It's always the people you don't expect to have a double lives that they rarely show to anyone else!

Secrets Ironically Revealed By Victoria's Secret!
Secrets Ironically Revealed By Victoria's Secret!

"I worked at Victoria Secret for quite a few years.

I saw a lot of shady stuff, but the worst was an encounter over the holiday season. Guy comes up with some lingerie and some nice flannel pajamas and then asks for them to be bagged separately and for separate gift receipts in the bag. Easy enough for the new cashier I'm training, I think, so I leave to assign breaks.

A few days later, he comes back...RAGING. Just screaming and cussing everyone out. Turns out the new cashier mixed the gift receipts up. Wife found out about the mistress. He was screaming that we broke up his marriage, this place should have better standards for anonymity and he wanted to speak to the manager because someone deserved to be fired, along with how incompetent we must be. There really was no fixing that situation considering the dude was just a prick in general and I had no desire to make the situation right so I just called security and went about my day.

The cashier did not do it purposely since she was crying for her entire break over how bad she felt, but I think she did that wife a solid."

When His Cop Brother Rats Him Out...
When His Cop Brother Rats Him Out...

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"One of my older brother ex-girlfriends dated a guy for 2 years. But then, out of the blue, he got arrested.

When the charges came out, it turns out this guy had been a bank robber. She told us he would go on business trips and come back and be off for a month or two at a time. She just thought he had a good job that was super flexible. She was wrapped up in her own career and I'm sure her attention to detail was lacking. The guy didn't flash money around, didn't do anything that let anyone suspect he was a criminal.

He got popped because of his brother, who was a cop. Apparently, he had recognized him in a video of one of his bank jobs."

Her Dating Profile?
Her Dating Profile?

"An old neighborhood friend of mine found out his wife was charging men to sleep with her and also had an addiction problem about a year after their marriage.

She got pregnant right out of high school and they got married. He worked long hours trying to support his wife and baby daughter while she played 'bingo' and left the baby at his parent's house. She used dating sites to find men and used the money she earned to fuel her addiction.

He found out when a mutual friend of ours used the dating site and saw her profile. He then played along, as his profile picture didn't include his face and found out the going rate. When the husband confronted her she bragged about sleeping with more than 3 men a week on average and the fact he was too dumb to notice it and her addiction and the fact she had been stealing from his parents. He was, however, bright enough to have a police officer friend help record her and show it to the judge. She went to prison (briefly) and he kept everything and full custody."

Learning More About Her Grandfather
Learning More About Her Grandfather

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"My grandmother passed away a couple years ago. While going through her house, my family found a box with my grandfather's name on it in his handwriting. My grandfather died before I was born. It was taped closed and the dust on it suggested it hadn't ever been opened.

Inside, my family found newspaper clippings and other documents.

Turns out that in the early 1900's, my grandfather took a road trip with friends to see the ocean. During their time at the beach, their car was stolen. They decided to stay awhile; being in their late teens and out of school, they decided to earn some money and have a good time.

My grandfather met a Mexican girl and married her within the course of a month. There was an article on the vehicle theft, as well as another on the marriage and a marriage certificate.

We could never find information on what happened next. We don't even rightly know if they married for love, to get her citizenship, if they had kids, or even if he was legally divorced when he married my grandmother in the 1930's. We don't think my grandmother knew.

We did find out his first wife returned to Mexico. She did have children (who say they don't think their mom had kids before she remarried). We sent them copies of the documents we found and they were as flabbergasted as we were."

He Will Always Be Remembered For His Stories...
He Will Always Be Remembered For His Stories...


"I worked with this guy once who was known for his stories. No matter how loose the connection was, he'd find a way to turn anything into a personal anecdote of a thing he'd seen or done before. All of them were interesting the first time (he'd lived an interesting life - grown up in America, moved to Australia in his early 20s, worked in a lot of really cool places over the years), but it wasn't long before he started repeating the same stories over and over again.

I worked with him for just over three years, so it got pretty ridiculous. We knew how he'd met his wife, all the obscure things he owned, his pets, his kids - we knew every detail of his life.

It became a bit of an in-joke within the office about how the guy never shut up.

Then one day, he didn't come in. He'd died of a heart attack. The whole office was at a loss, especially our little department (which had about 8 people in it, including him). When it came to his funeral, our little group took the afternoon off and attended. And that's how we found out none of his stories were true.

He'd grown up locally, his family wasn't at all who we thought they were, none of his old jobs had happened - everything we'd known about him had just been made up."

The Russian Exchange Student
The Russian Exchange Student

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"My family hosted a number of exchange students while we were growing up. We hosted about 7 high school students over the course of my childhood; each stayed for a year in our house, attended high school in our town etc.

One girl, Irinia, from Russia, came to us no differently than any of the other students had - through the AFS program. To be a student through AFS meant you had to fill out an application, be 17-18 yrs old and be attending high school in your home country. So Irina arrives as our exchange student. She goes to high school in our small hometown on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

At Christmas time, she says she has to go home to Russia because her mother was extremely sick. Going home during the exchange year is really unusual, really rare. So Ok fine she's going to Russia for the Christmas break, no big deal, she'll be back in January. Except she never comes back. AFS can't find her, we don't know where she is, if she made it to Russia, if she's hurt, nothing. And we're terrified because we're her host family during this year and we always took the students in like family. Maybe 3 months later, my mom is driving through our tiny town (again, middle of nowhere Cape Cod) and she sees Irinia, with what looks like her mom, and some other kids.

Turns out, Irinia has graduated high school in Russia already, was like 25 with children and had posed as an exchange student so she could 'case' the place before bringing the rest of her family."

Jimmy John's Criminal?
Jimmy John's Criminal?

"A manager at the Jimmy John's I worked at in Cincinnati was quiet, kept to himself, and was always on time and did a good job. I was in school, so I wasn't there all the time but when we worked together, he was reliable. He was taking online courses at UC (we were literally right across from it) for business.

One day, he didn't show up for work. No one could get ahold of him and no one really knew where he lived (his address was checked, no one answered). While we were worried, we figured he just bailed and went on with our lives.

Well, one night, when the shop was closed (we closed at 3 am), a man knocked on the store door wanting in. My coworker wasn't having it and tried ignoring and mouthing 'We're closed.' She figured it was a wasted student and figured he'd lose interest and leave. Until he held up his badge for Homeland Security.

Apparently, our 'missing' manager was a cyber criminal who was using our job and his online courses as a cover to steal money from old folks. Who knew."

The Visitors In The Emergency Room...
The Visitors In The Emergency Room...

"I used to work the desk in an ER. One day, we had a fellow brought in via EMS after a car wreck. After a while, a lady came to the desk and said: 'My husband is here, he's just been in a car accident.' I checked with the unit, they said he could have visitors, so I let her go back. I went on with my day.

About 20 minutes later, a different woman came to the desk and said: 'My husband is here, he's been in a car accident.' I knew good and well that we only had one MVA back there, but I asked her for the patient's name, figuring maybe she'd come to the wrong hospital. But she had not.

Now, it's not my place to judge other people's lifestyles. I, myself, am polyamorous and know a number of people who all refer to one another as husband and wife, though there are more than a regulation number of players on the field.

So, I do my job. I called back and said: 'There's a visitor here for room X, may she come back?' The unit clerk gave the ok, so I opened the door and let her back.

This man was not polyamorous. Instead, he was leading a double life of Bruce Wayne proportions. He wasn't just sleeping with two different women, he had two sets of children. He had convinced both that he was legally married to them and neither had any idea the other existed.

There was, how you say, a mild kerfuffle.

In the end, the women joined forces against him and walked out planning their respective divorces.

It was just amazing to me, that this guy's whole life was blown up by a minor fender bender that wasn't even his fault. Dude looked just haunted when he walked out."

She Was So Confused By Her Sister-In-Law!
She Was So Confused By Her Sister-In-Law!

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"My sister-in-law had a second child. She was still married but separated with her husband (because she caught him cheating). The man with whom she had the baby was her father's old prodigy, who was also married with a couple of kids.

This all took place in China, while the one-child policy was in full effect.

So, to her parents, the separation, and affair were secret, up until she had a baby. Once they were looped in, they helped her to maintain the lies, because 'face'. From her ex-husband's perspective, the child and the affair were secret; from the perspective of his family (with whom she remained in touch), the separation, affair, and baby were secret. This was complicated by the fact that they shared custody of their first kid (in fact, they pretended they were still living together for years). So the older kid was warned not to mention his brother to his father while spending plenty of time with both. It was all a secret from most, but not all of their close family (i.e. cousins, aunts, and uncles). And then there was the prodigy's family, and really the rest of the outside world, for whom there was no separation, no affair, and certainly no kid. That included the government. I'm not even sure how that worked.

She wasn't living another life. She was living fractals of lives within lives. Just try to imagine the logistics of getting your nonexistent kid to school (under a false identity?) in time to pick up your older kid, who was waiting with your secret lover, so that he could get back to his real family, and you and your kid could meet up with your cheating ex-husband, so that you could all drive together to lunch with family from both sides, doing your best impression of a perfect platonic family who had come straight from a shared, loving home (while being careful that neither you, nor your older boy, mention to anyone that you have to pick up your other son from school soon). Now I've got a headache."

Ex-Girlfriend Spilled The Beans!
Ex-Girlfriend Spilled The Beans!


"When I was 20 we used to party with this guy, Bob. Bob was in his early 30s and was dating a girl we had went to school with. He was a real stand up guy. Once we had been dealing with some brat who was leading us on about a house rental and saying he would rent it to us while he was on deployment.

Bob quizzed the guy about his military background and concluded the guy wasn't in the military at all and never was, just some tool who liked to tell tall tales. This angered Bob because he was in the Army Reserves. When he was in town, he worked as a server. All of us were so close to Bob that a few of my friends rented a house with him.

One day, Bob asks if he can talk to me privately. He explains that the hours at his serving job had been cut and he was a little short for rent. He asked if he could borrow $200, and I had no problem. After all, Bob was one of our best friends over the last year, and friends help each other out.

Fast forward a week, and my friends haven't seen their roommate, Bob, in a few days. To top it off, another friend of ours was having trouble locating his girlfriend.

It took us a lot of brainstorming, but we all eventually realized we hadn't known Bob at all. He had asked us all for money to pay rent. After confronting his ex (the girl we went to high school with), she admitted everything to us. Bob had never been in the military, had a recurring addiction problem, and had run off to Virginia with my boy Jim's girlfriend.

Bob still owes me money, but he was otherwise a cool dude to chill with."

The Last Time He Was In School...
The Last Time He Was In School...

"There was this kid at our church who started attending the youth group when he was about 15. Everyone loved him, but he was always a little standoffish.

Fast forward, 3 years, to graduation time. Everyone kept asking him what he planned to do after high school and if he was looking forward to it, but he always changed the subject.

Finally, he revealed to one of the adults that he wasn't graduating because he hasn't been to school since he was in elementary school. His dad removed him from school and never let him return.

A whole bunch of drama went down after that, but the church members helped him do a fast-track high school degree in 3 years and have now paid for him to attend a 4-year university."

He Used His Mental Health As An Excuse
He Used His Mental Health As An Excuse

"My ex-fiancé. We were together for 11 years and he was the love of my life. We met in our early 20s and were inseparable. We had both experienced bouts of depression in our past (this becomes important later) and had an instant connection because of it.

We did the things that couples do; moved in together, got a couple of cats, saved for a mortgage. At first, I worked part-time and studied and he worked full-time - we never went for joint bank accounts. After my first year of working full time, we were able to save enough for a mortgage on our dream home. We moved in, got a dog and got engaged. Then things started to get weird.

He began to avoid social events and phoned in sick to his job quite frequently. He secretly stopped taking his antidepressants and when I took him to the doctor to get help for what seemed to be depression, he didn't follow up with the psychologist referral or fill his scripts - I know because I caught him in a lie about it. 'That's weird', I thought. Then I discovered he had skipped a few mortgage payments, and I had transferred money to his account every month to cover my half. He said he had used it for bills. So continued my tour of the red flag factory.

Then he stopped going to work. He just up and stopped turning up, citing his mental health as the reason. I started to panic a little at this point. I asked around for advice, and the consensus was that I was being a brat and that I shouldn't push him back into the workforce. After about six months and a lot of gentle pushing, he looks for employment and gets another job in his field.

That one lasted about 3 months. I start to get resentful. I am working my butt off and he is literally sleeping all day and playing COD or crappy iPhone games all night. I am still being treated for anxiety and depression and start a new medication that obliterates the old anxiety. Suddenly I can socialise, I am fun and friendly and I want to enjoy myself. He is miserable, he is obviously depressed and anxious and is suffering from what he cites are crippling migraines. He becomes incredibly controlling and manipulative and wants me to stop seeing my friends and family. This makes me push away harder and we break up. We continue to live together until he finds out I am seeing someone else, then he moves out ONE YEAR LATER.

I am later cleaning the house in an attempt to sell it, it ended up getting foreclosed due to him not paying the mortgage for over a year. A friend and I use bolt cutters to break the padlock on his 'man cave.' It is FULL of illegal substances. I go in a little further and find a fully equipped pot growing set up. So this is where the money was going for at least the last 5 years of our relationship. All of those depression symptoms; the weight loss, the weird sleeping patterns, the obsessive fixation on COD, the headaches = substance abuse. It's an awful thing."

Why He Fled From Tennessee
Why He Fled From Tennessee


"When I did my clinical at a hospital laboratory, the lab manager (who had been there for a year or so) was like this SUPER religious dude - I mean you'd walk by his office and he'd literally be on his knees praying and stuff.

Anyway, one day, federal agents show up to the lab and arrest him.

Turns out he had basically fled from Tennessee because he was wanted for committing major tax fraud to the tune of like $400k

If I can recall, what he did is file one of those forms that say you don't have to pay federal income taxes if you are a citizen of another country, except he put on there that he was a citizen of 'the kingdom of heaven.'

Somehow they hired this guy without even a basic background check.

The hospital already had a shaky reputation because a year or so before they had killed a woman by giving her the wrong blood type. This didn't help."

OnStar Saved The Day!
OnStar Saved The Day!

"My partner and I were working one night and we were dispatched to a check the welfare/missing persons case. A woman had reported that her husband was missing and she was unable to reach him by phone or email. She believed he was on a business trip. The wife had traced the location of the car with the assistance of OnStar.

The wife provided our dispatch with a general location for the car, a description of the car, her husband's name and descriptors, let's call him Hugh for now. We located the car in the driveway of a nice home out in the rural part of our beat.

Knocked on the door and an older gentleman answered the door. I should note this is about 4 in the morning as well. We asked the person who opened the door who he was and if he knew who the car in the driveway belonged to. He identified himself as the owner of the home and said the car belonged to his new son in law, Lord Bottomtooth, who was in the back house with his daughter.

Asked the old guy to describe Lord Bottomtoothand he nailed the description to a T, even that the guy had a British accent, but the names didn't match.

We went to the back house to contact Hugh/Lord Bottomtooth, Knock on that door and a, surprisingly, attractive younger woman answers the door. Ask her to speak with Lord Bottomtooth. He comes to the door and my partner calls him Hugh and he responds and then proceeds to push us out the door.

I should note my partner is a bit crass and doesn't like liars. He explained to Hugh/Toothy in a loud voice that his wife called him in missing and she and his children were very worried. Hugh/Toothy plays dumb, but after a bit of prodding says he wanted to start a new life with Wife #2 and hand created a fake name and life to live and planned to just up and bail on Wife #1. Wife #1 is then called on speaker phone to confirm his wellbeing.

Meanwhile, I'm talking to wife #2. She states she just married Toothy and she had known him for little over a year. Wife #2 says Toothy travels a lot (that's when he is with family #1) but he was going to quit his job and move to Florida to the home her parents just bought them as a wedding gift. I quickly but politely explain that Toothy is actually Hugh, with two kids, a wife, a mortgage and a whole different life. Wife #2 is a bit upset.

My partner is talking to Wife #1, she is extremely angry. Is screaming on the phone that Hugh is not welcome home and he should drop dead.

Wife #2 has a similar reaction and sticks her father on Toothy.

Hugh / Toothy gathers his belongings and gets in the car to leave, his two lives quickly destroyed.

Bonus points -- My partner was very mad at Hugh/Toothy but we believed we had no legal recourse against him. Further scouring of our penal code book we discover that bigamy is actually a crime in our state and file on him which would potentially risk his residency status."

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