my selfishness. It took over 10 years for me to finally go to him and ask for forgiveness. To my surprise, he wasn't mad at all. It was a huge relief. He and I aren't awkward around each other anymore."

Be Careful Who You Swipe Right On
Be Careful Who You Swipe Right On

"I met this guy on Tinder. We started dating and messed around a couple times. I was on Facebook and my actual first cousin, whom I know well, had uploaded a picture with two of our other cousins and the Tinder guy with the caption, 'Cousins <3.' I freaked out at that point and called my mom to ask her if she knew who is in the picture with my cousins. It turned out he that is my mom's half brother's son. My mom and her half-siblings don't get along and, even though I knew they existed, I never knew who they were.

I didn't feel guilty. It was just kind of gross. The next time we met, I broke it off with him. That was such an awkward conversation. He, for sure, was less grossed out than I was and wanted to stay friends. I just wanted to pretend the whole thing had never happened. We stayed friends, though we hardly ever spoke.

Then, one time, I met him at a party. He was being super friendly and we were both very wasted and you can probably guess what happened. We slept together again. I clearly remember how terrible I felt the morning after - hangover mixed with regret. This time, I did feel guilty because I should have known better and I also think he felt weirder this time as well. This happened last year and, though I have seen him a couple times, we keep our distance now. My life hasn't changed because of it, but it has made me to make better life decisions. So far, I managed to NOT sleep with my cousin, so I guess it's going well."

"It Would Be Horrible If They Knew"

"My parents are first cousins. I only got some hormonal problems, but it's not too serious. It's really embarrassing. The younger ones in my family don't know it and neither do any of my friends. It would be horrible if they knew. A girl in my school once joked about my parents being cousins because I'm Middle Eastern and I nearly got an heart attack. I just laughed it off since I knew it was just a joke."

"He Wanted A Relationship, But We Would Have Had To Keep It A Secret"

"I had a relationship with my cousin for a few years. It started when I was 14 and he was 16. He stayed at my house for a week and we tried to do it, but I was scared, so we just did mouth stuff and I got fingered. He left the top of a rubber wrapper out in the open and we almost got caught. Then, for the next few years up until we were about 17 and 19, we would send frisky texts, make out, and, if we could visit overnight and not just for a few hours, we would go all the way.

I had always felt lust toward him, even at 12. At 14, we did almost have an encounter in a pool. We went by ourselves and he said he couldn't swim, so we stayed pretty much on each other the entire time we were in there. My aunt let us share a bed that night and we cuddled.

I don't feel bad or gross now, but we don't talk. He wanted a relationship, but we would have had to keep it a secret. I've always wanted kids and I know having kids with my first cousin could cause major issues. I had to break it off. I upset him and I feel guilty about it but, now it seems like he moved on just fine.

I think the keeping it a secret thing was more why I couldn't let it continue. If we ever did have a child, it's highly likely the child would have been tall like he is and have some of his features. After my mom almost caught us and had temporary suspicions, she would have figured it out instantly, especially because he has distinct facial features and I am only 5'4" while he is between about 6'2". At some point, someone would have also noticed that we were both 'single' and spent a lot of time together. I just don't think it ever could have worked out in the long run."

"I Didn't Know The Topic Was Taboo When I Was Younger"

"My parents are first cousins and I have two younger siblings. I have told close friends about it and their reactions were initially surprised, but then very nonchalant about the whole thing. I used to tell some people about that, as just a fact about myself. I didn't know the topic was taboo when I was younger because my parents didn't make it out to be taboo.

Now, I speak of it less and only tell people I'm comfortable telling. I like to think that I'm not defined by who my parents are, but rather that it's a another part of my identity. Just like how I don't like seafood or that I like writing, my parents are cousins. I think genetics could get a little tricky, seeing as I'll probably be more at risk of things."

"I Have Yet To Tell My Boyfriend"

"My biological parents were father and daughter. I was adopted as a toddler when my birth mother died. She had another daughter (a few years older, with a boyfriend) who she and her partner abused. Her older daughter was later adopted. My adoptive parents are really great. They had six sons before me. They wanted a daughter. I knew I was adopted. My family's white but I'm not. But I didn't know about my birth parents until I was a teenager.

I went through a mini crisis of Holy moly, I'm a monster before coming to terms with it. I struggled for a long time about it, just because it isn't something you want people to know, but it's also something you desperately want to talk through because it just doesn't make any sense and it's so taboo, rightly so. I hated the idea of therapy, and I felt strange talking to my parents about it, so I hid my pain for a long time. Eventually, a youth pastor who I disclosed it to ended up helping me. I still talk regularly with him and his wife. I also have a half brother (from my father and some woman, not a child from familial relations) who I do know and communicate with. He's 10 years older than me and lives near where I was born. We have a good relationship, but at a distance.

I have had some medical problems, some of which are genetic, but none that scream 'I'm a product of a father and daughter!' I'm a college athlete at a D2 school, but I've had problems with tendons and ligaments and spinal problems for some time. I've had knee surgery and will soon need another. I have scoliosis, bad degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and a few other things. I had back surgery last summer and will have another one this summer. I also have my thyroid checked regularly and have had some cysts form on it. We're monitoring them for growth and I'm having regular blood tests. All of this sounds way worse than it actually is, though. My day-to-day life is usually pain free with some ice and Ibuprofen.

My main thing is I worry about marrying and having children. I didn't date much in high school, but I now have a great boyfriend. He was in the Marine Corps and has some PTSD, which he told me about last month when we started getting into the 'tell each other all our past garbage' phase. I have yet to tell him, though. I plan to, especially considering I want to have a family of my own one day, but I need to consult with a genetic counselor before I consider having children. Of course, adoption is always an option.

I think the main factor with kids of these kind of couplings is that adopting them makes people feel uneasy, just because it isn't something they themselves know how to deal with. That's understandable. But what made all the difference in my life is being adopted by such wonderful people. My parents, my brothers, my extended family who know my birth parents, they never once made me feel disgusting or unwanted or unloved. I can't imagine where I would be without them."

"My Life Changed A Lot Because Of It..., But It Was Worth It"

"My brother and I engage in it every day. We've been together for six years and have two kids. It started because I just wanted to get laid. It turned into a relationship. My life changed a lot because of it. All the plans I had for after high school got thrown out the window, but it was worth it.

Our children both have their regular check-ups and the doctors have never seen anything to worry about. I asked about how our children turned out a lot. Actually, first generation inbreeding only increases the risk of a problem by about 0.05% over 'normal' birth.

That's what most people don't understand. Everybody seems to think that even first generation means malformed, mentally handicapped babies. I wish that stereotype would go away. Birth defects can occur no matter who the parents are. It all has to do with dominant and recessive genes."

"Our Passion For Each Other Is Still Like Day One"

"My cousin and I have been in an ongoing relationship for over 20 years now. Her father and my mom are brother and sister. We lived a few miles apart growing up, so we knew each other since we were babies. We began fooling around and checking each other out at about 12 years old. We started going all the way when were 13. The first few years, we would do it on a regular basis, we were like rabbits.

Our families took vacations together. We would find ways to get away from the family. We almost got caught a few times. We hid in each other’s closets or under the bed on more than one occasion. At school, our friends knew or were getting suspicions that something was up. She and I were inseparable and our friends saw this. We both found ways to lie to people we knew to hide this.

I eventually started driving. This gave us a chance to get away from home and we would go to places to mess around. We were still going at it several times a week. We would go away for a weekend with each other. We would tell our parents that we were going skiing with friends or going camping with friends. We would immediately start to make love as soon as we went to where we were staying, sometimes on the way there.

The passion was still like the first time. We were both crazy for each other. We got to high school graduation. We both got accepted to different schools in different states. When we both left, we both got hit hard by the separation. We talked on the phone a great deal, chatted on the computer, did the video chatting also. For holiday breaks, we would get together again.

We eventually went our separate ways. She met a great guy whom I really like. I met a woman whom she loves, too. We are fans of each other’s spouses. We live 20 minutes from each other still. We also still do it occasionally. We would meet in a hotel or something and do it all night. We even took a trip together and told our spouses we each had a business trip. We would get there and barely leave the hotel room.

I found out shortly after I got married that I was unable to bear children. I, basically, have no DNA or reproductive ability. My cousin and I did it without a rubber for the first time shortly after this. It was amazing. I had been inside of her once or twice in the past without protection, but I never actually put any motion into it. Since I found out I am shooting blanks, I now finish inside of her.

We both recently came out to our spouses and told them both about our relationship with each other. Both of our spouses were very upset, and we totally understood. My cousin's husband left and my wife and I are heading on that path. My cousin and I look like we are going to be with each other. I honestly feel bad for what happened to our married relationship, but I think that it is for the better. My cousin and I are madly in love and our passion for each other is still like day one."

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