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Animals can do incredible things, and there's still so much yet to be learned about what they're truly capable of. What we have here has only scratched the surface.

Here are thirty-one random and brilliant facts about your favorite animals!

Many thanks to Reddit user Serialnarcisist for posing this question. You can check out more answers at the end of this article!

1/31. Cows have best friends and become stressed if they are separated.


2/31. Alligators have no definitive lifespan. They will live forever until a disease, injury, etc. kills them. They don't age naturally like we and most other animals do.


3/31. Flatworms are male and fence with their penises.

The loser gets stabbed with the winners penis and becomes pregnant.


4/31. Male bed bugs don't bother with vaginas when mating, they simply stab the female in the abdomen with their penis and ejaculate in her body cavity.


5/31. If a male clown fish loses his parter, he will develop female reproductive parts and mate with his male offspring.


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6/31. This is seen on TIL a lot but the argonaut octopus has a detachable penis/arm with sperm inside that he throws at the female so she could quite literally go f*ck herself.

Sadly, he dies thereafter.


7/31. Koalas are riddled with chlamydia. RIDDLED!


8/31. Pigs are around the same intelligence as dogs, dolphins, and monkeys. They can learn symbolic languages, navigate mazes, and can recognize emotions in other pigs. Remember in Animal Farm when the pigs all take command? Not just a jab at fat, greedy human leaders.

Also, they only roll in mud because they can't sweat. It's not like "Oink oink look at that sh*t, can't wait to smell like feces." It's a way for them to cool off on those hot summer days and to keep you from petting them.

A pig will eat the entire human body, bones, muscles and all, except for the teeth.

Their curly tails may have been an evolutionary response to pig fights. Because they're such wicked smaht animals, pigs would try to bite each other's tails, causing a fatal infection in the victim. They learned this maneuver from watching komodo dragons during their time ruling the islands of southeast Asia. When the Pacific Pigs swam to the Americas, the American Pigs stood no chance against these new pigs going all Lord of the Flies on them. Eventually their straight, long tails took on a curl to make them harder to bite, and the pigs found peace.

They also have four toes, so that's pretty cool.


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9/31. Penguins DO, in fact, have knees!


10/31. Beaver's teeth never stop growing.

This is why they are always chewing on wood.


11/31. Poisonous animals are ones you should not bite.

Venomous animals are ones you should not be bitten by.


12/31. Elephants can keep a beat better than humans on average.


13/31. Any fact about tardigrades (water bears.) They grow to be about 1.5mm and they're awesome. They can survive the vacuum of space, 8 years without water, large amounts of radiation and 300F.


14/31. The male platypus has a venomous spur.


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15/31. Hyenas are a female-dominated species.


16/31. Eucalyptus is terrible for Koala's. But it is literally all they will eat despite its lack of nutritional value. It also actually rots their teeth away. So when their teeth fall out they starve to death because they can no longer chew their food.


17/31. Drone bees die immediately after mating with a queen due to powerful ejaculation causing his penis to eject from his abdomen. He dies having the best orgasm of his life.


18/31. Animals that carry their babies in a pouch (marsupials?) Have 3 vaginas.


19/31. A wombats poop is shaped like a cube and it's like that because of its diet and long digestion process. I personally like to think it's shaped like a cube so that you can stack them.


20/31. Swans can be gay.


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21/31. Cows can go upstairs but they cannot go downstairs.


22/31. Female pandas ovulate only once a year. They are fertile only two or three days of the year.


23/31. Cat bites are way more dangerous than most people think. A cat bite might not look like much from the outside, but their long, pointy teeth penetrate deep and are much more likely to cause an infection than a dog bite.

If you get bitten by a cat (like when trying to pet their tummy), always disinfect the wound, even if it doesn't look bad.


24/31. An Ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain.


25/31. A moose will kill you.

Like. Leave it alone. It will gore you. It will kick you. It will headbutt you until you're just a shredded corpse hanging from it's antlers. It will kill you in your car. It will kill you in a forest. It will kill you in a swamp. You can't just run one over with your car if it's on the road. You can't run away once it's spotted you.

They are not nice, calm or gentle creatures. They are massive, terrifying beasts. Leave them alone.


26/31. A bear can outrun a horse.

If you see a mountain lion, it has already decided not to eat you.

If you're camping and you hear an animal moving around, it's probably a skunk or a beaver or a porcupine. Bears, moose, and other large animals are surprisingly sneaky.


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27/31. Sloths are surprisingly good swimmers.


28/31. European magpies are the only non mammal species able to recognize itself in a mirror test.

They are part of a group of birds called Corvids which is basically the crow family, birds such as Crows, Ravens, Rooks, Magpies, Jays and Jackdaws. Corvids are the most intelligent of all the birds and some of the most intelligent animals on earth. Studies are revealing more and more about this amazing group of birds and their cognitive power easily rivals apes and monkeys - if not surpasses them. Go check out some Doc's or read up on them...its fascinating!


29/31. The largest natural predator to the moose is the Orca.


30/31. Opossums don't carry rabies because their body temperature is too low.


31/31. The animal with the fluffiest tail (130% of it's body) is a carnivorous squirrel. AKA the vampire squirrel.



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