The very thought of getting cheated on is a tough pill to swallow, but then you have to deal with the aftermath which might be even worse. These are the stories of where catching someone in the act of cheating was only the beginning.

You Can Keep Her
You Can Keep Her

"A few years back, I lived with a buddy in a large apartment, and we always had parties. I was flying back from Florida and wound up getting home when the party was 'winding down.'

Everyone was under blankets on the living room floor. Saw my 'buddy' with what was obviously a figure halfway down his sleeping bag doing SOMETHING to him. He gave me a wide-eyed look and I cracked a smile at him until my girlfriend of two years popped out from the sleeping bag. I was in shock for a few seconds, and Tyler went to talk. I cut him off and said 'you can keep her.' I drove across town to my mom's that night, cried like a baby too."

I Shouldn't Have Gone Early
I Shouldn't Have Gone Early

"I had been with my girlfriend for seven years, and we planned on getting married. I got a job in a city about two hours away from her, though, but she'd move down with me after a month because she had/wanted to finish up a big project at work.

I planned on going up there to stay with her for a weekend and just romance her up completely in preparation for the next weekend when I was going to propose.

On Thursday I decided I'd just surprise her by going up there a day early, because things were slow at work, and I was too excited to see her. So I left work, bought flowers and dressed up, and got in the car and was off.

Long story short: when I got there, I found her hooking up with my best friend. They noticed me right away, and I freaked out and left. Two days later she called and asked me to talk things out, so I met her at a restaurant. I left the restaurant confused, regretting the past seven years, angry and single.

I then resorted to drinking, and well, that didn't work."

The Guy Ended Up Helping Him
The Guy Ended Up Helping Him

"I got married far too young and for all the wrong reasons - we immediately went into a troubled marriage phase.

I was working long hours to make up for the loss of what little income she was making when she quit her job to play online games all day. What little time we spent together we spent fighting or ignoring each other.

A couple of months later, things are better. Not good, but better. I decide to knock off work early to take her out on a 'date' - I open the door and hear the unmistakable sound of my wife being pleasured.

I walk into the bedroom and see some dude doing my wife and going at it good, so I just lean on the door and watch for a minute, then finally I clear my throat and panic ensues. He grabs his clothes off the floor and BOLTS out the window and runs to the car parked in my neighbors driveway. My now ex-wife starts crying and begging and pleasing. I just say 'I'm going to my best friends house for a few days, be gone when I get back.'

She decided she doesn't want to have an amicable, uncontested divorce. What she doesn't know is the dude that hooked up with her called me like two weeks later, wanting to meet and talk. He told me she had been flirting with a bunch of dudes in chat rooms, and was pretending she was single, which is why he was there. I asked him if he'd testify to that under oath, and he said he would.

When she saw him in court, her face went white, and she immediately started talking to her lawyer. After the guy testified, the judge gave her a 'you're such a harlot' look and awarded me an annulment. Haven't spoken to her since."

The Cops Had To Intervene
The Cops Had To Intervene

"About four years ago, a mutual friend of ours came to stay for a while because he fell on hard times out of state. I met him through her when we were teens but never knew the story behind them.

I was working an awful McJob to support myself, my one-year-old, and both of them at the time and worked close to 50 hours a week (had no car, walked rain or shine three miles a day to work).

One night, I got off early because things were slow and headed home. I tried to call but no one answered. I walked in and right there on my brand-new couch was her and our mooch of a 'friend.' I got so enraged that I just started kicking the heck out of him (he was a typical do-nothing out of shape loser). My neighbor woke up and came over from hearing us and tackled me (it was 2 am, he was trying to save me from killing him). Then the cops came and cooler heads prevailed. I found out that they had dated before we met, and they felt it was true love, so they couldn't help themselves.

I got an assault charge and a night in jail. The next day they were gone, They moved to Oregon with his mom and left my daughter at my uncle's house. I haven't seen them since and my daughter who is five now enjoys her life with me and my now wife of three years (who has been very faithful). Last I heard they were living off the state and bouncing between housing. I am now gainfully employed and happy with life. Moral of the story is always know who you are with."

It Was The Best Man
It Was The Best Man

"I came home early from my second job to spend time with her and our infant son. I noticed an extra pair of shoes in the entryway, so I creeped in and up the stairs. I hit a creaky one and I hear them both jump up, and she met me at the door zipping up a sweater, her pants still unbuttoned. He was still putting his pants on as I looked into the room and started yelling. She pushed at me to go downstairs so we could argue somewhere other than outside our sleeping son's room, and once we are in the living room I started yelling harder than I ever had before.

I don't remember what I said, I kind of blacked out, but I'm sure I referenced how we were engaged and he was my best man and them trying to calm me down. I stormed out of the house and walked up the street to where his wife (her maid of honor) was working and calmly asked her to come outside to talk. I told her what happened and left her to deal with him as she saw fit. I then called up a buddy of mine and told him to meet me at the bar so I could drink but not alone.

Things are amicable now, but she's still not to be trusted. He lied to his wife and said it was only the second time it happened and though she had been suspicious for months she believed him. We lived together for another month because we were 'mortgaged,' a fate more permanent these days than marriage but after I told her I did not feel comfortable with her bringing home more random guys to bone while I slept on a mattress on the floor of our son's room, she packed her stuff and moved out.

All in all, they had been sleeping together for six months before I found them which was four months before our planned wedding date."

It Was Much Worse For Him
It Was Much Worse For Him

"I was 16 years old and had been with my boyfriend for six months. He was my world. I was the typical 16-year-old, madly in love and of course I thought we would be high school sweethearts forever and ever. He was 17 about to turn 18.

So we go to a girl's 16th birthday party, and we're all having a good time. I've never been a drinker, so I'm hanging out looking after my smashed girlfriends. I can't find my dude, so I go with my best friend looking for him.

I open the door of the bedroom of the girl whose party it was, to find them hooking up. Of course. They didn't notice us, so I walk into another room with my best friend and discuss this issue.

I decided to go for the metaphorical jugular. I went and found her dad. He burst in the door, saw exactly what I did and lost his mind. My then ex-boyfriend got a hit to the head and was literally thrown out in his underwear. The party was over after that, everyone had to leave, and she wasn't allowed to see him anymore and wasn't allowed to go to parties for months afterwards.

I dumped him the next day (he'd taken off after being thrown out) and of course, he blamed me for the trouble he was in because I told her dad, who got hold of his conservative Christian mother, who grounded him too.

I was on cloud nine knowing I'd caused the both of them so much misery."

That's How A Long Relationship Ends
That's How A Long Relationship Ends

"I caught my boyfriend and my best friend together in my living room.

They didn't see me, so I went to our bedroom. I locked the door packed all up his stuff. Come 7 am the next day, he finally decided it was a great idea to come to our room. I opened the door and I saw him at the door with her in the living room at the end of the hallway. I said, 'Your stuff is in the hallway, leave and bring your girl with you.'

That is how a three-year relationship ended. I had caught him texting other girls, and there were other things before, but I let those slide when I shouldn't have. This was the last straw I suppose."

They Even Caught Her On Camera
They Even Caught Her On Camera

"I once missed out on a party at my friend's house that my girlfriend was at. We had the same friends. Dang homework.

I just had the feeling things were going on since she wouldn't text back or answer her phone. Then my phone goes off and it's my buddy. Turns out it's a video of my girlfriend in the bedroom with some guy. My buddy cracked the door and got like a full 15 seconds of it without her knowing.

Her excuse was that it wasn't her. She cried when I sent her the video of herself."

This Country Song Wrote Itself
This Country Song Wrote Itself

"They were sleeping as I got home in the morning after working all night. I grabbed a guitar, sat on the edge of the bed, and played an awful country song that I made up on the spot. She was yelling at me. I'm just singing at the end of the bed really badly and loudly.

He had the cover over his head probably wondering if I was going to hit him over the head with the guitar."

I Went Back To Make Sure It Was Real
I Went Back To Make Sure It Was Real

"I was going out with girlfriends after work. Got off early and ran home to change. I thought it was odd my husband was asleep so early. I crept in the bedroom with the light off to change, then sat on the bed, and he started saying I need to go wait in the living room. I was not catching on at all. He had to explain he had someone in the bed with him. I left, got wasted, then terribly sad. I went home a second night because we'd been together since I was 15, and I was confused.

I walked in the next day and heard the bed springs squeaking. The first night I was calm and kind of laughed about how ridiculous it was. Day two, not so much. That chick stayed in my bed for three hours while my husband and I argued and I broke everything I could get my hands on.

I sent her a Christmas card at her parents' house for several years that said, 'Ho, ho, ho.' Now I know she did me a favor. Any woman who can take my man can have him."

I Lost A Good Towel That Day
I Lost A Good Towel That Day

"I got into a fight with my at-the-time girlfriend on my way to work. I had a mutual 'friend' sleeping on the couch. I came back about an hour later and found my ex in a teddy. Not the sweatpants and tank top I had left her in. Noticed some clothes (NOT mine) on MY side of the bed. I asked if I was interrupting something. She told me I should leave.

Then the toilet flushed.

The bathroom door opened, I turned to see who is brave enough to plant their clothes on MY side of MY bed. Lo and behold, my friend on the couch was giving me the deer in the headlight oh crud look. In. My. Towel. She started to panic and told me to leave as he tucked his tail back into the bathroom and locked the door. Still. In. My. Towel.

The apparent sound of the boiling of my blood kept him from opening the bathroom door and her from opening the bedroom door. I took a deep breath and shout out 'This thing better only have MY stuff in it when I get back. But take the towel." Then I went back to work, turned off my phone, bought a new towel and bed set, burned the old sheets, and lived happily ever after with my new towel."

I Did Not Give Her A Ride Home
I Did Not Give Her A Ride Home

"I went to a party with my girlfriend. She was doing her own thing with her friends, and I was just drinking with mine having a good time. Later in the night I went looking for her and couldn't find her. Oh, well, it was a bigger house. I went into one of the bathrooms and saw her blowing some random dude in the shower. My first reaction was to punch him but instead, I just laughed and walked out. She ran after me and tried to apologize. I just ignored her out the door and my sober buddy drove me home. We were her ride, but who cares at that point. I haven't said a word to her since, almost two years ago.

I didn't even know the guy and I'm positive he didn't know me. The look on his face was priceless and the sound of her saying 'oh no' in her condition was even better. When I told my friends what I saw that's when I got driven home. I wonder if she went back to finish? Probably did, adulteress."

A Craigslist Girl
A Craigslist Girl

"My boyfriend and I were hanging out at our apartment and some girl came over. He'd met her on Craigslist looking for a friend. A bit weird, but okay. Talked to her a bit, then went to bed. I THOUGHT I heard her leave not long after that.

At 4:20 am, the cats came in screaming about something and woke me up. I figured, what the heck, I'm kinda thirsty, so I got up and went to the kitchen to get some water.

They were in the front room kissing. In disbelief and shock (we'd been together nearly five years!) I made a racket getting a drink of water. They quickly separated and pretended they'd been talking.

I went back to the bedroom, and waited a few minutes. Should I confront him? How?

A few minutes passed, and she didn't leave. So I confronted him.

'It's 4 in the morning,' I said.

'Oh, she doesn't have a car and the buses aren't running.'

'So you can drive her home then.'

'I'm too inebriated to drive. See? Are my eyes shut? Everything is fuzzy. I just can't tell.' And he sat there, looking at me with his eyes wide open.

'It sure didn't look fuzzy to me when I saw you kissing her,' I said.

I wanted to scream at him, but his kid from an ex was visiting and was sleeping on the couch.

'She'll go home when the buses run again,' He said.

I went to the bedroom and cried for a bit. Then I called my mother and told her I was moving back home.

After a while he came back in and asked if he could sleep in the bed. Since it was either that or out front with that girl I said yes.

I moved my stuff into my car while he was sleeping.

When he woke up, he asked if I was leaving. 'Take her home, and we'll talk about it,' I said.

'If you're leaving why haven't you packed up your stuff?'

'I have! But I can't get to the Xbox when SHE'S sleeping in front of it!'

'So I'll move her to the bed.'


'You're leaving... so why should she?'

And so then I had to spend several hours in her company being civil because his kid woke up, and move out while she was there.

What was worse was the whole time I was moving out he was so paranoid that I would take something that was his. 'Are those my pills?' 'No! They're mine!'

'Hold on! What game is that?' 'It's the game I PAID FOR.' 'But you bought it for me!' 'I did not! I bought it and you started playing it!'

This was only a month or so ago. I'm still in the process of getting my name off the lease."

One Less Bill To Pay
One Less Bill To Pay

"I was with my ex for four years. Now, I can't really say I'm surprised. Bro tip: If she'll cheat with you, she'll cheat on you.

Woke up one night to the sound of her getting off in the living room. Decided to get up and see if she wanted help. I walk out, and she's got a guy under her, one of our friends. I wasn't even mad, just disappointed, I didn't really feel any strong emotion as a response - or maybe I was shocked into numbness. I just turned, walked back into the bedroom, grabbed a small box and tossed in some basics from the bathroom - toothbrush, etc. She didn't even notice. I grabbed my bass, walked into the living room and said 'Hope he's got your rent covered' and walked out.

It bothered me a lot for a couple years, now I look at that moment as liberation though."

She Wasted The Tacos Though
She Wasted The Tacos Though

"I found my ex-boyfriend in the same bed with my ex-best friend. I was suppose to be at work, but they said they needed to cut hours and let me go home early. Wanting to surprise my boyfriend, I stopped at his house with some tacos and drinks. I noticed my best friend's car in the parking lot, but I didn't really think much of it because they were friends and we all hung out from time to time.

He had given me a key to his house a week earlier, with the instructions to just 'stop by and let myself in.' So that's exactly what I did. Found them on his bed in the living room (yeah, he was weird, kept his bed in the living room), unclothed, sweaty and clearly just finished doing it.

I freak and yell. He says they had gotten smashed the night before and rather than drive home, she crashed there. That would have been cool, if it weren't for the fact both were FULLY UNCLOTHED! I looked at her, told her we had been friends since 7th grade, and that I deserved the truth. She said they hooked up and had been hooking up for several months at that point.

I threw the tacos and drinks at my ex-boyfriend, grabbed a garbage bag and packed up whatever stuff I had left at his house before. I hadn't spoken to him since then.

I decided to forgive my friend. We had been best friends for far too long, but then I found out she was hooking up with my next boyfriend, and I wrote her off as a harlot. She still tries to talk to me occasionally, but I tell her to buzz off every time."

My Identity Was Stolen
My Identity Was Stolen

"I was married to my wife six months.

I work a lot (own a small business) so I'm gone a lot.

But I came home from the office part of my day to grab something I needed for a job I was headed to, heard noise in the bedroom, walked in and there she was, riding another guy.

They both looked at me, I looked at them, I grabbed what I needed and left quickly, telling her as I turned around that she better be gone when I got back.

I called a friend of mine who waited about 2 hours and then went to my place. She had left, taking essentials with her. The following weekend he stood in for me while she removed the rest of her stuff.

One mistake I made is that I didn't cancel the credit cards of mine that she had cards of also. She went out that evening with that guy and ran them all up (about 5k or so, they were not major limit cards, I had only had them to help my credit score earlier and because I was making good money now, had been on a cash-only basis for a long while, which is probably why I forgot).

That was basically the end of the finding out.

I hired an attorney for the divorce, who then hired a PI when she replied to my filing a request for 2k in Alimony a month after revealing that she had been cheating through the entire marriage and prior. Two guys she had been with but dumped agreed to sign affidavits with the attorney, and the PI took a boatload of pictures as well. She didn't get the $2,000 a month once the judge saw all this at the final hearing to finalize the divorce.

After we had parted ways but were not divorced yet (this was 6+ years ago-took 6 months and a day in CA then from start to finish, its now something like 6 weeks) she went to a club and serviced about 10 guys in a back room.

After the divorce was final I haven't seen her again. But I know she is in Arizona because she's tried to get credit in my name there 3 times.

The attorney all told cost about 12 grand, or 6 months of Alimony. The attorney told me I'd probably have to pay her about 5 years monthly, so I saved quite a bit on that, for sure. It's possible it could have gone longer than that, had the Judge ruled for it which was basically his call."

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