Julia immediately went up to the front and told the drivers what was happening. They looked mortified and contacted the police themselves so they could get the story straight.

After 45 minutes, they got to the stop. Eight cops were sitting outside waiting for them with an ambulance. Mia's mom was there, trying to figure out what exactly was happening, along with an elderly man who was waiting to pick up one of the other couples on the bus. Mia ran to her mom, giving her the biggest hug, and Julia followed with Mia's shopping bags.

Meanwhile, Karen and her son were in the ambulance being questioned by the and the rest of the passengers were questioned on their own. The bus drivers provided proof of what happened from the security cameras and Karen was busted. She and her son were instantly banned from the bus company and she was charged with a handful of things, including encouraging her son to steal, false accusations, and attacking Julia.

Julia ended up getting off with just a warning for pushing the boy and the charges Karen filed against Julia were dropped. The judge figured that Julia was protecting Mia and her property, so it was considered self defense. Karen was fined for the delay that she and her son caused and was ordered to accept family assistance and Child Protective Services was charged with looking over the family.

Of Course He's Back
Of Course He's Back


The next month, Julia babysat Mia again and decided to go for another road trip to make up for the previous one. When they were getting on the bus, Julia noticed a familiar looking boy with a man at his side. She didn't think anything of it and took her seat.

A few minutes after the bus started its journey Julia felt a tug on her arm. It was Karen's son!

"Give me that," he said, pointing at the DSi that Mia was playing with.

Julia, unsure if it was for sure the same boy said, "How do you ask for things that aren't yours, young man?"

"I want that game. NOW!"

"No, sorry. Too rude. Go mind your manners please."

The boy screamed back for his dad, "Daaaaaad! She won't give it to me again!"

Then Julia knew exactly who the boy was. As she realized this a big bulky man got up from his seat and walked up towards Julia. Luckily, one of the drivers from the previous trip was there to help.

Daddy Issues
Daddy Issues


The driver also recognized the boy and said, "Young man, I need to see your ID please. Where is your parent? Is the game yours?"

To which the father replied, "My son only asked to try the game, sir."

The driver, remembering the kid from the previous month, said, "Yep. That's why he got banned last month. You have to get off this bus or I will have to call the police." The father was livid and said that he paid for the tickets and had the right to ride on the bus.

The police were called immediately after and the the bus stopped. The father ending up trying to fight off the police and he was arrested for resisting police and for fraud because it turns out that he and his son had signed in under fake names and he didn't pay for his child's ticket.

After all of the hubbub Julia and Mia were able to happily continue with their day without any stress and were finally able to have a peaceful ride home.

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