Target is a very popular store, and is loved by many for it's wide array of home decor, clothes, and food selection.

Although a lot of people claim to love the store, one little girl takes the cake. Eight-year-old Brayden just had her birthday party at her local Target.

As said in a recent eNews article, this was the party to be at. To look and feel the part, each guest was given the classic Target uniform, consisting of a red shirt, khakis, a nametag, and a walkie talkie. The main event was a scavenger hunt, where the kids were challenged to find items such as an apple, a product with a Frozen character, a book about school, and an Elmo related product.

Even Target admitted this was the best party of the decade.

So, Target truly does have it all. From the best clothes to the best place for a birthday party, Target truly does serve everyone's needs.