'I Was Fired For Refusing To Do My Co-Workers Work'

People can be extremely cruel for no reason at all. And although there is no way of knowing one's true intentions, there is an overly used saying that may help you reason through the hurt: 

Fool me once...shame on you, fool me twice...shame on me.

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"When I was a freshman in high school, there was this girl I liked who was a cheerleader. I started to talk to her a bit and one day she offered me a chocolate bar before she had to run to her next class and I ate it.

Halfway through my next class, I started to not feel so good. It turns out it was a laxative. It was a major blow to the ego and made me very distrusting of people for a long time. It was one of the crappiest things anyone has done to me no pun intended."

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"It was the 6th grade and I was the stereotypical nerd with thick glasses and no style. At the end of the year there was a school dance, and to my surprise one of the 'hot' popular girls wanted to dance with me! Except it was all a joke and I was the butt of it. They all laughed except me.

 If youre reading this, SCREW YOU MAGGIE!"

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"I was about 8 or 9, and I had a pet guinea pig. I used to take him outside to the front lawn, and let him run around on the grass. We lived in a townhouse complex, with lots of kids and so I knew everyone.

Now, there obviously was the one 'tough guy' who thought he was so cool, and use to pick on kids half his age.

Anyway, the jerk and his friends came over and saw me with the guinea pig outside. I was friends with his sister, and I was a super nice trusting kid. He asked me if he could hold my little buddy, and I said sure. 

He holds him, pets him for a few minutes, and puts him back down on the lawn and leaves. I distinctly remember feeling slightly surprised that he wasn't being his normal jerk self, and made a comment to his sister about it.

Fast-forward about 5 minutes, and I realize my little furry buddy isn't moving. I pick him up, and am obviously panicked and upset and realize that that piece of crap had (purposely) squeezed my guinea pig so tight (I have no doubt he knew exactly what he was doing) that he had killed him. 

I looked down the row and saw him and his friends laughing hysterically and by  running away.

I lost it, start bawling uncontrollably, and rushed to tell my parents what happened. And then I'm not sure which felt worse - that jerk killing my pet, or the fact that my parents didn't care and brushed it off with with an 'oh well, it happens' attitude. I didn't even talk to the kid's parents.

 I will never, ever forget that day."

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"When I was in elementary school and probably around 9 or 10, I had neighbors that lived in the house behind mine and they had two kids that were younger than me but close enough that we could play together. 

I would do the kid thing where you play in clear view of their house so they would see me and come out too and that went on for over a year.

Eventually they stopped coming out and I just assumed they were busy and didn't think much of it. One day I saw the older kid out playing and ran out to see what she was doing. 

She basically said that she had to beg her parents to let her go outside and the only reason she was able to was because I wasn't out there.

Their parents would rather they spend the summer inside than spend any time outside with me. I was so heartbroken, I never tried to play with them again and even now over 30 years later, I have a hard time getting involved in events where I'm not directly invited. I can't handle the idea of being where I'm not wanted."

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"In the 5th grade, a kid who would regularly beat me up on the bus, lost his mom to cancer.

You could tell it was difficult, he was the second youngest of 5, the youngest being only 2-years-old. 

He was being a real jerk. Saying no one loved me and then making fun of my hair, it was stupid kid stuff really. 

I turned around all pissed and told him the only one who would love him was his mom. Choking back tears he responded with, 'my moms dead.'

I responded, stone cold, 'I know' I still feel horrible. I apologized later in high school but...God I hate myself for that."

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"My father suspected me of stealing money. It caused a big rift in our relationship. He let me know I wasn't welcome at his business anymore. There was a family get together and people were watching me like a hawk, so I left, and don't go to any family events anymore. Three months later he caught the guy who was stealing money from his business and he had the guy arrested.

It was during Christmas time around 6 years ago when he knocked on my door, he tried for a hug which I refused then he apologized and asked for my forgiveness. He asked me to be part of the family again and how my mother and my siblings missed me, he also asked me to come out for Christmas dinner and presents.

I said 'is that it?' then closed the door in his face before he could respond."

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"The time I was fired over not completing my co-workers assignments.

To the boss, he was a charismatic puppy... to me (the new guy) he was a pretentious douche. When my boss went on vacation, we had both been assigned work. During that week, I completed my work early and started on a less critical project. 

My co-worker, on the other hand, had been browsing the social media site 9gag and playing Minecraft.

He asked, 'hey, you're going to hate me for this...but I need you to do my assignment'. When I declined, he threatened to write an E-mail to the boss saying I 'refused to help' him.

I responded by saying, 'I'd help, but I'm not just going to straight up do your work.'

I was fired a week later... for 'refusing to help'...

My work situation now is so much better now. 

This was years ago, and I only invested a couple of months working there.

This case stood out the most, but really the entire work place was crappy to new employees. The favouritism was out of control, and the 'golden workers' rarely did any actual work.

The only reason I liked it was because they allowed video games during downtime."

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"My brother and I used to carpool to school with a family down the street. One particular morning, the sun was shining, everyone was quiet, and my behind decided that was the time to let a wet one out.

Thinking quickly, I turned around to my younger brother (who was 3 years younger than me, so probably around 5 or 6-years-old) and blamed him for the vicious deed.

Everyone in the car laughed, but my little brother, who was sweet and nice and my best little buddy, started crying and said it wasn't him.

I can't remember what happened after, but I'm pretty sure I let him take the heat for it.

Damnit, it hurts my soul just typing it. Sorry little dude."

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"I planned a party and invited literally everyone I knew, which was like 75 people. People responded and reserved and I was really excited. My mom and one friend showed up. I'll never really erase the image of me, sitting with my dog and 20 party sized bags of chips waiting for people who were never going to show up.

My friend and mom tried to cheer me up, and we drank a lot of blackberry mixed drinks... but I took it really personally.

I haven't had a party since."

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"My senior year I had had a pretty bad break-up with my first love. I was in band and we had a senior auction where people could bid on the seniors and dress them up how they wanted for the BBQ we had at the end of summer. It was basically a fun way to raise money for the band.

People were allowed to pool their money together to get a higher chance of winning.

I found out that a group of kids (no idea why they didn't like me, but I'm sure we all know how crappy and cruel high school kids could be) apparently were joking about all buying me and putting me in a shirt that said 'I love *ex's name*'

Come auction time I'm pretty upset because these kids DO end up trying to bid but the joke was on them. My real friends ended up winning that bidding war and spending between 200 to 300 (can't remember the exact amount) which set the highest bid that had happened since they began this tradition."

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"When I was 22 I met a girl. She was great, beautiful, smart and funny - just amazing. But, she told me that the guy she was seeing before me was extremely abusive, he had physically and mentally tortured her for years. She was extremely depressed, self harmed and was semi suicidal.

But I went and fell in love with her. I took her to therapy and worked with her. It was hard in the beginning because she could be really cold and distant to me and had wild mood swings which made me consider leaving.

But we worked through it. We spent 5 years together and 4 of those years living together. We even got a dog and raised it together.

It was a long and hard road, but she eventually got over all the stuff from her ex and we were genuinely happy - or so I thought. At 5 years, I proposed. She was so happy about it. Amazing. So was I. We set a date for 6 months later.

5 months went by and I got off work early one day. While I normally get home from work around 6, I was headed home at 2 pm.

I literally walked in on her sleeping with another guy. They didn't hear me come in the apartment but I got a full view of it all.

Instead doing something illegal to the both of them right on the spot, once they noticed me and she started with the it's 'not what it looks like!', I just walked out. I went straight to the bar and I spent the next 2 days at my parents house just trying to process what happened.

By the time I went back, most of my stuff, and all of her stuff in the apartment was gone. The dog, gone. Pretty much everything but my personal stuff, my books and my clothes was gone. She was... gone.

I went to her work, she had quit (or so they told me). I called her parents, and they wouldn't talk to me. The one friend of hers I could get a hold of was at least sympathetic and said that she was sorry about what happened and it wasn't fair to me but still wouldn't give me any means of contacting her.

I didn't understand at all and that pretty much broke me. I fell in to a spiral of self hate and tried several times to take my own life. I spent 2 weeks in rehab and 2 years on antidepressants and pretty much just numbed everything.

I'm still alive, but I have some major, MAJOR trust and self worth issues of my own now. It shattered my idea of relationships and people as a whole. 

All I ever wanted in life was to have a family of my own. That looks like it will never happen for me.

Wherever you are, Laura, just remember... I hate you. And I will never forgive you. Why did you accept my proposal if you were seeing someone else? Why did you tell me yes and that you wanted to spend your life with me when you didn't? Why did you push me in to that dark pit of depression that I had pulled you out of?

But sadly, these are questions I will never have answers for now."

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