The teenage heartthrob in all his glory!

Zac Efron soared to international fame starring in 'High School Musical' and he hasn't slowed down since.

Below are 30 facts you need to know about the young star. Check them out!

1/30) Zac Efron performed all of his own nude scenes in Dirty Grandpa except for the embarrassing beach sequence. Director John Phillips states on the commentary that it was one of the most expensive scenes to make in the film. Zac wasn't actually nude at all and wore flesh-colored briefs which were edited out during the post-production process. A stunt penis was also placed over his crotch using CGI for the split-second frames where he is most exposed. Phillips mentioned that when the restricted German trailer was released onto the internet that a community of online fans were trying to grab frames on the actor's penis. Subsequently, it turns out this is the one nude scene in the film that isn't actually him.

2/30) When 'High School Musical' came out, Efron still had his phone number publicly listed, resulting in hundreds of phone calls from fans.

3/30) Efron got Punkd by Hayden Panettiere in 2012, thinking he was getting arrested for a hit and run he did not commit. Efron previously got Punkd in 2007, following the success of High School Musical.

4/30) He had his first kiss when he was in 7th grade while playing the game "Truth or Dare!".

5/30) Entered rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse in 2013 and has been sober since.

6/30) Zac was rushed to the hospital on January 15th, 2008 with appendicitis and had to have his appendix removed.

7/30) Zac has a dogtag necklace which he is often spotted wearing. It was a gift from his friend and crush, Paula Abdul - it says "Reach for the Stars" on the front and "You might just become one!" on the back.

8/30) Efron is a fan of comic books and manga, including Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball Z and Shonen Jump.

9/30) He donated many items to Rocky Stone to be given to less fortunate kids as part of the Toy Mountain Campaign.

10/30) Simon Cowell offered him a record deal but he turned it down saying, "...acting is my main priority".

11/30) While filming Neighbours, Zac Efron broke his hand during his fight scene with Dave Franco. The writers and producers were panicking and started to plan how the broken hand would fit into the movie, and how much the budget would change. However, they were surprised to learn that Efron arranged an emergency surgery so he could be back on set one day later.

12/30) Zac Efron repeatedly played pranks on the rest of the cast of High School Musical, throwing water balloons. As payback, the cast toilet papered his trailer and then soaked him with water guns.

13/30) In Neighbors, all of the actors took major pay cuts in order to help save money for the budget, in particular, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron.

14/30) Zac Efron underwent three weeks of intensive training in how to sail a boat for Charlie St. Cloud. He proved to be so adept at it that no stunt double was required for him in most of the longshots of Charlie St. Cloud sailing.

15/30) Zac Efron had to undergo three hours of basketball practice every day because his character was the captain of the basketball team in High School Musical.

16/30) Zac's most prized possession is his autographed baseball collection.

17/30) Learned how to ride a motorcycle after a chance party meeting with bike enthusiast Tom Cruise, who offered to act as Efron's coach.

18/30) Zac Efron Broke his jaw when he fell in his LA home after slipping in a puddle of water.

19/30) Efron has said that he would flip out if he got a B and not an A in school, as well as that he was a class clown.

20/30) While using scissors in the fifth grade, he accidentally cut off his eyebrow. Without missing a beat, he promptly cut of the other one so he could look symmetrical.

21/30) In his spare time, Efron enjoys fixing up cars and has repaired two to date, a Delorean and a 65 Mustang convertible. Both were hand-me-downs from his grandfather.

22/30) "Efron" means "lark" -- a type of bird -- in Hebrew. The actor's paternal great grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Poland.

23/30) Some of his favorite cereals include Kashi, Granola, Honey Nut Cheerios & Quaker Oats.

24/30) One of his favorite movies is Dumb and Dumber and no matter how many times he watches it, he always finds it funny.

25/30) All the guys that starred in the High School Musical got class rings that said "Wildcats" on them and are made of gold with rubies.

26/30) In the article featured in Rolling Stone, Zac shared that revealed he wished to one day play an action hero.

27/30) Efron was slated to star in Paramount's musical remake of the film Footloose, and has said that he would like to add his "own little bit of flair" to the role originated by Kevin Bacon. In March 2009, he dropped out of the film. Efron was quoted as saying that while it was a promising gig, he left the project because he "was looking for a new challenge, and this was another musical."

28/30) If Zac could choose to be any animal he would be a kangaroo.

29/30) He gets starstruck whenever he sees Angelina Jolie. According to Zac, he turns into a "fifth grader" in her presence.

30/30) If Zac could swap lives with anyone, he says he would like to be the Queen of England.

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