Every now and then, we find ourselves in situations that are so crazy that you have to see it to believe it. Sometimes these situations have funny circumstances, but more often than not, they can be really disturbing and leave an imprint on psyche for a long time. No matter what, these people just can't get these scenes out of their mind, no matter how hard they try.

We searched through Reddit looking for the most outrageous things people have inadvertently stumbled onto. These people shared the stories of the most messed up things they have ever walked in on. Content has been edited for clarity.

Turns Out Mom Was The Serial Manipulator All Along
Turns Out Mom Was The Serial Manipulator All Along

"My mom pointing a weapon at me as I walked in at 11 years old. She claimed she thought I was my dad who was beating her and might come back at any moment to kill us. She was in hysterics, crying and falling all over herself saying my dad may come back and try to hurt us and only she could protect us because the police would side with my dad because he's a serial manipulator.

Turns out none of that was true. She just wanted to demonize my dad so I would be too scared to be around him just to hurt him. So she manipulated me into hating him to hurt his feelings and make me not want joint custody.

I didn't figure out it was all a lie until about 10 years later, but by that point me and my dad's relationship had been damaged beyond repair. He'd completely fallen apart and wasn't the same person."

Saved By Sorority Girls
Saved By Sorority Girls

"Back in college, I had a few friends in a sorority, and we’d go around to parties on the weekends.

I walked into some frat party, and while we’re still in the entryway of the house, a girl with her pants around her knees is trying to run down the stairs, but trips and falls down half of them. We go over to see if she’s okay and three guys appear at the top of the stairs saying 'she’s with us' and 'she’s okay.' She’s incoherent. She doesn’t know where she is, can’t give me her name. The girls and I immediately decide to get her home. We get her pants back on and I carry her out the door while we deal with the protests of the guys behind her.

When in the car, she can’t tell us where she lives, doesn’t have her phone, and can’t give us any phone numbers. She’s totally out of it.

Thankfully she had her wallet and ID, so we found her apartment that way, dropped her off, and left her with her roommate."

Their Relief Quickly Turned To Disgust
Their Relief Quickly Turned To Disgust

"I was backpacking through Europe with three buddies a few years ago. This happened in Amsterdam. One of our friends had gotten sick during the trip and had missed a lot of our Prague stint and all of our Berlin stint (roughly 10 days). In Amsterdam, he finally was feeling better and decided to join us on one of those touristy pub crawls...on the very first night out since illness.

Long story short, he gets absolutely hammered and is all over the place. When we move on to a different bar with the group, we look around and can’t find him anymore (this is at 10 PM). We assume he’s either gone home, or is gonna meet up with us, but we were wasted, too, and just assumed the best.

Welp, now it’s 4 AM and we’re walking home to our hostel without any sign of him. We’re hoping he’s home in the hostel sleeping. Well, we get back and open the door and sure enough there he was in the fetal position in his boxers on the floor of the hostel/hotel room. What was quickly a sigh of relief to find him turned into horror and disgust, as we notice he, along with the entire room, is covered in feces. Like full blown brown town everywhere: on the beds, on the walls, all over him, his back, hands. Think of that scene in Dumb & Dumberer with Bob Saget in the bathroom. There’s poop and puke smeared on just about every bed, and there was crap and vomit all over the bathroom. The kicker, too, was that his clothes had been neatly folded at the end of his bed. He has no recollection of what happened that night.

I can still smell and see that room 10 years later..."

Her Crimes Were Worse Than They Originally Thought
Her Crimes Were Worse Than They Originally Thought

"My wife and I went to Denny's for a late breakfast. A couple with a teenage daughter was in the booth behind us on the other side of the partition. The daughter looks to be 16 or 17.

The mother is sobbing and visibly shaken. The father is berating the daughter. It turns out, the daughter was picked up by police in the middle of the night in a stolen car with her four other friends. Her parents had just gotten her out of detention. Father was giving the 'we did not raise you to be like this' speech. She had been sneaking out at night to go party with her friends.

Then all chaos broke loose.

The daughter came clean that she and her friends were doing explicit favors to get the substances and adult beverages each night. The stolen car was from a John, one of their 'clients.' The parents only thought their daughter and friends were joyriding in a stolen car.

We kept listening in on that train wreck of a conversation. This happened like 9 years ago. I think the parents were trying to shame the daughter, but did not realize the sordid details that would come out.

Some other details I remember are the other girls were older, about 17 and 18. This wasn't the first time she had snuck out, but it was the first time the police became involved."

"I Was Convinced That My Eyes Were Playing Tricks On Me"

"When I was 18, I decided to drop in on my then girlfriend late at night. As per usual, I went to her bedroom window to sneak in for the night. They had recently gotten mirrored window tinting done on the house and I guess she didn't realize yet how that stuff works. Whatever side has the most light is the side that reflects. In other words, during the day, you can't see into the house, but you can see out. However, at night, if it's really dark out and there's a light source inside, you can see in, but you can't see out.

This would explain why she didn't see me there standing just outside her window as she preceded to hook up with her own brother. I know it seems like I should have lost my crap, and a lot of people I've told this story to have said as much. But the truth is, my mind could not process what I was seeing.

I walked away and walked back several times, convinced that my eyes were playing tricks on me. My line of sight was a bit obscured and I latched on to that with all I had to convince myself that it wasn't her. It wasn't until she literally walked right up to the window and stood, unbeknownst to her, face to face with me that my mind finally gave in and I accepted what I had just seen.

Then I lost my marbles."

What's Taking So Long In The Bathroom?
What's Taking So Long In The Bathroom?

"In college, a female friend invited a girl from her hometown to party with us, (call her Homegirl).

Later that night, I noticed one of our female friends (call her Liz) was in the bathroom like way too long. I figured she was puking or passed out wasted. I knocked and knocked and every time I would just hear her mumbling something. Now I was mad because it's been like 25 minutes, I can hear she is at least semi-coherent, so she needs to open the door or at least tell me what's wrong.

I come back 5 minutes later and force my way in, and Liz and Homegirl are going at it. But the messed up part is there was blood everywhere (from Homegirl). I still don't know if it was period blood or if the girl got cut by a fingernail or something, but it was bad.

I feel bad though cause one of my roommates called Liz the next morning and made her come over really early and clean the bathroom. It was like a walk of shame and she was really embarrassed.

Homegirl now teaches elementary school."

Fighting Fire
Fighting Fire

"The apartment above us was on fire. When it comes to fight or flight, I always assumed I was a flight kinda gal, but maybe not...

It was a big old Victorian house split into three units. I lived in the basement. The guy above had draped clothes over a chair that got pushed against the radiator. He left for work and evidently, it ignited.

As I'm getting ready to go to my own job, my top floor neighbor bangs on the door yelling that the place is on fire. He was kinda crazy, so I popped out my door to take a look for myself. Sure enough, grey and black smoke was pouring out from the middle of the building. He already had an extinguisher, so I ran back through my unit to the basement laundry room to grab another.

We then ran up to the middle unit and I kicked the door in not thinking about safety or anything. We're hit in the face with thick smoke and incredible heat. Like when you check on cookies in the oven and get that wave of heat? It was like 100x more intense. I briefly wondered if I still had eyebrows.

Anyway, as the smoke billowed out, I could see flames not far from the door. So, I pulled my shirt over my mouth and nose and headed that direction, spraying the fire extinguisher as I went. The neighbor headed toward the front door and opened it, releasing more smoke out of the apartment. He came back and helped put out the flaming chair, walls, cabinets and whatever else we could see.

Just as our extinguishers run out, we hear the fire trucks rolling up. They finished what we started, just getting a few hotspots. They said that it was super close to hitting some gas line that could've blown up the whole building, so I guess what we did was good, yet incredibly stupid.

The landlord was grateful. They even gave me free rent the next month as thanks."

Everyone Was In A State Of Shock
Everyone Was In A State Of Shock

"My friend and I went out to get pizza and took his little sister, too. We were gone maybe 20 minutes. We get back to their house and his little sister runs inside before us. He walks after her and I follow. As I walk in, I see both of them frozen in place staring at something. As I round the corner I see their dad strangling their mom, both crumpled on the stairs leading up. It was eerily quiet, like she was sitting there dying without a sound. I was in a state of shock, but I wasn't paralyzed by it so I walked over and calmly grabbed the dad's wrists and pulled his hands from her neck. Still no sounds at all, super quiet. She started gasping then and the sound snapped everyone out of it. That's when all chaos broke loose with everyone screaming and freaking out.

My own mom asked why I didn't beat the crap out of him and I had to explain to her that I was in a sort of calm daze. I was watching someone trying to kill someone else and I just couldn't process it. As an adult now, I would have absolutely beat him to a greasy pulp, but I was like 16 then.

She survived with a badly bruised neck and thankfully did everything right: restraining order, divorce, moved away."

The Little Kid Unfortunately Knew More Than Him
The Little Kid Unfortunately Knew More Than Him

"When I was 12, I volunteered at the library in the kids section. If kids wanted a copy of something made, they had to ask me and I would charge it to their library card. I went to go make copies of a picture in 'Horton Hears a Who' (definitely so the kid could color the picture).

I walk into the back and there’s a cop with a guy bent over the table in handcuffs, throwing bags of what I thought were green spices and sugar, as well as wads of money. I said I needed to use the copier, and he said that was fine. So I stood right next to them while he finished emptying this guy’s pockets, then I copied a picture of a Dr. Seuss elephant.

I went back to deliver the copies to the kid, who was about 8 or 9. I told the kid why it took so long, that there was cop searching a guy in the back. I explained the strange items I’d seen him pull out and the kid deadpan goes, 'That’s weed and coke. My dad does them.'"

The Most Dehumanizing Thing
The Most Dehumanizing Thing

"I went on a call to a flop house where everyone was high as a kite and someone had decided they should call 911 because one of their roommates hadn't moved, as far as they knew, in a month. She looked exactly like a corpse, beyond emaciated. She was conscious, but couldn't walk or move or respond, like a filthy breathing skeleton. We had to carry her down 3 flights of stairs wrapped in a sheet because the flat wouldn't fit in the stairwell. Not a sound or a twitch as she was bumped around like a sack of sticks with skin on them.

I've seen some messed up things, but that was the most dehumanizing. God knows how long that lady had been laying there with dozens of people living there and just not giving a crap.

I don't believe it had been an actual month of zero movement. Junkies aren't terribly reliable sources. People can go 3 weeks without food, but only a week or less without water. Maybe she twitched a few times and ate a cracker or had enough water for a while to keep her alive. But whatever it was, it wasn't enough to keep her body from cannibalizing itself until she was for all intents and purposes a corpse that just hadn't stopped breathing yet. What bugged me was there was like a dozen people in that apartment and no one else thought to call for help while she still had a chance.

She died in the hospital."

The Craziest 24 Hours Ever
The Craziest 24 Hours Ever

"When I was a teenager (17), I started hanging out with two co-workers who were gang members. For whatever reason, we got along well because I wasn't scared of them like everyone else was. I used to give them crap about everything and have a good laugh.

One of the guys' girlfriends had a gorgeous friend who liked me (she wasn't a gang member), so we set up a double date and planned on hooking up with the girls later (which is another story in itself).

The day comes for the date, but before picking them up, my buddy says 'Hey, let's make a stop before we get the girls.' I say okay and we go to this apartment in the hood. He knocks on the door, there was an eye hole opening and a pair of hard-looking eyes leered suspiciously out. The door opens, hands were shook and we walk in.

There were about six gangsters sitting around a dining table with about 10 kilos of coke, a stack of cash that looked to be at least $100K, each had their own tech9, and there were about a dozen AK's lined up on the wall behind them. The leader stops my friend and asks him 'Who is this guy?' My friend quickly introduced me and said, 'He's cool, he's that hilarious guy I told you about.' The leader looked at me, gave me a nod and business - as well as my heart - continued like nothing happened.

After meeting with the gangster guys, we got some drinks, and picked up his girl and her friend.

We ended up going to a place that my buddy was house sitting, put on some music and started talking and drinking. It was basically straight to business. My buddy and his girl left into one of the bedrooms, leaving me and my girl alone.

My girl downed a few shots with me, then took me by my hand and led me into another bedroom. We started doing the deed. After a few minutes of her being on top she abruptly stopped and I noticed she was really wobbly. I asked her if she was okay and she said, 'I don't feel so good,' and started to lean forward.

Uh oh.

Instinctively, I shoved her to my right side and she started hurling down the side of the bed owned by some person I didn't know. I let her finish, hoping none got on me - which by some miracle, it didn't. She was on top of me and I was still inside her the entire time she was hurling.

I helped her up and put her in the shower, cleaned her off and left her sitting on the toilet. I went into the other bedroom and walked in on my gangster buddy doing it with his girlfriend and told her, 'Hey I need some help, your friend is super wasted and just puked everywhere.'

So here we are - everyone naked - standing over a naked, obliterated girl sitting on the toilet and me explaining what happened. We all got dressed and spent the next hour or so cleaning up her vomit from the side of the bed and that was the night.

The next day, I told my best friend about my night. Turns out my vomiting girl ended up being one of our friends' girlfriend who I didn't know were dating at the time. He was mad about it, but I told him I didn't know they were together, which I truly didn't.

So much happened in the span of 24 hours..."

He Didn't See The Deer
He Didn't See The Deer

"This summer I was leaving work in a rural area in NY. I got to the main highway, let a motorcycle pass, turned and started down the road behind him. He was going fast.

Anyone who lives in rural NY can probably guess where this is going.

I see a deer bolting across a field ahead of us. Surely this man on the motorcycle sees the deer? Hopefully the deer hears the motorcycle?

Nope. The deer runs into the road, the guy wipes out, the deer miraculously jumps over the skidding bike and runs off.

I stop my car, start running to the guy while I'm dialing 911. There's a thin layer of what used to be his foot spread out over the road. He's screaming for me to get the bike off him. Other cars are stopping and we pull the bike off him while I'm trying to get an ambulance. His hand was completely messed up. His foot was pinned under his bike, his shoe came off, and it was shaved down to the bone. He took off his helmet, and we saw he was probably close to 80. He was chewing on a toothpick and it went through his lip. We wrapped a belt around his leg to stop the bleeding. The ambulance arrived, they took him, and I never heard what happened to him. He was wearing jeans, a leather jacket, no gloves, and loafers.

The bloody skid mark that used to be his foot was there for days until it rained and got washed away."

No Amount Of Job Training Prepares You For Moments Like These
No Amount Of Job Training Prepares You For Moments Like These

"I’m a caregiver. My last job was taking care of DD (developmentally disabled) adults. I took care of a middle age woman who had a syndrome known as Prader Willi’s, a genetic disability that makes them always hungry. Food is always on their mind and they will go to great lengths to get something to eat. The client did have an intellectual disability, but usually their IQ was close to average and they led a fulfilling life. The only care they required was supervision, the food had to be locked up. We couldn’t throw food away; it had to be flushed down the toilet or taken to a locked garbage can. Another precaution: whenever we were out in public, which was daily, we had to check the bathroom and garbage cans for food.

So one day, we were out in the community and the client needed to use the bathroom. I was waiting and waiting and waiting, so I entered the bathroom to find out what was going on. I found my client with their hands and face covered in their own feces because they were eating their feces. I did my best to compose myself and instruct them to finish up and wash their hands/mouth with a lots of soapy water."

The Man In The Middle Of The Night
The Man In The Middle Of The Night

"One night I was driving home late (about 1:30 - 2 am). I had to make a right turn at an intersection, but there was a car in the right hand lane and the light had just turned so I cut through the gas station on the corner. I make it through the overhang section that was lit, but as I'm making my way to the outlet to the street on the other side, I notice a guy in a red shirt and white shorts on the right side of my car at a path that would intersect my car.

He wasn't on a sidewalk, just kind of walking through a side part of a gas station in the dead of night. I really don't know what it was, but I could tell something was not quite right (I've asked myself what it was many times, perhaps how he was walking, not sure), so I slowed down, stopped. I opened my door and got out to ask if he needed help. It was very dark and he kept walking towards the street that I turned in from. I kept my distance and asked again if he was okay. While he responded rather incoherently that he was okay, at this point I could tell something was very much wrong.

He kept walking and finally got under the light of the gas station hard canopy, and I got a better look. He was wearing a white shirt and white pants, and blood had soaked the entirety of his t-shirt all the way down into the top of his shorts. I got a look at his face, and he had a tear from the middle of his forehead above his right eye to his lower left jaw, and the left side of his face was ripped and lifted up off of his skull. He also had no left eye; just an empty eye socket.

He was still walking and I said a bit more forcefully, 'Sir, I think you should sit down,' to which he responded, 'I'm okay, I'm okay.' I told him he was definitely not okay and that he should sit down, gesturing to the curb by the pumps. He ignored me and kept walking. I wasn't sure what to do, so I stayed with him. He just kept walking and it was clear he was going to walk out into the street, so I went out ahead of him and waved my arms as big as I could at the cars coming about a half mile away. About the time he made it to the street, a cop car showed up and the poor guy made it 3/4 of the way across the street, walked back to halfway when the cop finally convinced him to sit down on the median. Once he sat down, he started bawling.

A bit later I found out he was driving his truck, lost control (not sure how), crossed the median, went down a small embankment and hit a tree in front of a Walgreens. He had gotten out of his car and walked at least a tenth of a mile across the street through the gas station lot and was coming back when I saw him.

That face was all I saw for a good couple weeks when I closed my eyes. I never found out what happened to him, but I didn't go looking either because in my mind, a human can't go through what I saw and live. I didn't want that verified."

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