Have you ever seen something in a movie that looks totally out of place, so you rewind it to make sure your eyes weren't playing a trick on you? Well, if so, you're in luck because here are 45 tiny details and hidden gems that you definitely missed from your favourite movies. Enjoy!

1/45. In Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban the closing credits use the Marauder's map to show everyone's name. But the producers included something a little bit strange. Most people don't notice that in the bottom corner of the screen there are two students standing together who appear to be having sex with one another.

See for yourself:

2/45. The name of the restaurant shown in one scene in "Anchorman" is called Escupimos en su Alimento. This roughly translates to we spit in your food."

3/45. Kill Bill Vol. 1 - In one scene, the Bride walks over a glass floor and the bottom of her shoe has a personal message put there by Quentin Tarantino, "f*** u."

4/45. Osmosis Jones is apparently a very tiny Pokemon trainer. Either that, or the filmmakers just wanted to place a little Pikachu cameo in the movie.

5/45. "The Fast and The Furious's" Han's full name looks oddly familiar...saying 'Han Seoul-Oh' out loud sounds exactly like 'Han Solo.' "Star Wars" anybody?

6/45. Pac-man can be seen in "Tron" in the Tron game grid when Lt. Sark stops to look at it.

7/45. "Fight Club" has a Starbucks cup visible in every scene except the in the coffee shop destruction scene. As well, there is a hidden message that can only be seen in the home DVD release.

8/45. In the beginning of "The Matrix Reloaded," Agent Smith steps out of his Audi A8 with a license plate which reads IS 5416. This is actually a reference to a Bible passage, Isaiah 54:16: Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work

9/45. An "X" appears in the background of the scene every time somebody dies in "The Departed."

10/45. (Joke) Theres a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where it looks like Matthew McConaugheys character from Dallas Buyers Club is on the ship. Or maybe its just an extra in the wrong costume.

11/45. Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) makes a subtle appearance as a zombie in Shaun of the Dead.

12/30. There is a really sad tale of the Three Bears in "Shrek" that most people probably missed. Long story short, they're all in the same cage, and the next time you see the bears one of them is missing and can be seen as a decorative rug in Lord Farquaad's bedroom.

13/45. Have you ever noticed the board games in the forefront of the overdose scene in "Pulp Fiction?" 'Life' and 'Operation.' Very fitting for what's happening.

14/45. Stanley Kubrick added a "2001: A Space Odyssey" reference in the record store scene in his other famous film "A Clockwork Orange."

15/45. As with so many Pixar movies, there is bound to be overlap. "Finding Nemo" is no exception. Buzz Lightyear can be seen lying on the dentist's waiting room floor in the movie.

16/45. George Harrison makes a short little cameo appearance in the "Monty Python's Life of Brian."

17/45. When DiCaprio's character is finally caught in "Catch Me If You Can," he is arrested by a French policeman played by the real life Frank Abagnale. He's the one who the movie is about and he's the only one not dressed as a cop, right beside Leo.

18/45. In The Bourne Identity, when Matt Damon disappears behind a truck, the filmmakers decided that he would just try and hide behind it until the end of the scene. However, you can easily see his shadow and the top of his back thanks to some lazy editing.

19/45. Famous male pornography star Ron Jeremy randomly makes a cameo in "Ghostbusters."

20/45. In The Little Mermaid during King Tritons entrance, you can briefly and easily make out Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck in the crowd.

21/45. The famous street artist Banksy has an art cameo in Children of Men. It is a political protest piece, very fitting for the movie, of two police officers kissing, and can be seen at the right side of the frame.

22/45. In one of the candy shop scenes in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, an unsuspecting little girl gets viciously smacked in the face by the counter as the vendor lifts it up.

23/45. Remember how "Me, Myself, and Irene" randomly had a watermelon with a hole in it? Well it actually reappears in the bedroom following a sex scene...weird.

24/45. David Bowie's face is hidden all over "Labyrinth" and can be seen in quite a few of the backgrounds of shots.

25/45. Multiple aliens who look exactly like E.T. can be seen in a shot in Star Wars in the bottom lefthand corner.

26/45. Dorothy doesnt always wear the ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz. After shes already supposed to have found them, there is a shot that reveals that they maybe werent the most comfortable shoes of all time. You can easily spot her rocking some plain, black dress shoes.

27/45. In Mr. Nanny there is a scene where the main character is driving his motorcycle and in the background a dog is being thrown into the ocean. Why exactly? Nobody knows.

28/45. C3P0 and R2D2 are portrayed in hieroglyphic form close to Harrison Ford in "Raider's of the Lost Ark." You can see them in the middle of the bar close to him.

29/45. The notable Red Dress scene has multiple sets of twins in it in The Matrix. Or are they just glitches in the Matrix...can you spot them all?

30/45. There is an abandoned Truck in Wall-E that also appears in Cars, A Bugs Life, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., Up and Finding Nemo. It's life cycle can be traced through the films.

31/45. There is an image from Monsters Inc. that appears on a piece of wood in Brave

32/45. Pixar hid a joke about the exchange rate in Canada in Toy Story 2. A book is seen for sale for $4.95 in America or $50.00 in Canada.

33/45. Captain America's shield appears in the background of Iron Man. This seemingly innocent reference was actually a sneak peek at the massive franchise that was to come.

34/45. The peddler in Aladdin was secretly the Genie in disguise. Thats why they both have only 4 fingers and were both voiced by Robin Williams.

35/45. In "The Thing" There is a scene early on when a group of Norweigan hunters arrive at the American camp. They are frantically yelling about something that they, and the audience don't understand. What the Norwegians are actually shouting is: "Get the hell away! It's not a dog! It's a thing! It's imitating a dog! It is not real! Get away you idiots!"

36/45. According to the animators, Beast from Beauty and the Beast is a combination of a lion, buffalo, gorilla, human, wild boar, bear and wolf.

37/45. There is a secret morse code message in Peter Jackson's King Kong. Midway through the film when the ship is approaching Skull Island, a message is received in Morse Code that contains a warrant for Carl Denham's arrest.

However, when translated, the code doesn't actually contain an arrest warrant. The message actually reads: "Show me the monkey!"

38/45. Disney is known to recycle animations in order to save time.

39/45. Predator 2 had a clever nod to the Alien-Predator franchise, before it was officially announced. The film features a scene in which Danny Glover's character finds the Predator's trophy room. Hanging on the wall amongst an assortment of exotic skulls is the cranium of a Xenomorph, from the Alien series. Although it is not a very secret easter egg, it's a clever way to associate the two.

40/45. The old heretic from Hunchback of Notre Dame is actually Jafar from Aladdin in his old man disguise!

41/45. Tim Burton pays homage to Batman's original creator in his adaptation of the film. Early on in the movie, a reporter named Alexander Knox is handed a sketch of The Batman. The signature on the bottom of the sketch belongs to Bob Kane, the creator of the original Batman comic strip back in 1939.

42/45. There is a Simpsons reference in Godzilla.

During the taxi chase scene, the identification card of Matthew Broderick's driver is seen. The name on the card is "Armin Tamzarian," which is revealed to be the real name of Principal Skinner on the hit TV show, The Simpsons.

43/45. The secret code A113 mysteriously appears in a lot of Disney and Pixar films

44/45. At the end of the movie Frozen, There's a statement about Kristoffs belief that all men eat boogers.

45/45. In The Sorcerers Apprentice, the sorcerer is named Yen Sid, which is Disney spelled backwards.

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