Ever heard the saying, "revenge is a dish better served cold?" Well, guess what? We have some tasty dishes of revenge just for ya! These stories of revenge are so jarring, so brilliant, I guarantee they'll leave ya jaw on the floor.

We've collected some of the craziest stories of revenge from Reddit users who couldn't help but share their masterful plans with the rest of the world. Content has been edited for clarity.

Itching For Revenge
Itching For Revenge

"In college, I met the woman who I thought was my one. We dated for about 2 years and had a big wedding after a 10 month engagement, her family was pretty well to do in a small southern town. We were both continuing our educations and I was also working to support us. I was pursuing a masters in engineering while she was finishing her doctorate in anthropology.

Over the summer, an opportunity came up for her to make some extra money going as an aid on a religious studies trip to Jamaica. I didn’t hesitate when she asked me about it, I mean, she was going to get to visit Jamaica and get paid for it, I saw no downside other than missing her being at home for 6 weeks.

Little did I know at the time, but she had been sleeping with the professor (he had hung out with us, smoked my weed and drank with me; I considered him a friend) who arranged the trip for a couple months and it was a get away for them to bang all over the island. I, clueless and happy, went about the weeks while she was gone taking extra shifts, so I could match what she made in our account and surprise her.

What a dummy, right?

One of the students from the trip actually sought me out to clue me in. I didn’t believe him until I started looking for evidence on my own. I broke down and checked her texts while she was sleeping and nothing was there. There were a few voicemails, so I decided to listen and there it was... A message from that giant prick saying how exciting it was that I almost caught them. I opened up her laptop and hit the emails after that, it was piles and piles of stuff, them making fun of me for not knowing, messing around in our bed and laughing about it. There was so much and I was so heartbroken.

Still too hurt to take any action, I was lost. I had no idea what to do, so I sat on it for a couple weeks and acted as normally as I could, I noticed everything now, I felt SO stupid for not seeing it before. So many signs. One stuck out in particular.

I noticed that our stash of homemade weed lubricant was going down even though we weren’t active. It was obvious they were also using the fruits of my labor to get off more effectively. This really ticked me off. Like unreasonably so, Hulk mad. It finally all hit me. I was nothing but a joke to these imbeciles, and they were using the lubricant I made and sleeping in my bed. I didn’t hurt anymore, I just wanted to make them hurt.

So, while she was 'studying at the library,' I made a new batch of lubricant. I put enough weed in it for it to smell like normal, but I also added some poison ivy from our backyard to the mixture, and after refilling the spray bottle we used for application, I waited.

A few days go by and I’m working extra so I can be out of the house more, and bam, bait taken. That night after she goes to sleep my plan goes into action. I sneak her phone away and delete my contact, while replacing his phone number in his contact as mine. I go to bed but can’t sleep because it feels like I’m 5 and tomorrow is Christmas.

Dawn arrives and she’s in the shower. I get a text.

Her: 'I'm super itchy, are you ok?'

Now Lord, now is my time.

Me acting as the Prof: 'Look, I thought it had cleared up but I guess I had a flare up. I’m sorry, but I’ve got herpes, and I guess you do now too.'

I heard her squeak in the shower. I’m covering my mouth trying not to lose it.

I went on to tell her that it was time to end things now, a new semester was about to start and I kind of have a little crush on another T/A. I wanted her mad, this is a woman that never got told no growing up, and never had to deal with rejection. Let alone from a balding dude in his 50s with herpes.

When she got out of the shower it was obvious she had been crying but I could see the anger in her eyes. I could see how uncomfortable she was squirming at the table drinking coffee and mulling the situation over. Another little nudge is what she needed.

The reply she got to her pages and pages of anger and sadness was: 'Thanks for the good times, but can you keep this a secret between us? I don’t want to ruin my chances with anyone else.'

She’s flush with anger now, just seething, she gathered her keys and headed out the door without even saying goodbye...

I knew where she was going.

I booted up her laptop and set it to reformat, deleting her dissertation and any notes pertaining to it before following her to campus. I parked a few lots over and rush over to his office where I found her screaming at him for giving her herpes. There’s lots of people there. Professors, aids, students, other faculty. I’m dying. He is beyond embarrassed and confused as heck, she is ugly crying in front of her peers, I’m in heaven. I didn’t even care that people were going to think I had herpes too.

The fallout was apocalyptic in their department.

He lost his job due to code of conduct at the university, we got divorced the following year (state law was we had to be separated for one full year before being granted a divorce), and I got to keep most of the assets (primarily savings, and not a ton, but I worked for it). She never finished her doctorate and went on to be a perpetually pregnant housewife that sells herbalife on Facebook, and he teaches high school now. It took a few years for it all to unfold, but watching it was glorious."

37-Years Worth Of Payback
37-Years Worth Of Payback

"My ex stole close to 90k in euros from me which I saved up for 9-years, and when I took her to court, I lost due to lack of evidence. At the moment I felt destroyed and lost it all. She even sued me for emotional damages and I had to pay 55k in euros. So I was forced to sell my house and take a big loan from the bank. I stayed with a friend who helped me find some good lawyers. Sure enough, we found an amazing one.

In just one day he helped me so much and even helped me get the info of who took money from my bank account. Something was wrong with my statements. On the 29th of June a transaction happened in my name that I never made. In fact, it was impossible for it to be me because I was not in the country at the time.

I was ready to get back into court when I found out that she bought my house, but first I had to sweeten my revenge.

How? Well, I have a safe that I never told her about hidden in the bathroom behind the cabinet. I thought that since she ruined my life, why not ruin hers even more?

So with the help of an accomplice I bought a ton of illegal substances, about 400 euros worth, and used another friend to hide it there. The safe has a 4-digit code, that being 0000, never got to change it to something else. And before taking her to court again I had that same friend who hid the dope, turn her in.

It took about a week for the cops to receive a mandate to search the house, they found nothing in the first 2-hours, and they wouldn't have if my friend hadn't forgot to leave the safe cover open.

That 400 euro worth of dope is worth a 5k euro fine, and 12 years in prison. Well I'm not done yet.

Court time again!

I had my lawyer get the footage from when the money from the bank was transferred and also provided documents showing that I was not in the country at the time.

We also found out the account to which the money was sent to. The name was that of my ex.

It was an open-and-shut case. My lawyer also demanded payment for emotional damage, all the money that was stolen, the house and also money equivalent to 2-times the debt I had in the bank which is equal to about 140k euros. The look on her face when everything came down crashing on her was totally worth it. And on top of the 12 years for illegal substance possession, she received an additional 25 years for theft and false testimony. Enjoy it, trick."

"Nuclear Revenge Activated"
"Nuclear Revenge Activated"

"My parents divorced when I was in first grade. Not only did my dad disappear like Houdini, he stole my mother's ATM card to her personal account and drained her dry. My mother, being the saint she is, didn’t even bat an eye. She still was cordial to him and never said a negative word about him. To me, my dad, albeit abandoning us was still my hero.

From first through fifth grade, I had the usual abandoned by dad stories. Maybe one or two visits in a year. That in addition to the fifty-or-so instances of me waiting by the front window with my suitcase packed to go to his house and him never showing up. My mom through all of this was supportive and never said an ill words about him. So he still stayed my hero.

When I was in sixth grade, my mother finally remarried and my father who only had a picture of me at eight months old in his wallet went ballistic. Did I mention he never paid child support? He would use his father's social security number (they had the same name) to get away with it. After my mom remarried, he let it be known that I was now my stepdad's responsibility. He cut off communication with me until I graduated from high school.

He didn’t attend my graduation or send a card, what he did do was write me an email thanking God he no longer had to pay child support (he didn’t anyway). What really broke me was his ruthless and brutal attack on my mother. Attacking her weight, looks, teeth, and blaming any perceived negative traits that I had, on her. For the first time I realized what a cowardly piece of trash he was. I responded in kind. He told me I was no child of his and that I was a waste. After that, I vowed that I would hurt him.

Ten years later, my father, not interested in my wedding or my son, reached out to me. You see he is a diabetic, and one of his organs were failing, and he didn’t have long. He’s too far down on the list, and he needed someone in our family to donate.

Nuclear revenge activated.

I answered his email. I met up with him and pretended that I didn’t hate his guts. I went and got tested to see if I was a match. I was. Did the therapy and met with doctors and his therapist. We scheduled the surgery. The day of the surgery we meet at the hospital. I smiled in his face and let him know that I wouldn’t be going through with the surgery. I watched the confusion line his face.

'I just wanted you know that you’re no father to me and you’re a waste.' I left the hospital and drive home.

My mom was pretty annoyed with me that I took it that far. My father is dying and I will be attending the funeral out of spite. And I will let everyone know what a piece of trash he was."

The "Small Bug Issue"
The "Small Bug Issue"

"Just a little background to start off. I was an exterminator for more than a decade, and was only a few credits shy of a degree in entomology. Needless to say, I know my stuff when it comes to anything one might consider creepy and/or crawly.

With all this being said I was a specialist for the absolute worst kinds of infestations. I treated for bed bugs, small cousins to ticks that only drink human blood.

I bet you think you know where this is going, and just to cut you off, no, I never intentionally infested anyone. In fact the revenge in this story isn't even for me. It was for what turned out to be one of the sweetest women I have ever met. For the purpose of the story we are going to call her Mary. She was a nurse in World War II.

I was called out to Mary's home by the management of the subsidized apartments she had complained about a 'small bug issue.' What I found when I got there was not a 'small bug issue,' and still haunts me a little to this day. When Mary answered the door, she was covered in bed bugs. Her hair, her clothes, even crawling on her hands. Without going into too much grizzly detail about insect biology, this isn't normal. Bed bugs don't like touching human skin, and they don't hunt when people are up in moving. That is why the bed is the most prevalent place to find them, and thus the name.

I immediately called an ambulance, waited on them to arrive, and warned them about the very real possibility that anywhere they took her would be in severe danger of being infested if they didn't do something to decontaminate her. The poor woman was suffering from anemia, and it was luck of biology that she hadn't gone into toxic shock from the number of bites she had received.

When she was rushed off, after having to be hosed off, literally sprayed with a hose, and having her clothes taken from her in semi private, revenge mode started. Bed bug treatments are expensive, very expensive, and I had made a lot of contacts with local Department of Social Services, and the Adult Protective Services because of the amount of charity of work I had done. Every single one of them got a phone call. Subsidized apartments have rules, including that they have to make routine checks. For an infestation to get to that level, it had gone unchecked for years. She had been being eaten alive, for years.

I called the local news, warned every neighbor, and collected statements about exactly how often the maintenance staff and management had entered the apartments. Once DSS and APS was done, I urged every single person who was put in jeopardy of infestation to file civil suits, and recommended a lawyer I had done some work for in the past. He was more than happy to take the cases as a class action suit. By the end, I had the manager of the apartments arrested for elderly abuse and neglect, and the entire staff from the top down fired. They had been falsifying paperwork saying they had been inside the apartments, performing routine maintenance, and generally scamming the government for services they didn't actually provide.

I visited Mary for a while after that, checking in since it didn't seem anyone else had in a long time. She was a wonderful person, and she never deserved to have to live like that. Her health recovered for a while, but time eventually came for her. I'll never forget her, or forgive the people that allowed it to happen in the first place."

What Happens When You Fire The Wrong Teacher
What Happens When You Fire The Wrong Teacher

"I'll start off by saying this happened to my sister, and the actions taken were hers.

My sister has always gotten along very well with her teachers, and has a habit of forming actual friendships with them, to the point that she still talks to her 5th grade English teacher (along with many others) decades later.

This happened about 15-years ago. My sister was a student at Job Corps (a government run live-on-campus vocational training program), studying hotel/motel management. She got on extremely well with her hotel/motel management teacher, better than pretty much every teacher she'd already had up to that point.

One day, the teacher goes to the center's dean's office, and walks in on a paper-shredding session. It turned out that there was some pretty major embezzling happening at the center; as in more than 60% of the funds for the center were being stolen.

The teacher was appalled, and despite some rather... lucrative offers made, refused to join in on these acts.

Less than a week later, the teacher was fired for trumped-up reasons. This was especially bad given the teacher was only 2 years away from retiring, and being fired lost their retirement package.

Needless to say, my sister was HEATED.

Knowing how things typically work, and that almost any report she tried to make would just be swept under the rug (if it was taken seriously at all), she came up with a plan... And took things nuclear.

Over the next month or two, my sister managed to gather some basic evidence of the embezzling; nothing concrete, but enough to warrant considerable investigation by the authorities.

She took the little evidence she was able to gather, along with the story of what happened to her teacher, and sent the info in an email to the Job Corps regional director. Now like I said, she knew that her email would likely be ignored, or the event swept under the rug, so she got smart. The email was copied to EVERY single major person in the Job Corps chain of command, all the way up to the national director, as well as to anyone even tangentially related to Job Corps in the upper-echelons of the Department of Labor, and EVERY member of Congress, as well as the US President's office (remember, this was a government run program). All in all, the email was sent to over 2,000 people.

Basically, she not only sent the report, but sent it in such a way that everyone who got it could also see everyone else who got it, and she sent it to WAAAAY more people than would be needed to ensure the issue couldn't be swept under the rug.

Two weeks later, after the investigation finished (never seen the government work so fast on anything that wasn't collecting owed taxes), only 5 or 6 staff members, out of about 20 that worked in the center, still had their jobs; and at least 5 of the ones fired (including the dean) were facing major criminal charges, with the rest facing minor charges. I'm not sure of the exact figure on how much was stolen, but it was well into the 7 digits (the embezzling had been happening for years).

The teacher got a VERY nice severance package post-investigation (IIRC, it was 3 years of pay, her full retirement package, and signing a NDA), though she didn't get her job back; and my sister was given her completion certificate, despite not having finished the requirements of the course (they wanted her gone, but couldn't kick her out)."

"They Knew I Did It, They Just Had No Way Of Proving It"
"They Knew I Did It, They Just Had No Way Of Proving It"

"I used to work for some kind of full-stack agency as a coder; doing websites, desktop applications and integrations for customers.

Life was good and it even got better. After managing to provide an important customer with five-star hotels all around my country with a great website with integration to their ERP and also mobile solutions which didn't exist then in my country, a headhunter had found me.

He offered nearly triple the salary I was getting and it was impossible to say 'no' to that. I informed my employer and gave him a generous notice of a month, so I could wrap up the last projects.

Let me warn you that I was a very young and incredibly trusting person then. When my employer told me there were some problems and I'd have to receive my last paycheck with the next one, I accepted. Last day of my job, when he asked me to sign the paper that declares I had nothing indebted to me by that company I signed it. I was a moron. I was young.

They never paid of course. Even though being stiffed that way was a lump in my throat, I tried to gulp it down. I worked hard at my new job, trying to prove that I could do better than I did before.

But another sneak attack from my ex-employers was... the last drop. One day I arrived at work, and my new employer called me to his office. He explained that my ex-employer reached out to him and told him that I was lazy, a liar, worthless and it wasn't worth the effort to have me as an employee because they were about to sue me, so I wouldn't be able to do any work with all the legal stuff.

I was beet red. I apologized for being a nuisance and I said I'd clear my desk instantly.

He laughed cheerfully and said, 'You've been working for me for two weeks. You completed two high-quality websites and half of a desktop app. I'll cut my own throat before I fire you.'

Still, I was so shaken that he had to give permission to me to leave early. I went home and cried. Not because of sorrow, but rage. I couldn't touch them. I just couldn't...

That's the day I fired up google and typed, 'how to hack' for the first time in my life. The first response was a forum in my native language. I started reading and gosh, I had a lot to read. Coding and hacking, even though they share the same expertise, vary so much when it comes to details. I confess, it was then impossible for me to think like them but thankfully the forum crawled with helpful technical tutorials telling me the hows and whys of every exploit I could use.

As I said, I was young and a moron. Back then I had my own mini-admin framework that I used in every website I made and I just realized there was a crucial mistake I made in calls to create new records; users, pages, news items, galleries, everything... I wasn't checking the authorization at all.. It would be nearly impossible for a hacker to use this because he wouldn't know or get exposed to the exact call but I knew it.

It was about 6 am when I finished reading. I used public transportation to go to the other end of the city. I found an internet cafè where the young attendant didn't care about IDs and which didn't have any security cameras. I sat in a corner and started breaking every single website I made for them.

There was one about pastry materials, a website consisting of over a thousand ingredients. In the main page a random assortment from each ingredient type would be shown as a gallery. I replaced about 20 of them with images of, uhm, human waste. Only twenty, so a viewer who got used to it wouldn't realize the error until some time has passed.

I made the chief physician of a hospital page the angel of death itself, with images and a special bio. People don't look into physician bio pages so I was sure it wouldn't be found out for long.

I made an announcement in ultra-nationalist party A's website that their number one enemy would be giving a speech. In a local newspaper page I made all old videos instead link to the famous 'loituma' video where an anime girl spins a leek in her hand.

Slowly, a few websites a day, I broke every single website I made for them; approximately 60 websites or so.

The backlash from customers seems to have been furious, in a domino effect. He lost his customers' trust and his references which simply means everything for this kind of job.

Once the proud owner of one of the best agents in the region now tries to work in a tiny office making a living doing third-rate websites with his meager skill. Even though I never met him during this period, one of my friends was working under him until the last moment. I loved listening to his struggle to find out how I did it - they knew I did it, they just had no way of proving it - while losing more and more customers every day from my friend."

20 Years In The Making
20 Years In The Making

"Some time back I was hired to a company by a CEO I had previously worked for someplace else. He was a good friend so when his newest company wasn’t achieving sales, he headhunted me to join the new one.

The company hadn’t made a sale in two years. Year one the software product was in beta so it wasn’t ready to be sold. Year two they realized using the tech staff to make high end sales to C-level executives was the worst sales model one could conceptualize. In general, and there are exceptions of course, these two personality styles don’t speak the same language. Tech people talk tech. Buyers talk benefits and how the potential product fills needs. I bridge the gap well by translating tech-speak into natural conversational language so buyers better understand how their needs will be filled.

The job was an hour and a half drive one-way from my home so the CEO said I could work from home as long as I kept the sales management tool current (it’s where you keep the notes of each prospect’s status), came to important meetings, and made sure the executive team had daily sales reports.

The first month I made the daily 3-hour commute because I needed to have solid, constant interaction with all the departments to rapidly form my sales strategy and develop a two-way confidence level with the section heads.

Once I had a handle on things, I was ready to launch my sales plan. In the meantime, the CEO hired a VP of Sales (Karen) who started four days before I hit the ground running to get in front of buyers.

She was a VP coming from the banking industry and had a long career in sales and marketing in finance products. I hated her from the moment she arrived. She knew nothing at all about tech, and I spent a lot time trying to orient her which wasn’t ideal because I needed to work on my sales strategy. They brought her onboard because she had strong experience gaining financial investors.

Nevertheless, I forged ahead. Traveled to a target state and spent 19 days criss crossing it. When I came back I had 17 contracts from buyers totaling about $2 million in sales. My CEO was overjoyed.

Fast forward six months and now working from home, I’m rocking and rolling. Sales are strong. CEO is happy. Good things are happening.

Karen has landed an investor willing to drop $6 million into the company, and they are coming into town for a discovery meeting. She asks me to drive up because they specifically want to meet the salesperson. Seconds before walking in the door for the big meeting, Karen pulls me aside and says she needs me to back her up on a lie she has told them. Basically she doubled my sales numbers. I told her there was no way I was going to do that. She says the CEO has okayed the lie.

We get to the part in the talk where the investor is looking over my inflated sales numbers on the prospectus, then directly asks me how many sales I’m making a month. Karen is behind him waving her arms but I was having none of it and answered truthfully. He looks askance staring at the document which has the false number listed, while she’s giving me the stink eye behind him.

No one says a word. Dead silence.

I ask to see the document and fates have aligned allowing me to solve the dilemma. I explain the first two numbers were transposed (they correlated well to my real sales versus inflated sales if you flip-flopped the first two digits.) Potential investor is satisfied and we move on.

Switch gears. About a week later I was meeting with the CIO in his office and he referred to my 'big chest.”

I’m no shrinking violet but it stunned me because it was so unexpected.

That night I was chatting with my BFF who happens to be a lawyer and told him about it in casual conversation. He said I should tell the CEO so he can address it. Thinking along smart business practices, I decide to tell Karen to whom I directly report as proper protocol since we don’t have a HR department yet. Side note, I also reported directly to CIO as a boss since my role was a muddy mix of sales and tech.

The next day CEO calls me and I take him through it telling him it’s no big deal, but to make sure he talked to CIO so it didn’t happen again. He says he’ll do it right away.

Two days later I check in with him and CEO still hadn’t talked to CIO because the investors were in town. I gently push him to get it done and casually mention my best friend who happened to be a lawyer was the one who urged me tell him because, 'any good CEO would want to know about it.' I reiterate I’m not mad or upset.

The only word he heard was 'lawyer.'

He went nuts that I was bringing a lawyer into the mix. Now this guy was my good friend. We’d worked together at two companies for years. I calmed him down (or so I thought), explaining that I only wanted him to talk to CIO. I also told him I HADN’T brought a lawyer into it, that I had been innocently chatting with BFF who just happens to be a criminal defense attorney. He seemed okay and we hung up.

The next day I’m working as usual and I get a call from an attorney who explains the company has hired her regarding my harassment claim. I’m flummoxed and adamantly told her that was not the case, that I had no claim against the company. She said otherwise.

And that’s when everything changed. Dramatically.

CEO was furious with me for bringing this on when investors were looking at us. His reaction set the tone which filtered down. The company began to retaliate against me. Karen now made it her mission to make my life a complete mess: 'Forgetting' to tell me about important meetings I was supposed to attend, freezing me out when I was in the office, telling me I could no longer even speak to CIO (a problem since I’m selling a multi-million dollar tech product needing his input AND I directly reported to him as my other boss), denying me a long planned, approved vacation, basically anything she could devise to mess with me, she was gleefully working it.

Coinciding with this was a serious health problem I developed ultimately requiring surgery. My illness had no impact on my work as I was able to work from home which made things easier on me health wise. Karen then decided that I need to come to the office every day despite a 3-hour round trip commute.

Now I know you’re thinking why didn’t I just leave, get another job somewhere else...

I needed the health insurance. There was no way to turn around another job fast enough and I had a complex surgery scheduled requiring 3 surgeons for my procedure.

My doctor gave me a note for them which released me from having to make the daily commute so I could continue to work at home. As long as my work didn’t suffer, they legally couldn’t force me to commute especially since working from home was a part of my employment contract from the outset.

The night before my surgery, Karen calls to tell me they’ve cancelled my health insurance. After hanging up with Karen I collapsed on the floor in a faint. I was so, so, so sick, and mentally exhausted from all the stress.

The next morning the CEO frantically calls asking to talk to me. My mom refuses to let him. I’m on official leave as of that morning and we’re heading to the hospital. CEO had told their lawyer about canceling my health insurance and she chewed him a new one telling him it was illegal. They immediately reinstated my insurance.

In the two weeks I was out, my mom had found a lawyer for me as it was clear shenanigans were going on. I still needed them as an employer because I was in no shape to rigorously job hunt while recovering.

Turns out all the stuff they were doing to me is illegal. Companies aren’t allowed to retaliate against employees when they report nefarious acts against them.

I met with my new lawyer who said I had an excellent claim for retaliation and took me on. He said I had to continue working there while he did his thing to stay within protocol while he filed the EEOC claim.

Now it’s time for me to return to work. The company had relocated (planned) during my absence and Karen refused to tell me where so I couldn’t come back to work. Company lawyer told them they HAD to tell me so Karen gives me wrong directions making me late on day one.

I walk in the new office and it looks like any other place except for one thing. There is a wide open area directly in front of the CEO’s glass office with a single desk in the middle of it. Welcome to my new desk.

Also, I wasn’t allowed to do sales anymore. In fact, I wasn’t allowed to do anything, at all, period.

They had hired a bunch of new people and they treated me like a pariah. Turns out Karen had gone to them telling a pack of lies and if they know what’s good for them they’ll stay away.

Since I had nothing to do but couldn’t just sit there looking like a dope, I worked on documenting everything being done to me per my lawyer’s advice. I was meticulous in my note taking.

Karen began writing me up. Stupid stuff like not answering my phone on the first ring and for asking questions during company wide meetings, asking to see my personnel file which employees are legally entitled to do although not entitled to photocopy any of it.

Each time she wrote me up, I had to sign the write up. There was a space for me to reply to it so I consistently wrote, 'I do not agree with this assessment.' It infuriated her so much, she wrote me up again for writing the statement that I didn’t agree with it.

There were several instances where she called me into her office and literally began screaming at me loudly and enthusiastically. I wouldn’t engage though; my standard answer to everything was 'OK' which made her apoplectic. At one point, she’s inches from my face screaming, her face beet red and I just sat there with a dreamy expression whilst envisioning her blowing a vein in her head stroking out. I infuriated her with my equanimity.

Still and all, I was in it to win it at this point. It didn’t matter what new humiliation they dished out. I took it all with a bland face, then went to my desk and documented it in my notebook.

She loathed my notebook, sure that I was doing exactly what I was doing. Documenting. Because it was my personal property though, she couldn’t take it from me. I had to carry all my belongings with me everywhere (company wide meetings, the bathroom, lunch) because I caught her one time going through my desk drawer.... In my dang purse!!!!! (Although it gave me great joy to write a note reading, 'forget you' which I left in my backpack and jerry rigging it so I could tell if she went into it...which she did).

I withstood it all with a brave face only breaking down once I left for the day. My attorney took a lot of sobbing phone calls during this period.

Finally the day comes that my attorney has what he needs and I can resign, better still, he advises I don’t have to give a two week notice. I come back from lunch and type up my letter with one sentence, 'I resign immediately.'

I take it into the HR guy (who also took part in their evil machinations) and hand it to him. His mouth forms an O shape and he half stands up from his chair as he reads it. He looks up and I give him a smile and say bye bye just as sweet as pie, walked out the door and drove home feeling mighty fine.

One month later, my lawyer and I are at the EEOC office along with the CEO, Karen and their lawyer so the EEOC can review my claim.

In my state, you can’t just bring a lawsuit against a company for things like harassment and retaliation. Claims must first be evaluated by the EEOC, and then if they determine you have enough grounds to file a lawsuit, they issue a Right to Sue document.

My lawyer presented my case logically and forthright detailing all the evidence. It took him 40 minutes to go through it all. Then they presented their side with allegations of my poor employment along with their 'evidence' which were all the copious write ups Karen had written. EEOC asks about the timeline of the write ups inquiring if they before or after my claim occurred. Karen wearing a smug self-satisfied smile states they were all prior to my claim as noted by the dates on each document.

EEOC Lady looks at my lawyer. My lawyer looks at me. I look at Karen then serenely pull out MY photocopies of the documents. Whilst handing them to EEOC lady, Karen barks, 'She’s not supposed to have those! They’re company property!'

I show EEOC lady that the dates have clearly been altered by Karen. (She had made copies with the dates blanked out then backdated them.)

You see whenever she wrote me up, I had to take the document personally to the CEO to put in my personnel file. Along the way though, I stopped at the copier and took copies. She never knew I was doing this.

You could’ve heard a pin drop.

EEOC Lady reviews the copies then slowly sets them on the table. She didn’t say a thing for a long time, then she spoke. I can remember her words exactly to this day.

'I’ve seen a lot of ill treatment and illegal undertakings by both employees and employers, including forged or altered documents, but I have never see someone so incredibly stupid to present documents this easily disproved. Not only are employees entitled to receive and keep a copy of formal write ups but reading these ridiculous allegations, it’s obvious you are trying to manufacture your case.'

She went on to say I had a clear case for a lawsuit, and moreover I would win it. She recommended their side go in another room and determine a settlement amount to pay me immediately or risk the lawsuit.

They went to a nearby office and I could hear the lawyer dressing them down. Words I heard included, 'lied to me... Lied to EEOC... Presenting false documents... Broke so many laws... Figure out a number big enough to pay her so this doesn’t go to court because you will lose.'

They came back with a $50,000 offer which we accepted. My lawyer and I left then did a football touchdown dance in the parking lot. Looking up at the EEOC window, I could see Karen in the window looking miserable and crying.

She had just been fired.

I’m not a hateful person. I get mad and get over it. But... for Karen, I nurtured hatred and vowed to one day get revenge, so I kept tabs on her, and discovered she opened a finance marketing company after she was fired. Then I waited a year before exacting my petty delight.

For the past 18 years, I’ve executed a wonderful, soul-refreshing project. Each year I go to her website and write down all the work email addresses and phone numbers for the employees. Then I subscribe them all to 'get more information' from places like online schools, online insurance companies-all those scam aggressive organizations that keep your contact information longer than a gypsy curse while trying to sell you stuff.

The last few years, I’ve subscribed them to an email bomb service where the service takes the address and instantly subscribes it to 1000s of newsletters, request for more information feeds and other online buyers of email addresses for marketing services. I tested it with a burner email and it wreaks havoc on your inbox with thousands of emails received within seconds, and they never.... ever... stop....

You literally have to close down the email because it can’t be salvaged. Each year when I go to collect the contact information, all the emails have been changed to new ones.

Last year my cousin took a job in the same building. I enlisted her help and she made it a point to befriend a receptionist working for Karen. After executing my yearly plan, my cousin went to lunch with her. The receptionist was in a foul mood and explained the entire organization was in disarray because IT had to redo all the emails again. 'It keeps happening over and over and nobody can figure out why.'

She said the owner (Karen) has had to get her cell phone number replaced 3 times because of all the texts and phone calls she gets whenever it happens again. (sometimes Karen would have her phone number on the website which I duly subscribed to everything under the sun.)

The best part for me was hearing how she lost a mega client because they felt the company was in too much turmoil so often.

The thought of this keeps me warm and cozy at night, and I sleep so very, very well."

"I Didn’t Plan On Getting Him Blacklisted"
"I Didn’t Plan On Getting Him Blacklisted"

"In my teens, I had to have numerous operations. Therefore, I always ended up at one particular hospital that specialized in my condition. Now, the hospital was high quality, with staff that was very caring, and looked out for the patients they had. They gave you essentially the 5-star treatment. After all, they were charging our insurance an INCREDIBLE amount of money, so that probably had something to do with it.

But one particular operation I had... it all went to heck…

It wasn’t like this type of procedure wasn’t something I had not done in the past, it was about the third time I needed to have it done. No pressure whatsoever. Essentially it entailed breaking both your legs, placing rods into them to put them back into the 'proper place' so they would end up growing correctly. They would be in for a few months to heal, and then they were taken out. During that time, I would have to turn small little handles to 're position' my bones according to a preprinted out schedule given to me by my doctor. It hurt like heck, but it was worth it in the end.

Despite how often I had done it, it was still extremely painful, especially for the first few weeks after the procedure was done. ANY vibrations would send shockwaves of pain throughout your entire body regardless on how doped up you were on pain killers. So the doctors took extra care to ensure that ANY trip back home was as smooth as possible. Literally. They all understood that without a jet back to your home city (for anyone more than 40 minutes away from the hospital), it was MEDICALLY REQUIRED that you travel back home in a med jet. Imagine every single bump you experience when driving for any period of time, now imagine being sent into shockwaves of 10/10 pain every single time you went over that bump….you get the idea.

Now, MOST hospitals offer a liaison to individuals within the hospital to deal with their insurance. Just have that individual talk to the doctor, and right away they would work out what the doctor wanted with the company, no hassle. We didn’t take UP that offer because we understood how everything worked, and it was never an issue. But, the hospital always offered us one anyway. And yes, these Liaisons were not employees of the insurance company, but of the HOSPITAL. They were designed to look after the best interests of the PATIENTS, and justify it to the insurance company.

Then… our 'designated liaison' decided that our request to not have one was unacceptable, and thus he would intentionally intervene at every chance he could. He even went as far as to deny our nurse requests for extra pillows, because, 'the hospital only allows X number of pillows per person,' despite the nurse literally stating it was fine. But nope, since he was at a 'higher level' he apparently had final say.

When it was nearing our time to leave the hospital, like always, the doctor wanted to bill the insurance for the medical jet, because it was medically required. Same old same old. However……our clown Liaison disagreed with the doctor's assessment that it was 'medically required,' justifying his opinion based upon our insurance companies' 'definition' of medically required. Naturally, the doctor flipped his lid, and verbally curb stomped the idiot.

Liaison: 'Listen, simply avoiding pain isn't something that the insurance will cover. It's not medically required to avoid pain.'

Dr: 'Are you kidding me? You realize this patient would have to drive 12-hours in a cramped ambulance, with two broken legs, in excruciating pain if they didn’t fly? It’s absolutely unheard of. You literally would have to have two EMTs drive them back home just in case anything happened. The cost is only marginally smaller than the darn jet. Plus, there is a small chance the rods could become disrupted if anything happens in the car, that’s the justification.'

Liaison: 'The odds of any crash happening are not high enough for the company to justify it. This would hurt the company if they keep doing this.'

Dr: 'Listen, I don’t know why on God's green Earth you are even arguing with me. This isn't up to you. You are not a doctor, you have no medical training. You were given a god darn list of the insurance companies' policies, and now you think you can properly diagnose what is or is not medically required? I've done this for thousands of patients with this very company. Now get your butt back to your office, bill the freaking insurance company properly, and shut the heck up. You work for us, not for them.'

(I was in earshot of this entire conversion)

A week later… on the day of departure… we learned what happened when he went back to his office…

He had called the insurance company, and began going through the proper channels to get the jet approved… However… he began dropping small hints to the rep that in his opinion… driving would also be fine…. So naturally, on the day before our departure we got a call from the insurance company DENYING the request.

I was FURIOUS. There wasn’t TIME to appeal the decision. There wasn’t ANYTHING ANY OF US could do. Even my DOCTOR was stuck, because the Liaison worked for a different department, and he couldn’t even fire the guy. He apologized time and time again, and ensured the 12-HOUR AMBULANCE RIDE would be as comfortable as possible, and even told the driver to keep me as medicated as possible to ensure it went well.

Naturally… it did NOTHING, and it was the most hellish 12-hour EXPERIENCE of my life. I was screaming THE ENTIRE 12-HOURS. The ambulance wasn’t even outfitted with a bed, it only had some type of 'hammock' type thing. Two EMTs had to endure nonstop screaming from someone who didn’t even belong in the ambulance in the first place. EVERYONE was furious. EVERYONE blamed that one man. EVERYONE wanted him fired but they had no medical reason to fire him, because according to the unions policies, he technically did what he was supposed to do. The only way for him to be let go was for him to have caused the patient some type of harm that the doctor warned about.

So days after my trip, my doctor insisted that I see a medical professional in my home town. You know, ensure nothing happened on the trip. This was like the 3rd time I had this done, so it was a pretty common request I was familiar with.

As I was still fuming… this is when I hatched my plan….

I knew I was the only one with control over the rods' proper position. I knew having the rods not properly 'dialed in' for a few days wouldn’t do any long term harm, and would only result in a lot of pain to dial it back in afterwards. I knew my doctor would be furious if anything happened out of the ordinary (his reputation being on the line and such), and I knew no medical professional had checked my rods to confirm their current setting after the trip.

I popped three pain pills, waited for them to kick in… and unscrewed every single rod to the lowest setting possible.

(Just for reference, after the procedure, they end up setting the 'starting point' for these rods somewhere in the mid range of their settings)

Worst pain of my entire life…

I was wheeled into my local doctor with the 'adjustment' notebook in hand. I kept playing dumb, saying I believed everything was going fine! But my legs just felt AWFUL!!!! And If it was possible he could make sure everything was going okay.

He began his inspection… and his face went white when he realized where the bolts were set. He asked me what setting they had been on when I left the hospital, and I told him. Again…he did not look happy…

He told me that something must have happened on the trip, and he would need to properly adjust them back into place. He said it would hurt like heck, but it needed to be done...

The screaming at that appointment was.... lets just say… disruptive… I didn’t even have to fake it, it was genuinely one of the most painful things I have ever experience in my life.

My doctor was FURIOUS, as he was up to date on the entire 'liaison' situation. He excused himself after the readjustment of the rods to a back room. I assume he thought it was out of earshot. He was wrong.

He phoned my doctor out of state, and he had a few choice words for him.

Local Doctor: 'How could you let this happen?! Do you know how dangerous this could have been?! If he hadn’t got an appointment with me this fast, his freaking bones would have permanently grown in the wrong place, and he would need ANOTHER surgery to fix this freaking mess. I don’t know what kind of freaking operation you have over there, but there is 0 chance I will EVER refer ANYONE in my clinic to you. Do you hear me? How hard is it to control your freaking insurance handlers?!'

Fast forward to my operation to remove my rods, back in that specialist hospital out of state

The liaison was not just terminated. Oh no. The liaison got accused of INTENTIONALLY TRYING TO ENDANGER THE LIFE OF A PATIENT and LYING TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY and LYING ABOUT A DOCTORS MEDICAL ASSESSMENT FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT (no idea where this last accusation came from; maybe it was lodged as an additional justification to fire him).

I don’t quite know ALL the consequences of his actions. I only could muster up a few details from my doctor.

From what my doctor described, the hospital put out a notice to every hospital in the STATE, to not hire this man. THOSE HOSPITALS apparently ALSO sent out a notice to all the hospitals in THEIR surrounding areas to not hire this man. This ended up resulting in a domino effect that barred him from working in almost EVERY HOSPITAL IN THE COUNTRY.

I wanted him fired, but I didn’t plan on getting him blacklisted.

Nevertheless, I was giddy. Especially after my doctor informed me that there was no lasting damage for the 'mistake' he caused.

Fast forward about 4 years, and I hear through the grape vine that he ended up having to change professions because of the accusations. Ended up doing some waste management job or something."

"I'll Pay You The Next Day"
"I'll Pay You The Next Day"

"I'm a freelance web developer. Had a guy contact me saying there was a small project he needed help with. Stating it should take minutes and wanted to pay $50. Fair enough. He also states that he needs it done by the end of the day since he's apparently in a tight spot with his employer. Also fair enough. I'm not going to turn it down just because it's a tight deadline.

I get in and find out his previous developer was very sloppy and the code was darn near impossible to read. His site is in SquareSpace and a lot of second-rate developers work there, which is fair because it's pretty easy. I tell the client this code is horrible and I need to reformat it. Then it turns out the new links that he wanted in were completely broke. I told him that it would likely take about 6 hours to get all of this sorted out, and he said that was fine and would compensate me accordingly by my hourly rate of $80/hr.

So I finish everything up, tell him the total of $640, and he agrees. Says he can pay me the next day. This, 'I'll pay you the next day,' mess goes on for about 2 weeks. I try to call him again on the most recent day that he said he'd pay me. Turns out he's now blocked my number. A couple days go by of trying to contact him while still getting nothing. I went to log into the site to cut my losses and delete my work. Turns out he's changed the password. At this point it's clear to me this was planned, so I'm heated.

I email him stating that if I don't hear anything within 48 hours, I'll be serving him court papers and demand of payment to his address that I had to find through an ancestry site and subsequently call his apartment complex to confirm before I serve some poor sap with random court papers.

He doesn't email for 24 hours, and that same morning I found out that I'm still logged into his site through the SquareSpace app. Clearly this is a huge vulnerability in SquareSpace since he had changed his password and I was still in on the app.

I created a new email that was [email protected], which I then used to sign up for a new SquareSpace account with, invited myself as a contributor so I could have access on desktop as well and set his live site as password protected. He sees this and is repeatedly emailing and texting me saying he can pay me $250 but $750 (now with late fees) is just insane and too much. Now apparently he can pay me on Monday, which I've heard plenty of already.

This irritated me even more, so I stated I would continue adding late fees until he pays up and that his site will continue to be mine. Now his site is indeed live again but every page autoplays trash Soundcloud rappers and all the links he had me place now take the user to Cool Math Games.

I've never done this to other clients but this dude is a 43-year-old piece of garbage."

"We Haven't Had A Single Car Parked In My Sister's Spot Since"

"So my little sister (who is the sweetest girl in the world) is 12 years old but can't walk or communicate. Her mental age is around 6 months.

She obviously can not attend a regular school, but since we live in a big city, there is a wonderful school for kids like her. Even though we don't own a car, since we don't need one, we got the city to put up signs in front of our house designating a 4-meter spot for wheelchair pickup and drop-off for her school bus every morning and afternoon.

The signs went up perhaps two years ago and after the first week we never really had any issues since most of our neighbors are wonderful and totally understanding of our designated spot.

For some context, we live in a perhaps poorer community, though we're well off (but in our nine years here, we've had nothing but great interactions with everyone here). Sadly, the neighborhood is gentrifying and we're getting more self centered people with their Mercedes Benz or Audi's honking while my sister gets loaded onto her school bus (which takes around four minutes, but blocks our little street) which really irritates us, as well as the other sane people that witness it.

Naively, we thought this would be the extent of our unpleasant interactions. In September, we woke up like on any other Monday morning to find a shiny BMW parked in our disabled spot. It wasn't just partially in it, it was positioned perfectly to take up the entire spot. To make things worse, there were about a dozen open spots on the block, and it's not like they were all vacated that morning since we wake up at 6 AM.

We were baffled. I'd seen this car many times since last July, and it was definitely the same car, since there aren't many burgundy sports cars in our neighborhood. It was usually parked about twenty meters South on our street, so we knew it belonged to a neighbor a few doors down.

We did all the basics in this type of situation, we took a picture, took down the license plate and called the police to report it. The cops came by within the hour and wrote a big fat ticket, I believe it was for $700, but don't quote me on it. Anyways, it was a significant amount.

At around noon, a smug angry guy came knocking on my door (I had the day off from school and was home on my own). It was obvious that it was the owner of the car, so I made a quick decision to record the conversation (or screaming match) on my phone.

I opened the door and before I could say a thing, the clown lays into me (I'm a 16-year-old guy, and he's in his mid forties, midlife crisis maybe). He accuses me of all things ranging from putting up those signs this morning to framing him, to being prejudiced (he was East Asian I believe, but we have a really diverse community). He goes on to say that disabled spots shouldn't even be a thing... that it's always empty (totally shooting himself in the foot based on his previous comments), that we should pay for his undeserved ticket... that it isn't even an inconvenience since the spot next to his was free and my sister could just get on the bus from there, blablabla.

Once he finished, I said okay, and shut the door on his furious face. He rang the doorbell another five times before storming off. To my satisfaction, the recording caught everything fairly clear. In the evening I told my parents what had happened and gave my dad a copy of the recording.

We have a pretty tight-knit community (for the most part) and there is a neighborhood Facebook group with around 3000 members. My dad decided to post a summary of what had happened along with the recording and a picture of the car in our spot on the page. There was immediate uproar with people saying they would fight back or whatever, we were humbled by the feeling that our community was standing up for us, but we didn't think anything would come of it.

The next day, I leave the house to go to school and walk by the guy's car (back in his normal spot) and notice that the front right tire was deflated. Upon closer inspection, it was slashed. As I said, our community is tight-knit, but I can't say I expected anything like this to happen.

The guy must have seen the Facebook post, because he didn't come back to our house to complain or accuse us of anything.

The following weeks were sweet. Whenever I saw him in public, people would go up to him and remind him that he was a horrible human being (a bit harsh in my opinion, but they weren't my words).

In November, his house had a for sale sign in the window. The house market had also gone done by a bit. I'm always kind of curious about how much houses similar to ours are selling for compared to how much we paid for ours in 2011, so I knew what he paid for it in July. Once I saw the for sale sign, I rushed home and checked the local house listings, and low and behold, he was selling for $90K less than what it was going for in July. He really wanted to get out of our neighborhood!

While his crime wasn't nearly worth $90K I must say that I don't feel bad. Worst case scenario, he sells that obnoxious car of his, which would easily cover the lost money.

Let's just say that we haven't had a single car parked in my sister's spot since."

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