Holiday and karmic retribution, what could be better?

So last month I posted about how me and my GF at the time broke up very badly and she decided to keep all my things still at hers. A couple of days after both tickets for our month long holiday to Thailand came through to my address which I decided to keep and that I was now going with my best mate. That's enough of a refresher.

Well this past month has been such fun, this girl has tried everything to go on this holiday and has been told to 'rightfully f**k off' at every turn. She even tried to say that she didn't mean it and it was just a bad joke, again the same answer.

Well me and my best mate leave tomorrow for our holiday of awesomeness and her last attempt was to call and try and guilt me into changing my mind. Well guess what *****! Maybe if she wasn't such a petty ***** during the break up then she would still be going.

Just wanted to share this with the group and to say so long for a month Tickld, I'm off to Thailand.

Karma is sweet don't you think...