The holidays should be a time to relax with family, friends, and aesthetically arranged colorful lights, but often it descends into absolute chaos. The people at the center of such mayhem? Entitled parents. These entitled parents make everyone's day exponentially worse, and often cause an insane path of destruction in their efforts. The people in these stories were traumatized by purely evil parents, ruining their Christmas so specifically and brutally. This content was edited for clarity.

They Probably Got On The Naughty List For That
They Probably Got On The Naughty List For That

"My wife and I had the misfortune to lose a beloved cat to cancer right before Christmas. We burned through a significant chunk of our savings in the two months prior trying to diagnose and cure what seemed like a bad ear infection. Several vet visits, medicines, a trip to an ER, and an MRI later, we got told there was nothing we could do, and we had to put him down. All told, it cost us around $7,000. Thankfully, my wife and I both had good jobs and could afford it, but we just lost a pretty sizable chunk of the money we’d saved over the previous year. No regrets from either of us on that. Christmas didn’t feel very merry.

As a result of our expenditures, we had to dial back our Christmas gift spending. I assumed everyone in our circle would understand. Almost all of them were. Our boy was gone and so was most of our nest egg that we were saving to buy a house. Surely, nobody would judge us that year for not buying the usual level of gifts, right? Nope.

We did a gift exchange with my dad and his wife on Christmas Eve, with the plan being that I would spend Christmas Day with my mom. Things seem fine, and we had fun. The next morning, he asks us to come by his place on my way to my mom’s. No biggie, right? Wrong. He proceeded to lecture me and my wife for two hours about how the gifts we gave were disrespectful because of how cheap they were, and how we were both young professionals and can and should do better jobs of showing how much we love our families, along with a bunch more insulting entitled garbage. I was stunned silent at the audacity. It was bad enough that he was giving me the speech, but to talk to my wife like that? It was a nightmare. I left enraged, and my wife was in tears, Christmas was basically even more ruined for both of us. We were miserable for the rest of the day. Never again.

I didn’t speak to my father for a month after that beyond telling him to get lost. I got back at him next year though. I did go out of my way to give him and his wife very nice gifts. Spent a lot of money. And I was sure to leave the price tags on all the items and asked them if that was an adequate display of love and respect for them.

The best part? They barely spent $100 on gifts for the two of us combined each year. I spent almost $1,000 last year. It made my dad and his wife feel real small. After they gave us the gifts, I brought them back the next day and insisted that if they could only afford to give us such cheap gifts then they should take them back and keep the money. Dad screamed at me over that one, but I didn’t care. I told him that if he and his wife were going to be entitled monsters, then they should expect it right back."

The Most Absurd Way To Raise A Kid
The Most Absurd Way To Raise A Kid

"My cousin and his wife have a five-year-old son who is used to getting anything he wants. This includes drinking Mountain Dew all day long and eating whatever junk food he wants. He is FIVE and still not potty trained, because he told his mom he didn’t want to use a big boy potty.

This past Christmas, we were all staying at my grandma’s house, and I was sitting at the kitchen counter playing a game on my phone and talking with family. We hear this child running up the steps, and the mom telling me to put my phone away if I don’t want to share it with her son. I ignore her, and I continue playing my game. Child runs in the room, and as soon as he sees my phone, tries to grab it. I hold it out of his reach and tell him he can’t grab things from people, and if he wants something, he needs to ask. He asks to use my phone, and I tell him no. His mom heard this, and blows up, yelling, 'I told you that you would have to share if you didn’t put it away, and since you didn’t put it away, you have to share!'

I kindly point out that I am 30 years old and don’t have to listen to her, and I am free to do what I want with the phone that I paid for, and that does not include giving it to her brat (who had already broken his mom’s phone and dad’s iPad over the past two days when he threw it after losing the game he was playing).

The mom then apologizes and then goes on to explain that they don’t use the word ‘no’ with their son. I respond with a (very sarcastic), 'Oh, okay. I didn’t know, but that explains so much!' and turn my attention back to my game. She then goes to her son and instructs him to ask me for my phone again. I again respond with no, at which point his mom loses it and starts going on and on about how she explained to me that they don’t tell him no, and I went against her wishes by not sharing my phone.

At this point, the entire extended family has heard this woman going off and has come to see what is happening. This mom thought she would get everyone on her side and tells what happened, at which point my grandma (who is the most non-confrontational person ever) chimes in with, 'Obviously no one has ever said no to you, either.'

Then my grandma walks up to her and yells, 'No, your brat of a son cannot use his phone, nor anyone else’s phone while in my house. If you don’t like my rules, then you and your brat need to leave!'"

Ho Ho Ho! No!
Ho Ho Ho! No!

"For the past two years, I've worked as one of Santa's elves and took photos for families with Santa. Now, yes I have enjoyed the job but there are always those parents in particular who make my job unbearable.

Since I had worked the previous year, I was given multiple shifts, so basically each day I got there at 12:45 pm and left maybe around 7:15 pm depending on how busy the day was.

It was Christmas Eve, and it was the busiest I've ever seen the line. Literally out the door and down the sidewalk. Family after family came through, and we tried to print off their pictures as quickly as we could, but we had to print off other orders first. We told families the photos would be done in maybe 15 minutes, but sometimes it became an hour depending on how many orders we had and if parents were complaining. We decided to keep the line open as long as possible, all the way up to 6:59 pm. We thought we were being very generous for keeping the line open for as long as we did. But then in came Karen and her evil children. It was past 7 pm. We had already closed off the line and had no more customers for the night. Her child wanted to get photos taken with Santa, but I told them, 'We're sorry, but we're closed. We closed at 7 and it's past 7, so we can't take your photos.'

'But it's only a few kids, you can take their pictures!'

'I'm sorry ma'am, but no, we can't take your kid's pictures, again we're closed.'

At this point I was furious and the security guard was doing NOTHING to help. She just stood there watching all of this happen. Karen kept telling us to, 'Take her kid's pictures because it's Christmas!'

'Yes it is but we're closed!' I yelled. It was causing a scene but I didn't care.

'You're ruining Christmas for my kids! How dare you!' she screamed.

Did I ruin Christmas? If anything the parents ruined Christmas because they showed up after we closed. Eventually, my boss came out and asked what was going on, which me and my coworkers explained. My boss told the lady exactly what I told her and finally the security guard took them away, the kids were crying and the parents just glared at me.

I couldn't believe how inconsiderate people could be, expecting us to take their kids' photos AFTER Santa had already left."

How Did An iPad Destroy The Family?
How Did An iPad Destroy The Family?

"When I was 16, I began to receive social security money from my dad. My dad put off receiving social security for a while, so when he finally started receiving it, he had a decent amount accumulated to be distributed to his three underage children. This money was for us to use for school or any needs we had, since my mom really didn’t have much financial help from my dad.

For some reason, my maternal grandma told my aunt that we had received a big check. Unfortunately, my aunt was visiting for about a month, and we had a Christmas block party. She decided this was the perfect time to confront me, demanding that I buy her an iPad. I said no, because I wanted to use the money for college. She began berating me saying I was an entitled brat, that I could easily buy her an iPad and not miss the money. I said no, that she wasn’t even related to my dad to begin with, not to mention I would be buying her something she did not need.

When I walked away, she began asking my brother the same thing. He said no, that we were all saving the checks we got. And she began screaming at him in front of everyone, basically recounting all she had ever gotten for him. She basically disowned him at that point. She did not speak to us for about a year, all because we would not buy her an iPad.

My siblings and I don't talk to her anymore. The trash did take itself out."

She Tried To Lead The Revolt!
She Tried To Lead The Revolt!

"At my local university there is a Christmas event with lots of little things to do (ice skating, carousel, Ferris wheel, choo-choo train, etc.) Now usually it is free to get in and walk around, and you pay to get a wristband to do the events. This particular night was for the students of the university, no other guests were allowed. Which is a fair deal since its one night out of two months. They made this fact VERY clear, as there are signs up everywhere, and they do not sell the wristbands on this night.

Now me and a friend of mine (who already had wristbands) were standing in line for the choo-choo train like the college aged adults that we are, and we notice this woman in front of us who constantly is getting out of line to chase her 2-year-old son around the area. She grabs him, brings him back to line, puts him down, and lets him run off again. He bumps into people and gets in front of their Christmas tree pictures, but no one really seems bothered by it. He even bumps into my leg and I just smile and let him do his thing, even though it is quite clear the mother has no control over her kid.

Cut to the front of the line and the ride operator informs the mother that her kid cannot get on the train, because unfortunately he is not a student and doesn't have a wristband. The mother starts shouting and yelling at the operator. Saying things like, 'It's a ride for bratty kids anyways who even cares, let him on the stupid ride! I am a single mother and this is not fair because I am a student, and he is my baby, this is dumb!'

The operator insists that she isn't going to get on, and that the next folks in line should step up and get on (which would be us) She blocks us and demands that the operator shut down the ride and go get a manager, to which he reluctantly agrees. In addition, she tries to get the line to chant with her, but no one really goes along with it, since she basically shut down the ride for herself.

The manager comes by and listens to this lady and explains to her that her 2-year-old is not a student, and that he will not be able to ride the train, and that if she would like her child to ride, she should come back on a paid night and pay for her kid to ride. The mother was fuming and started shouting, but the manager was not having it and told her no exceptions. The mother took her child and stormed off. Luckily the ride operator let us go around the train an extra time for our inconvenience and the hold up."

Solving Conflict By Smashing Things
Solving Conflict By Smashing Things

"So when I was real little, my mom met a wonderful guy. He had recently lost his wife a few years back and was left to raise their two kids on his own. His daughter was reaching those teen years, so maybe a mother figure would be a positive presence in their lives, as well as the kids were old enough to where they didn't need constant care, and his wife had been gone for some time; so it was a good time for him to get into dating. Unfortunately, he met my mother.

He lived over three-thousand miles away from us, so I'm not exactly sure how she met him, but apparently they hit it off.

My mom managed to keep up her 'nice person' facade just long enough to convince him to sell his home and spend some of his savings moving himself and his two kids and invest the rest into building a brand new, huge home in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Not only did he invest his own money into her new home, but he built part of it himself, while also watching my little brother, who wasn't in school yet. Basically this guy was digging trenches for plumbing and irrigation under the lawn while also playing Mr. Mom: doing the cooking, cleaning, taking us out for walks/bike rides/play time at the park, fully potty training my little brother, getting us all up and to school, after school activities, and putting us to bed.

So, our first Christmas as a family comes around. About a week before the holiday, his kids get a bunch of packages. They're Christmas presents and cards from their family, including from the relatives of their late mother. My mom sees these and is livid!

Mom demands her boyfriend either contact everyone who sent a gift or card and have them also send gifts for her kids OR that he send all the gifts back. Keep in mind, none of these people sending gifts had ever met us, my mom's kids. Most of them hadn't even met my mom and, again, some of them were relatives of her boyfriend's deceased wife. He knew he obviously couldn't call up those relatives and say, 'My fiancée is demanding more presents for her kids,' because that's crazy, but he'd just uprooted his and his kids lives for this woman and was living in her home, so they both knew she had the power in that dynamic. He sent the presents back.

Mom broke up with him a month after he finished building the house and kicked him out, demanding he leave on the same day she decided to break up with him. Mom made him load up his pick up truck with all the belongings he could fit, his two kids, and the dog she bought but didn't want anymore. Why? Well, according to my mom, he wanted to wait to go back to work until my little brother was in school, which was about another 7 months away. She disagreed and wanted to pay a live-in nanny to watch him and have the boyfriend start working again. Apparently, the boyfriend felt that parents should raise their own kids and spend as much time with them as possible, and he was trying to treat us as his own. Also, a live-in nanny would be so time-consuming to find and so expensive that it didn't make any sense when it was mere months until a nanny wouldn't even be necessary.

She broke up with him by taking a day off work, starting an argument about how picky and spoiled his kids were (which they weren't), and quickly escalating it to throwing his possessions at him. Mom even got out a step-latter to climb up on cabinets and grab decorative china from his family and chuck it at him. This started in front of me while I was eating a snack in the kitchen, and when I got up to leave the room, she started yelling at him even louder. I was scared and it was his fault for 'starting' the fight.

I never really understood what happened until years later. However, once Mom did tell me, she went on to brag about this for years and how she was such a good mom for doing this."

The "Oh, You Don't Have Kids" Argument
The "Oh, You Don't Have Kids" Argument

"I work in a great office, and I love my coworkers. I am one of five people in my office. We all have a full case load. When one of us uses vacation time, someone has to pick up our caseload. It’s a give and take.

During this time of year, it always becomes an issue in the office because everyone wants to take off for the holidays, but at least two people need to be in the office to handle hearings. Everyone in my office is older with children. I am the only one who is child free.

Every single year, I end up working the week of thanksgiving AND the week in between Christmas and New Years because my coworkers take off those days. And this year, I pitched a fit and said I wanted to take that time off and someone could cover MY hearings for once instead while I took vacation. The entitled parents of my office told me that they have kids who are home from school and, therefore, they want to be home to see them and babysit since school is out for vacation. And then they point out that I don’t have kids and could take a different week off after the holidays if I wanted.

I was so enraged! I am so sick of people acting like you need to have kids to take vacation time around the holidays. Why do I always have to defer to the entitled parents in my office and just work around their schedules because they decided to have kids? Then everyone acted like I was the bad guy because I was going to force someone with a child to come in and leave their kid at home over Christmas break.

This happens EVERY year. EVERY big holiday. And I am sick of being treated like a heartless person because I would like the opportunity to go and see my family on the holidays and not always have to work just because I didn’t pop a kid out."

Worst Christmas Of His Young Life
Worst Christmas Of His Young Life

"So this took place six years ago, when I was in the sixth grade. My sister and I began to open our Christmas gifts from our Grandma. I get a LEGO set, and my cousin begins wailing because he didn’t get the same one.

My entitled aunt screams, 'Give him your LEGO set! He clearly wants it and you're too old!'

All I could say was, 'Excuse me?!'

Everyone else is so shocked they won’t say anything

My aunt replies, 'I said give me your gift!'

She starts to walk towards me to grab it. I picked it up and tried to leave the room, but she snatches it from me. Everyone is still totally stunned, and they can’t think of anything to say. Then she sees my sister got a mini-Polaroid, and snatched that for her child as well. At this point, my dad got up to stop her, but as soon as she saw this, she took out her car keys and starts jabbing at my sister's camera, completely ruining it. She sprinted off into her car, stealing my LEGO set and ruining my sister's new camera. Needless to say, we never talked to her again, and I thankfully did get a replacement set.

The family was all so shocked at the time, we couldn’t do anything. My aunt left no evidence behind."

Entitlement Is Even Worse In The Air
Entitlement Is Even Worse In The Air

"A few years ago, I went to Europe for Christmas. After a magical trip, the time sadly came where I had to say goodbye and hop on a flight back to the US.

I was traveling with my dad. He was a frequent flyer at the time, so we were upgraded to business class (the seats are pods that recline fully into a bed). I take my seat and start to get settled in when I notice that the passenger in the seat behind and across from me is a little girl, who was about 3 or 4 years old. Her mother was sitting behind me, and her father was sitting next to the girl on the other side. When I saw her, I was a bit confused because I didn’t think children that young were allowed in business class (after all, it's advertised as a quiet area to work and relax on long flights). However, I shrugged it off as a 'what do I know?' kind of thing, and I resumed getting settled in for the long flight.

All was going well until it was time for takeoff. Prior to this point, this child had been quietly watching movies on her iPad. However, once takeoff began, she had to put away her iPad, and the in flight entertainment defaulted to the airplane safety instructions. This, naturally, is when it got rough.

Pretty much immediately after the safety video begins, this entitled kid tells her mom she wants a toy. The mom tells her she has to wait because she can’t get up now. Kid continues asking for a toy, and the mom keeps telling her no. All the while, the plane is taxiing to the runway. The scene continues for the next 10 minutes or so, with the kid getting louder and whinier with every demand for a toy, and the mom sounding more and more defeated with every no. We make it to the runway and the plane takes off, when this kid makes her whiniest demand yet for a toy. This is when the entitled mom says, 'Ok sweetie, I’ll get you a toy.'

We were in the air for less 60 seconds, and the airplane was rapidly ascending into the sky, when this brainless mom stands up, opens the overhead bin, takes out her bag, and starts digging for a toy for her child. As soon as I realized what she was doing, I prayed so hard that the rest of the bags in that overhead bin (including my own) didn’t fall down and knock me out. Obviously, none of the flight attendants got up to confront her because it was too dangerous.

One of them, however, must have called the cockpit because, shortly after the mom got up, the captain made a very angry yet diplomatic announcement reminding everyone to please remain seated with their seat belts fastened during takeoff, for their safety and the safety of others. Fortunately, no one got hurt. The mom sat back down, the plane reached cruising altitude, and safety was no longer an issue.

While my life was no longer in danger, it was not the end of my dealing with this awful kid. For the rest of the flight, this child’s brainless parents allowed her to run up and down the aisles of business class and make as much noise as she wanted. It was a nine-hour flight, and I didn’t get any sleep thanks to this brat. After that, I had a two-hour layover, followed by a two-hour connecting flight back to my hometown, so I was cranky and exhausted by the time I finally got home. If the rules about children that young being allowed in business class haven’t changed by now, this story is a wonderful example of why they should."

5-Year-Old Carnivore
5-Year-Old Carnivore

"My brother was shopping for his wife for Christmas, and he went to a store that his wife liked. Every time they go there, there is this woman who is letting her son tear up the place, not to mention hitting and biting people. She never got banned because her husband was the manager of the place, so he lets it slide. People complained, but it went nowhere.

He was looking at something, when all of a sudden, he heard the kid yell, 'I'M GONNA BITE!'

My brother turned around in time to grab the kid and keep him from biting. He believed the kid was around 5 or 6 and started screaming, 'I AM GOING TO BITE YOU!' at the top of his lungs. The kid struggled, trying to bite my brother while growling.

The kid's mom came marching up to my brother and shouted, 'Let my son go right this instant!'

Brother responded, 'Lady! I am NOT going to let your son bite me!'

Mom retorted, 'You will let go of my child, or I'll have you arrested for trying to kidnap him!'

Brother suddenly exclaimed, 'NO! Your son has no right to bite people! You never know who might hit him for biting them, or who was sick and shouldn't be bitten!'

At that point, the kid got free, grabbed my brother's arm and bit down HARD! So hard, in fact, that the kid drew blood, and my brother actually needed stitches. The kid let go, blood on his lips and teeth, and was just grinning. At that moment, my brother got an evil thought.

Brother shouted, 'Kid, spit out that blood! SPIT IT OUT NOW!'

This kid just grinned, shook his head, and licked up the blood, commenting on how tasty it was. Both my brother and I wondered if the kid was a vampire or something.

My brother exclaimed to the mom, 'Lady! I have HIV! YOUR KID JUST SWALLOWED MY BLOOD! I have HIV! Get him to a doctor NOW!'

The mom stared at him in shock then horror. She gave a loud cry, picked up her son, and dashed out of there, crying hard.

After she left, my brother looked around and saw the faces of the shocked customers and workers there. He swiftly replied, 'I don't have HIV, I just lied so she could understand that her kid shouldn't bite people.'

He got a round of applause. He had to go get stitches, but he hoped it would teach the lady to get her kid to stop biting people.

Sure enough, the next time he went, he saw the mom there with her son. She looked at him in anger, and he was prepared. She marched right up to him, her son's hand in her hand.

'You are so darn lucky that my son didn't get HIV, you sick freak. If he had-'

He interrupted, 'I wouldn't be legally responsible for it, since you let your son to attack me, and made no move to stop him. Your husband should know that there are witnesses who can testify against him, stating that he knew what his own son was doing, and was doing nothing about it.'

Mom was just flabbergasted for a moment, but recovered to say, 'You should be banned! You could make a lot of people sick!'

'And YOU got lucky your son wasn't sick from biting someone! He might not be so lucky next time! So you should control your kid!'

After that, she just walked away. A bit later, my brother had learned that she had reigned in her kid quite a bit, and her husband won't allow their child to harm anyone at the store again. I asked my brother if he thought about telling her the truth, but he decided not too. Every time she saw him, he wanted her to remember that her son dodged a bullet."

Ferocious Furry Christmas Fight
Ferocious Furry Christmas Fight

"When I was 26, I saved enough money to commission a fursuit. These suits are incredible expensive, the one I had cost me $3,200. At this point, only my aunt knows I am a furry and that I have a suit. This story takes place at a Christmas party that was at my home, because it was closest for the whole extended family.

Around 22 family members were coming. My wife knew I was a furry and was a very accepting person, for she was a furry herself. We moved my suit into our personal safe, which could be opened with a key we hid. Next day the party starts and everyone shows up. The family hadn't been all together in a long time, so we all had a very fun time reconnecting. With drinks in the mix we were all felling good, so we didn't get all that angry when OLIVIA and her spawn walked in, the kid was 9.

Olivia and her kid were the stereotypical entitled mom and son. Mom is entitled and the son was spoiled to the core. When she showed up she acted alright, until after dinner. We all were sitting in the living room talking laughing and catching up, Olivia and her son included. The family started talking about new hobbies, and they turned to me. My mom asked me if I was doing anything new and I told her I started to cosplay (which was true).

This is when the son chimed in with, 'You should put on a costume and show the family!'

I said no, it was so much work to get ready.

And finally OLIVIA shows her true self and said, 'Can't she just see the costume?'

'No, it's in the safe, and I don't want to handle it while a little tipsy.'

Olivia talked under her breath how I haven't changed, and I was still a little creep. While this was happening, my good aunt, who knew I was a furry, was giving me worrying looks. I brushed it off and Olivia and her kid were gone. I thought they had left the party cause it was late.

Oh, how wrong I was.

My phone vibrated. I had an alarm on my phone that went off when the safe was opened without permission, as you had to give from the phone. My wife and I locked eyes. I ran upstairs, leaving my whole family confused. I stormed upstairs and saw Olivia. I looked and saw the kid with my furhead on, and Olivia trying to put on my suit's body piece.

'What the heck are you doing?!' I cried.

'We were gonna leave, but my son wanted to see the costume and you said no, so I just came to get it myself and put it on him.'

I WAS LIVID. I yelled at the top of my lungs, 'You have no right to break into my safe and use, let alone touch, my property!'

See looked at me with disdain. 'I don't have to listen to you, you are a weirdo furry.'

I didn't want to escalate, because she was wearing about $2,000 of my suit at this point.

Olivia screamed back, 'You shouldn't have this, it's wrong. I'm gonna take it so you aren't a furry anymore!'

She stormed past me. Then it hit me that she would walk past my whole family with my suit, and my secret was gonna be out. Before I could stop her, she got out with the kid. As she walked through, my family was totally focused on her, and it was dead silent. She was at the door, and I yelled at my family to stop her. My titan of a dad just picked her up and walked her back to the family circle.

Now Olivia and her son were standing in the middle of the living room with the whole family there. I had gotten my furhead back from the kid, but Olivia was still wearing the body. She tried to defend herself by saying, 'I'm taking this suit! This man is a total furry, they assault animals and hook up in these things!'

My family really trusts me, so they didn't buy into her malicious words. I said back, 'That's just not true, I'm not gonna argue with you on whether you get to take my suit. That thing is $3,200, and if you don't take it off right now, I'm calling the police!'

That was a mistake, OLIVIA reached for a nearby bottle and poured its contents all over the suit, absolutely ruining it. I charged her and tried to stop her, but it was too late. My whole family went nuts. The police were there instantly, because my good aunt had called them as soon as she saw Olivia with my suit. The police entered the family circle and tried to figure out what was going on. Olivia tried to spin it as an accident, and she tried desperately to save herself. I was getting worried she might actually fool them, as my family couldn't say anything because they were too tipsy, so the police didn't trust them.

I worry until I see my aunt smiling like an evil villain.

She pulled out her phone and showed the police a video she took of the whole thing. She was charged with attempted theft and destruction of property and ordered to pay me for the suit. I spent the rest of the night explaining myself to my family and telling them what furries really are. They were all very understanding.

As everyone was leaving I pulled my aunt aside to thank her. I asked her how she knew to call the police. She said one thing:

'Because she did it to mine.'

Olivia will be paying for the whole thing."

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