Ello, poppet.

1/30. Johnny Depp's character, Captain Jack, is portrayed as having gold teeth in the film. The gold teeth were actually Depp's idea, but he predicted that executives would want fewer gold teeth than he wanted. So Depp told his dentist to implant extra gold teeth as a bargaining tool. After negotiations with the film executives, Sparrow's final number of gold teeth in the film was what Depp had envisioned all along.

2/30. Jack (the monkey) is seen "smiling" when Barbossa thanks him after he returns the Aztec coin. In the special features on the DVD it is revealed that the monkey did this purely by chance and it was not planned out in any way. It was so perfect that they decided to use that take for the film.

3/30. Keira Knightley felt very under-qualified for the role of Elizabeth Swann. In fact, she was so sure that she would be fired within the first few days of production that she brought as little as possible with her to start filming.

4/30. When Orlando Bloom was filming Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings in 2001, he got an elvish tattoo on his right wrist. It is covered during most of the Pirates films, but is mistakenly revealed when he raises his right arm in the sword fighting scene in Curse Of The Black Pearl. You can also see it later in the movie when he reaches out to grab the medallion from Elizabeths chest.

5/30. Keira Knightley was only 17 years old when they started shooting the first Pirates Of The Caribbean. Because she was a minor, her mother had to accompany her to all of the shooting locations.

6/30. Clothing and smears of charcoal were used to conceal Johnny Depp's numerous tattoos. The "Jack Sparrow" tattoo on his arm in the movie is a fake, but he actually got a real replica after finishing the film, in honor of his son Jack.

7/30. Geoffrey Rush was afraid that people wouldnt notice him on screen when he and Keira Knightley were in the same scene. He came up with a solution, however. He thought that viewers watched films the same way they read books - from left to right - and thus, tried to be on the left side of the shot as much as possible so that people would notice him before they noticed Keira.

8/30. During filming, Johnny Depp wore contact lenses that acted like sunglasses so he wouldnt have to squint while facing the sun.

9/30. Robert De Niro was originally offered the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. However, he turned down the role because he thought that the film would do poorly in box offices.

10/30. The third installment, At World's End, is the first in the series in which Captain Barbossa's first name, Hector, is said. Interestingly, the writers did not initially plan on giving the character a first name. However, on the commentary for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Johnny Depp jokingly said that Barbossa's name was Hector; this comment was misinterpreted by fans to be the character's actual name, and thus left the writers to feel that they had no choice but to include it in the series.

11/30. If you pay attention throughout The Curse Of The Black Pearl, there is a scab on Jack Sparrows chin that gradually gets bigger and bigger. Many thought that it was a mistake, but Depp revealed later that his was a prank he and his makeup artist had thought of together.

12/30. Johnny Depp based his performance on Keith Richards because he thought that pirates were just 18th century versions of rockstars.

(Richards would later make an appearance as Jack Sparrow's father in the film series)

13/30. During the filming of On Stranger Tides, Johnny Depp spent over $60, 000 out of his own pocket to buy waterproof jackets for 500 crew members to protect them from the cold, wet weather.

14/30. In Curse Of The Black Pearl, Johnny Depp improvised many of his lines, including the notorious, Bring me that horizon, and Jack Sparrow's catch phrase, "Savvy?"

15/30. Originally, Johnny Depp wanted Jack Sparrow to have no nose and be afraid of silly things like pepper and the common cold. Disney rejected the idea.

16/30. In Curse Of The Black Pearl, chocolate powder was used to replicate dirt on William Turners face during the sword-fighting scene.

17/30. Jack Sparrow is known for his outrageous face makeup, but he didn't start with that look. While filming in a cave, excessive makeup was added to all of the characters so they wouldn't looked washed out on film. When the crew realized how cool the makeup looked on Johnny Depp, they continued to use it on him for the rest of the movie.

18/30. The moment when Elizabeth kissed Jack Sparrow in Dead Mans Chest was purposefully cut out of Orlando Blooms script so that the cameras could get a genuine, shocked reaction from him.

19/30. The fourth installation, On Stranger Tides, was the most expensive film ever made at the time, not adjusted for inflation. The budget ran to $300,000,000. That's more than the budget of all three Lord Of The Rings films combined.

20/30. In At Worlds End, the scene where Jack the Monkey is shivering was accomplished via a joint effort between animal trainers and the special effects team. Animal trainers taught the monkey how to sit with her arms crossed, while the special effects team made a small wooden barrel with a vibrating plate on top.

21/30. The names of the three main characters are all related to birds: Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, and William Turner, who was a famous ornithologist.

22/30. Keira Knightley admitted that she constantly had to pad her chest in order to make it appear as though there was something there.

23/30. When Will is looking for Captain Jack Sparrow, the last guy he asks tells him about an island where the "long pork" is very good. "Long pork" is a euphemism for human flesh. Anyone who had eaten human flesh often had "Long" added to their name, such as "Long John Silver" in "Treasure Island."

24/30. The screenwriters who wrote Aladdin were the same screenwriters who wrote Pirates Of The Caribbean. Not a single production company picked it up until 2001, when Disney wanted to make a film based on their Disneyland ride Pirates Of The Caribbean, which had opened in 1967.

25/30. Davy Jones tentacles were partially real and partially created by special effects.

26/30. The scene where Orlando Bloom impersonates Johnny Depp's performance was devised by Bloom who asked producer Jerry Bruckheimer if he could put it into the movie.

27/30. According to the screenwriters' commentary on the DVD, Will Turner is actually the best swordsman in the film, Barbossa and Commodore Norrington are evenly matched, and Jack Sparrow is the worst.

28/30. In Curse Of The Black Pearl, when The Black Pearl is sieging the town, the last cannon shot billows into a Mickey Mouse-shaped cloud as an homage to Disney.

29/30. During filming of On Stranger Tides in London a 'Jack Sparrow' impersonator just walked onto the set. The guards did not think to ask for any ID as he looked so much like the character.

30/30. While filming in London in October 2010, Johnny Depp received a letter from a local 9-year old schoolgirl, telling him her classmates needed help to 'mutiny' against her teachers. He turned up with almost no warning at the school in full Sparrow outfit, but advised against mutiny.

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