Petty Parkers Are The Worst


Petty Parkers Are The Worst

Some people are terrible parkers. Ever had someone park too close to your door and you can't get in? How about when someone decides that their car deserves 2 whole parking spots? Or when some people park in handicap spots sans the tag and you know, handicap?

Well, Reddit user "BusDriverJim," who we'll just call "Jim," can definitely relate. He had to deal with a rude fellow who kept parking in his driveway, completely blocking poor Jim from accessing it. What did he think it was, a free parking space?

Only after several face-to-face interactions did Jim discover the petty intent of this annoying parker. But Jim was a man of action and wasn't about to put up with this any longer, not on his property. So he crafted a devious plan to get back at this man and teach him to never park in the wrong spot again. And it sure worked. Hats off to Jim for being so bold.

So read on as the petty parking perpetrator's story unfolds and a rude stranger gets brought to satisfying justice.

New House, New Neighbors, New Problems


New House, New Neighbors, New Problems

A few years back, Jim had recently moved to Scotland. He picked up a job as a local bus driver, which required him to leave the house very early in the morning and come home in the early afternoon.

One fateful afternoon, Jim had had a long day of work. He had gotten to work at 4am and clocked out at 1:30pm, and all he wanted to do was relax on his couch and take a nap. However, when he got home, he found some random car parked near the end of the narrow driveway, preventing him from pulling in. He was annoyed, but figured that perhaps it was a friend of his neighbor who had accidentally parked in the wrong drive.

However, because Jim lived in a rural area on a one-lane road, he couldn't just park in the street without blocking traffic. His only option was to pull in the driveway, right behind the stranger's car, blocking its exit. He didn't want to deal with whoever had parked there, but he had no other choice. So he shrugged it off, parked his car, and headed inside to sleep, expecting to be disturbed sometime soon.

Things seemed peaceful until about an hour later, when Jim happened to peek through his curtains and spied a man storming towards the driveway. This can't be good. He stopped right behind Jim's car, whipped out his cell phone, and started snapping pictures. Furious, Jim sprinted out the front door and down the driveway to confront him.

Was It A Mistake?


Was It A Mistake?

Jim: "What do you think you're doing? Why are you taking pictures of my car?"

Stranger: "Because you're intentionally blocking my car and I can't get out. What you're doing is illegal and I'm going to show these pictures to the police if you don't get out of my neighbor's driveway right now!"

Jim: "Ok, clearly you're mistaken. This obviously is my driveway, not my neighbor's. Did you not think it was odd having to walk out of someone’s garden to get to your friend's house?

Stranger: "Well it wasn’t very clear so can you move so I can get out?"

Frustrated but not in the mood to argue any longer, Jim fetched his keys, moved his car, allowed the man to leave, re-parked his car, and thought nothing further of the matter. He quickly turned his mind back to relaxing and refused to get worked up over one petty incident.

But it wasn't over yet.

"What Friend?"


"What Friend?"

The next morning, Jim woke up and got ready for work. As he stepped out the front door, he looked down the driveway and saw the same car parked at the end, blocking him from leaving. What in the world was going on? Quite irritated at this point, he stormed over to his neighbor's house and knocked on the door.

Neighbor: "Hello?"

Jim: "Hi, yes, can you please get your friend to move his car from my driveway? He's blocking my exit and I need to get to work."

Neighbor: "What friend?"

Jim gestured wildly to the stranger's vehicle in his driveway and recounted the events that had happened yesterday when he encountered this rude gentleman. His neighbor at first looked puzzled. Then he understood and confessed that he didn't know the guy, but had spied him frequently taking walks around the path in the woods by their houses. Ok, so apparently that made Jim's driveway a park's free parking lot? This was private property!

Annoyed and stressed, Jim didn't know what to do other than sit outside his home and wait. Finally, 20 minutes later, the stranger emerged from the woods, smirking slightly at the sight of a very unhappy Jim. He took his sweet time to meander over to his vehicle, put it in reverse, and allow Jim to leave. Before driving off, he called out the window, "I’ll be parked here tomorrow too."

Jim grunted many colorful words under his breath, hoping the man was just saying that to get under his skin. Boy, was he wrong.

No More Mr. Nice Guy


No More Mr. Nice Guy

The next day, Jim had to get up at 4am again for another long day at work.

When he got home in the afternoon, true to his word, the same dude was parked in the driveway again. But this time, Jim was past the pleasantries and decided he had had enough. The first time was fine. The second time was annoying. But the third time? This guy was clearly doing this on purpose. Now it was payback time.

Because Jim knew he had the next 2 days off from work, he quickly drove to the store and stocked up on groceries. With his car full of goodies, he hurried back home, squeezed his car in the driveway as close behind other car as possible, and lugged his groceries inside.

Once settled, he fired up the stove for dinner and cracked open a cold beverage. He was in a great mood.

An hour later, he heard a furious knocking on the front door.

"Can I Help You?"


"Can I Help You?"

Jim staggered towards the front door, opened it, and grinned at the obviously peeved man.

Jim: "Yes?"

Stranger: "Move your car it’s blocking me in and my family want to go home."

Jim peered over the man's shoulder and saw his family sitting in the car, clearly embarrassed. He turned back to the fellow and took a hefty swig from the bottle in his hand.

Jim: "Sorry can’t, been drinking for a couple of hours, probably over the limit so I don’t want to risk it."

The man looked as if he were about to explode.

Stranger: "WHAT!!!! Why are you drinking when you knew I’d be wanting to move my car?"

Jim: "I’m off for the next 2 days so I fancied a drink."


Jim: "You do that."

Barely holding back laughter, Jim closed the front door and dropped into the recliner to watch TV while also sneaking peeks at the man and his family through the window. The fellow angrily paced around outside for 2 hours, waiting for the police to find the place. Because he lived in a remote location, the police had trouble finding it and had gotten lost. Finally, they arrived, got the scoop from the man, and knocked on Jim's front door.

Now It's A Legal Matter


Now It's A Legal Matter

Jim swung open the front door and beamed, "Officers! How can I help you?"

Officer 1: "This gentleman here says that you are preventing him from leaving the driveway. Any reason for this?"

So Jim calmly explained the situation and what had happened the past few days. He was sure to mention that he had clearly told the man that he couldn't park in his driveway, but that the man had decided to ignore him and park there anyways. Jim also ensured to assert that it was dangerous for him to move his car, as he had been drinking and was probably over the legal limit.

The two officers agreed that it was corect from Jim not to drive while under the influence. They then asked to see Jim's insurance, at which time he pointed out that it stated "driver only," which meant that only the person named on the insurance card (which was Jim's) could drive the car. Therefore, the officers could not move his car for him.

The man was now in a rage, "COME ON JUST MAKE HIM MOVE HIS CAR!"

Officer 2: "Just to make sure, I'll grab the breathalyzer."

The officer retrieved it from the squad car and instructed Jim to blow into it. After a long, drawn-out pause, the officer read out the reading.

Too Bad, So Sad


Too Bad, So Sad

Officer 2: "Yep. You're over the legal limit. I'm sorry, but you can't move your car."

Officer 1 turned to the man:"Sorry but he’s over the limit, you’ll have to leave your car here and come back tomorrow."

Stranger: "WHAT! But how are we meant to get home?"

Jim: "Bus stop is about 2 miles down that road, you’ll get the bus to (insert city) at this time, or (insert town) at this time."

Stranger: "But the bus doesn’t go anywhere near where we live..."

Officer 2: "We can call you a taxi if you want, but you’ll need to pay for it."

Stranger: "He did this deliberately!"

Jim: "Yup."

Disgruntled, the man called a cab to pick up him and his family. Finally he was out of Jim's hair, at least for the night. The next day would bring yet another interaction with this man that Jim dreaded.

Even They Knew This Guy Was Ridiculous


Even They Knew This Guy Was Ridiculous

Morning came and as Jim relaxed on the couch, he watched the police drive up with the man in their squad car. After parking, the officers took their time coming up the driveway as the man power-walked ahead of them to the front door. Jim greeted him at the door, waiting for the three with a smile on his face. Finally, the officers got there and decided to amuse themselves with this situation.

Officer 1: "We just want to check you with the breathalyser again... big deep breath..."

Jim sucked in and blew out a slow, dramatic breath. The man was looking more and more nervous.

Officer 2: "You're fine, can you move your car please?"

Jim: "Of course officers."

Officer 1 turned to the man: "Don't park here again."

Embarrassed, the man hurried off to his car and left.

Later that afternoon, Jim started building a gate for his driveway to ensure that this would be the last time an incident like this took place.

So in the end, Jim got justice against an entitled butthead who thought he could park where he pleased. How would you respond if faced with a similar situation? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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