An interactive story all about Tickld


Intro & Disclaimer

This is a multi-page work of fiction where you’re in control of what happens in the story. All characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to Ticklrs is coincidental – spelling of character’s names is intentional, not a typo of an actual username. I apologise for anyone either offended by any characters with similar names or lack thereof. This is my first work of fiction and I don’t claim to be any good.

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It was a sunny day in Tickldland and JTAN had the day off work. After a lie-in, he got up and put the kettle on, before turning on the shower. The humidity and heat took his breathe away as he stepped under the water. He soaped up and his mind started to wander, reliving the dream he’d just had about a fellow Ticklr.

After what felt like the blink of an eye, the water was running tepid and he realised just how long he’d been in the shower. Turning the water off, he stepped out into the chilly air. Finding a towel, he quickly dried off before pulling on a Downvote Viking t-shirt, some boxers and his favourite pair of jeans.

JTAN went to the kitchen where he poured a coffee, drizzled some oil into a frying pan and turned on the stove, mentally preparing himself for the mellifluous treat to come. He took great satisfaction in piercing a packet of bacon with a sharp kitchen knife and eagerly tearing away at the transparent packaging and delicately releasing the raw rashers of heaven into the warming cocoon of the pan.

He washed his hands, then extracted two pillowy-soft slices of bread and applied a liberal layer of butter and a dollop of ketchup to each. Returning to the hob with a pair of tongs in hand, he expertly flipped the rashers in the pan, and a short while later transferred them into the waiting bosom of the buttered bread, before reuniting the two slices and switching the cooker off.

Moments later, he was sat on the sofa, bacon sarnie in hand, browsing Tickld on his laptop. Suddenly the phone rang, and JTAN answered it to hear the dulcet tones of:




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