Having an identical twin can make for some exciting stories. Especially when people first meet you, they're confused as to which "one" you are--and all sorts of shenanigans can ensue. These are our favorite hilarious twin tales!

Surprise Visit!
Surprise Visit!

"Not so much awkward for me but for the poor girl working drive-thru. I own fast food restaurants and one day my brother, who is not in the business, decided to come to visit a few stores with me. Once we arrived, I had the bright idea of going inside and having my brother go through the drive-thru. The girl at the window immediately gets surprised when he pulls up and she turned really fast and looked at me and then at him.

She was literally stuck in her mind frozen with this weird look on her face for a few seconds. She then turns to him and tries to mumble a sentence and then turns to me trying to say he looks like me but it's coming out all wrong because her mind was too boggled I guess. I immediately told her it was my twin brother because I thought she was having a stroke. She took a deep breath and then started laughing. I don't think I'll ever do that again!"

You're Not Sick!
You're Not Sick!

"I had my boss get mad at me one time because I called out of my shift one night when I was really sick. He left work before the dinner rush and got some food at a different restaurant that my twin brother works at. My brother told me that my boss went up to him and said something along the lines of 'why did you feel the need to make up you were sick, just to go work at a second job? I'm not sure if I want someone who will lie to me to work for me.'

Needless to say, he didn't believe my brother when he tried explaining that he is my twin. Most of my other coworkers have met my brother and backed me up when my boss was talking about it the next day."

Are You Cheating?
Are You Cheating?

"My parents have a friend who is an identical twin. Several years ago he and his wife were in the process of adopting two children through a private agency. Things were going well and the adoption date was set, but about two weeks before it was supposed to be finalized the couple got a phone call from the agency stating there was a problem.

One of the people working on their case claimed they had seen the husband out with another woman and the agency would not adopt the kids into an unstable home. Turns out, the husband's twin and sister-in-law had been in town visiting and happened to go shopping and been seen kissing his wife. The agency knew the guy had a brother, but not that he was a twin. He and his wife had to go into the agency with my parents' friends to prove they weren't lying."

Don't Ignore Me!
Don't Ignore Me!

"In high school, one of my twin brother's teachers said hello to me and tried to grab my arm to speak to me about something probably class related. I didn't know who it was as I had never taken her class and walked off quickly and kind of weirded out. The whole interaction took a second or two, and I'm sure I thought that, but I also had to get to class and wasn't going to walk back after walking away. I also went to a very large high school so I didn't even know if she knew my brother, as I said, I had no idea who she was.

Later she berated my brother in class in front of everyone for being so rude to her. He told her it was probably his twin brother and she didn't believe him. Everyone else in the class told her that he did have a twin brother, to corroborate his claim, but she refused to believe any of them."

"Uncle Dad"

"My dad is an identical twin.

When I was 17, my older brother died. During the wake, people kept walking up to my uncle and talking to him thinking that he was my dad. That was awkward.

I was born in Pennsylvania and my dad moved our family to Minnesota over 30 years ago. At the same time, my uncle moved his family from the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to Philadelphia.

I couldn't hear the difference in accents until I was a teenager though. My dad has a more mellow, slight MN accent now and my uncle has a Philly accent.

It was also awkward when I was little and would get them mixed up. My siblings, cousins, and I called them both Uncle Dad when the families were all together. Up until my dad got really sick, it was really hard to tell them apart unless they were speaking. Thank God for regional accents."

The Fox And The Hound
The Fox And The Hound

"I'm an identical twin. This is a case of someone assuming my twin was me, though.

For some background, I used to work at a place with an extremely tight-knit, friendly work culture. It was not unusual to have folks go out for drinks after work and have 20 or 30 people show up.

Anyway, one day one of my co-workers pulled me aside and asked 'Hey, I just wanted to check, but is everything okay with you and Kerri? '(Kerri is the woman I had just gotten married to at the time, and am still happily married to now).

I answered, "Yeah, as far as I know, what are you talking about?"

He answered, 'Don't lie to me. A bunch of us saw you last night...'

I replied 'What on earth are you talking about? All we did last night is stay in and watch Netflix.'

'We saw you with your arm around that blonde lady at the Fox and Hound last night. If you're going to cheat, why on earth would you do it THERE?'

After a little bit of back and forth, it became clear that a large contingent of my coworkers had seen my identical twin mackin' it with some woman at the bar that was our most common hangout. I had to get my brother out with all of them once just to convince them that I actually had a twin.

From then on, I made an effort to mention that I had a twin around new coworkers, just so that, at the very least, they wouldn't just assume I was rude if I didn't acknowledge them when out on the town."

Wrong Side Freckle
Wrong Side Freckle

"I dated a girl with a twin sister only way to tell them apart my girlfriend had a freckle under her right eye and her sister had one under the left. I came home from work one morning and my girlfriend was doing the dishes, so I slid up behind her and started kissing her neck. She turned to look at me and wouldn't you know it?; the freckle was on the wrong side.

Her sister had come to visit and nobody bothered to tell me.

After the initial shock wore off, I started apologizing and they found it extremely funny; it wasn't the first time and I am sure after things ended between us, it happened to someone else.

I am still friends with both and they bring it up every time we get a chance to meet up."

Your Girlfriend's On A Mission Trip!
Your Girlfriend's On A Mission Trip!

"I'm not a twin, but my brothers are identical twins. My brother and I both had kinda awful weeks a few months ago, so we decided to go out for dinner. We got there and the waitress kept giving me just the dirtiest of looks.

Finally, she looks at my brother and says something along the lines of 'wow, I can't believe you are seeing other women while your girlfriend is on a mission trip.' It turns out, the waitress was friends with our other brother's girlfriend. But apparently not great friends. If you don't know a guy well enough to know he has a twin, then maybe you shouldn't jump to conclusions. And it's not like we are a touchy/feely family. The only times I touch my brothers is to slap them upside the head.

The waitress got really embarrassed when my brother introduced us as 'the twin and the sister.'"

Triplet Trouble
Triplet Trouble

"My siblings and I are triplets.

Back in preschool, we'd scare people into thinking we're ghosts or they're seeing a doppelganger by simply... Walking outside in the hallway. One kid was looking out of the door during class and saw one of us pass by. Minutes later, he saw another one... Followed by another one.

Needless to say, people would always remark how they thought they were seeing doppelgangers. It would scare the other kids; even teachers weren't an exception.

You have no idea how many times I've been pulled over by a teacher and asked, 'Didn't you go inside the bathroom just now?' It came to the point where they would simply ask if I was there moments prior and if I say no they'll nod their head knowing it was one of my siblings.

Oh and my parents still have to ask what my name is and I still have been occasionally mistaken as my other siblings by my older sister, brother and pretty much everyone in my life.

It used to be very annoying but it's part of my life now.

But don't even get me started with my current teachers. We study in a small school so we share a lot of teachers. Two of my teachers would literally exit my sister's classroom and go straight to my room. When they open the door and their eyes land on me, they get very confused. 'Weren't you from the other section?' One time, my teacher stopped talking in the middle of the class and asked, 'Why are you here? Shouldn't you be in the other classroom?' My class will laugh with me and we'll correct the teacher together."

That's Why You Never Like Me
That's Why You Never Like Me

"My parents were at a dinner party in about 2000 and it came up in conversation that my Dad has a twin.

One of the couples at the dinner party looked at each other in absolute shock and the husband asked, 'Was it possible that your twin was at Expo '86?'

Turns out this couple thought they had seen my dad cheating on my mom at Expo '86 and actually it was my uncle there canoodling with my aunt.

They debated whether to mention it to my mom for over a decade.

My dad always says he was wondering when that couple was always a bit standoffish with him.

They weren't super close friends, more like acquaintances. The dinner party was at a mutual friend's house.

My parents have been married for almost 40 years. We still laugh about it."

Are You Okay?
Are You Okay?

"So my twin and I went to separate schools in 7th grade. Midway through the year, I transferred over to my twin's school. The day before I started, my twin fell down in science class and hit his head, and ended up going home. I start school the next day.

I had the same science teacher. I go to the front of the class (cause I'm new) and I introduce myself. The teacher's eyes got really wide. He starts freaking out and telling me that I'm Ash (my twin's name). Moral of the story. My twin told NO ONE at their school that they had an identical twin. The teacher thought I was Ash with a head injury and didn't know who I was."

Weren't You Here Already?
Weren't You Here Already?

"When we were kids, my twin brother and I were in separate classes for almost everything, having been unjustly split up since primary school.

One year in secondary school, we had a schedule that meant one day a week, we had the same teacher for science, but him in a morning class and me in an afternoon class. One particular day this teacher was off for some reason, and a substitute teacher was filling in.

I walk into my afternoon class, sit down with my friends and get my stuff out onto my desk. About five minutes into the lesson with this substitute teacher, he squares up on me and says loudly in front of the class, 'Why are you here? Weren't you in my morning class?'

Everyone stops and looks at me.

'Er, no I wasn't.' 'Yes, you were.'

I then realized what was going on.

'Ohhh, you're probably thinking of my brother. I have an identical twin and he has science in the morning.'

He pauses slightly.

'I've been a teacher for over thirty years. Do you think I've never heard someone tell me that they have an identical twin?'

The whole class is now watching to see how this turns out.

'I swear to you sir, I have an identical twin.'

My friends, while laughing, try to back me up. Eventually, I had to go to the school office with him to confirm that I do indeed have a twin brother."

Stop Yelling At Him!
Stop Yelling At Him!

"My brother and I worked together for about four years in retail. We would often get scheduled wrong and got so many 'you are in two places at once comments. The most awkward thing I can recall that happened was I got yelled at by a customer (I ran the register and he ran the floor) for something my brother did. The customer laid into me and I watched my brother appear from around a corner and he came by and asked the customer to lay off me and he'd help her. The customer profusely apologized before following him.

All in all, working with my twin was a lot of fun."

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