The golden rule says to treat people the way you would like to be treated, and the same goes for someones home. Treat things the way you would want a guest to treat them in your house. Well, some of these guests must not have gotten the memo, because what they did to these poor homeowners will leave you never wanting to host people ever again!

Well This Was A Crappy Situation
Well This Was A Crappy Situation

Rob Byron/Shutterstock

"Had the extended family over at our house for Thanksgiving. After the meal was finished we were all hanging out when one of my kids comes to tell me there's water coming out of the ceiling downstairs.

My sister's kid had crammed an entire roll of toilet paper in the upstairs toilet, then flushed and let it fill the bathroom with toilet water until it finally soaked through and started pouring out underneath. My sister and her husband see this mess and immediately make hasty goodbyes and leave. I didn't even know it was their kid that had done it until after they were gone and my parents told me her kid had a history of doing this.

Spent my Thanksgiving evening cleaning up poop water and getting the drywall in my house ruined.

My sister never paid for it either because:

  1. I had no proof it was their kid
  2. I hate drama
  3. They wouldn't have paid anyway unless I literally sued them (see point 1)

I'll include another fun story for you though.

They were remodeling their house and had borrowed my dad's $300 tile saw. After a few weeks, my dad asked for it back. My sister's husband informed him that he'd burned out my dad's tile saw, thrown it away, and had bought himself a new one that my dad could borrow if he needed it."

Turned Out She Was In The Bathroom A Long Time For A Reason
Turned Out She Was In The Bathroom A Long Time For A Reason


"I hired a 17-year-old family friend to help with some yard work. She was a good student, nice person, and a hard worker. While we were trimming a hedge, she asked if she could use the bathroom. I showed her where it was, went back outside, and continued to work. She took a while, and I worried she wasn't feeling well. Eventually, she came back out and appeared to be fine. I didn't give it another thought. We finished up the work, and I drove her home.

When I returned, I headed into the bathroom to shower and was met with my worst nightmare. There was poop everywhere. There were nuggets, chunks of freaking corn, and poop-pudding fingerprints everywhere; walls, floor, toilet, shower curtain, towels, cabinet, mirror. She was thorough. Nothing, save the ceiling had been missed by this Poocasso. Incredulous, disgusted, angry, and perplexed don't even scratch the surface of the emotional tsunami I felt. It took hours to clean and sanitize the mess she made, and I still feel resentful 20 years later.

I never said anything to her. I didn't know how to broach the topic. Her brother was terminally ill and in the hospital, her dad was mean, the family was very poor, and I knew she was under a tremendous amount of stress. I just kept my distance, and never invited her to my house again."

This Mother-In-Law Gave All Mother-In-Laws A Bad Name
This Mother-In-Law Gave All Mother-In-Laws A Bad Name

"My mother-in-law is the worst! She is the absolute rudest person you'd ever meet in your life. Anyone that's met her will agree. Let's give some examples, shall we?

  • She took a piece of birthday cake from my 3-year-old before we sang happy birthday, blew out candles and cut the cake. I didn't notice until we went to sing happy birthday and not only was the cake missing, but his brother was! She was sitting with my other son spoon feeding him!
  • Once she mocked my parents on Easter by waving her hands over the table saying 'Ooh look at me I'm blessing the food and I'm not a priest!'
  • She picked my son, the middle kid (that she has an unhealthy obsession with) up from preschool and took him to her home in another city causing him to miss out on his sister's event at school (she was winning an award) and the dinner to celebrate after. She also told him if he touched his private parts he would burn in the underworld (we didn't find out for ages because she made him promise not to tell). This caused months of visiting a urologist and therapist to get his urine to flow properly in his body. He was holding it in, wetting the bed, getting infections and his urine started to go backward in his body.
  • She took Christmas ornaments and Mother's Day gifts he made for me saying that she should be his mom, not me! She also gave him a gift signed 'your real mom in heaven' so we had to tell him he was adopted at a far younger age than we planned
  • She tried to make plans with my oldest two children behind our backs and I overheard her telling my husband that she didn't want to take the 'R-word' with her. The youngest has special needs. At that point, I walked in and said 'There's a door here and a door there, get the heck out and don't come back!'
  • We had to put her on a list at school for people that can not have contact with the children, nor pick them up.
  • We had to contact the city because she would come over and go through our garbage.

We cut her off for good when we found out the fear she instilled in our child affected his physical health.

Luckily my husband has been on my side through everything. She wasn't as nuts when he grew up with her, just mean, and his father was alive, so her true colors weren't exposed until after he passed.

This list is a just what came to mind and it occurred over a span of years, and it's been years since we've seen her. We've considered moving, and just might.

I was out shopping with the boys and we saw her, about a year ago, she (smartly) ran out the door so fast when she saw me look in her direction."

Grief Can Make You Do Crazy Things, Apparently
Grief Can Make You Do Crazy Things, Apparently

Syda Productions/Shutterstock

"After my mother's funeral, we had a luncheon back at my parents' house. It wasn't a large house but it was spacious, and the 100 people in attendance were spread through the dining room, kitchen, living room, and outside patio area.

I was in the garage with my best friend, drinking to try and fortify myself when I heard/felt my 17-year-old neighbor crank up his ridiculously loud car radio. The entire house was vibrating, and I completely spazzed. I would have killed him, but my cousin stopped me and said he would handle it. He walked over to the guy and told him what was going on, and politely asked him to turn it off. The kid cussed him out and proceeded to turn it up even louder.

So I decided to call the cops since any other recourse would have involved fire, assault with a deadly weapon, and a lengthy prison term. Grief can make you pretty crazy.

I went upstairs to use the phone located in my parents' room. As I opened the door, I found my aunt (mother's sister) rummaging through my mother's things.

When I demanded to know what in the world she was doing, she replied that she just wanted to take something to remember her sister. I told her to get the heck out, and that if my father had found her doing that, he would've thrown her out the window. Luckily I had a feeling there might be some drama, so I had already removed my mother's jewelry armoire and took it to my apartment. I think that's what my aunt really wanted- nothing like a betrayal of trust while grieving a devastating loss.

As for my stupid neighbor, the cops came and the neighbor had the gall to give them some lip. They threatened to give him a citation and call his parents, and he immediately backed down. He turned everything off and went inside."

She Said "No Kids Allowed" For Good Reason
She Said

Twin Design/Shutterstock

"I used to host extravagant yearly parties at my house as a thank you to everyone who worked for me. Significant others were fine, but I stressed that young kids were not welcome, because it was an adult party and the house/garden just wasn't child-friendly.

One of the guests who's a mother decided to bring her 4 children anyway, all under the age of 12, and leave them completely unattended. I walked into my master bedroom halfway through to find they had filled a dirt hole in the garden with water from a hose, made goopy mud pies, stomped around in them, come back inside and crawled into my bed under the covers, and ground their shoes intentionally into my pillow and all the bedding. They also took all the clothes out of my closet, put them on, threw them on the floor and stepped on those, and ruined two rugs on the way.

The mom's response: 'Haha! Well, that's just how kids are, you know. You'll understand once you decide to finally grow up and have some.'

Unfortunately, I couldn't really do much about it. HR/Legal were afraid that by explicitly marketing it as a work team event, on company time, but providing the venue and food/drink myself, I had created a grey area as to whether this was a 'work' or 'private' function, and whether that meant any one person could be excluded or disciplined on what grounds. More specifically, should they be, given the message it would send and the drama it would cause. Given this employee had a many-year history that predated me of threatening legal action on gender/mother discrimination grounds any time she felt excluded, HR/Legal advised me to back off. Given the damage ended up being minor, I dropped it, but it was the last year I had one of those parties."

This Estranged Father Should've Remained Estranged
This Estranged Father Should've Remained Estranged

"The top worst guest would have to be my Father In Law that I just met.

My husband barely knew his father. The guy left his Mom when he was young and moved to Florida and married a much younger woman. After that, he didn't even call to wish a Happy Birthday. The guy was lazy and a terrible father. So five years into my relationship with my husband, his Father, whom we will call Joe, called him and said he was moving back to Michigan and needed a job. My husband manages to get him a job at his work making good money. Then Joe says he needs a place to live until they can find a house. My husband invited him to stay with us without consulting with me. He said he just couldn't tell him No.

Mind you the house we were renting had only 3 bedrooms and his sister was already living in one room, which meant our small son was going to be in our room until Joe left. I didn't even know this guy or his wife, my husband had not seen him in 8 years, and there he was living in our house.

So Joe proceeded to wait for my husband to fall asleep one day and grabbed his phone, went through the photos, and sent my NUDE PHOTOS to his own phone for his viewing pleasure later. I only found out because my phone wasn't working and I asked Joe's wife to use theirs for a call. I open my husband's name and the last few texts are my naked photos. I freaked out. The worst part is my husband did make his Dad delete the photo's on the phone. But I still wondered. So I asked to use their laptop one night for a second, I went into the 'Pictures' folder, and right there were my nude photos. Who know's who he sent them too after that or what website they were uploaded into.

On top of this, when Joe and my husband were driving to work one day they both managed to get tickets for no seatbelt. Joe tells us he is going to the office to pay his ticket. So my husband asks if he gives him the money, can he also pay his while there. Joe agrees. The ticket money was $70.

Two years later, my husband gets pulled over and finds out his license has been suspended for a while. He is confused and asks why, and the cop says he never paid a seatbelt ticket way back. Joe pocketed the money and never paid it. Mind you that Joe didn't have to pay us rent at all, and was making $650 a week in cash. By him doing that he cost us $2,000 in paying off all the fines and everything. The worst freaking person I ever came across.

He made his wife put his shoes on for him and take them off. He treated her like a literal slave. He viewed woman as worth nothing. He would yell at my 8-month-old son for crying in the middle of the night. He would tell me to 'shut my kid up.'

I had no say in kicking them out at all. My husband was so caught up with the fact that he may finally have a relationship with his Dad, that he couldn't believe after letting him move in and getting him a job that he would do the things I was showing him and telling him.

In reality, it should not have been hard to believe because the one incident he witnessed was pretty bad. I was in my bedroom having a heated discussion with my husband. We weren't yelling but we were talking loud enough for them to hear in the living room.

Suddenly his Dad storms into our room and gets in my face and yells 'Shut the eff up you crazy witch! Stop nagging at my son so I can get some freaking sleep!" He referred to me as 'the crazy witch' every time after that. My husband told me he talked to his Dad on the way to work the next day and said he owed me an apology, but his Dad said he did nothing wrong and won't apologize for something he didn't do.

Surprisingly we are still together to this day, 5 years after this incident. My husband is a completely different person too, because I would not be here if he was still letting anyone disrespect me like that. Forget that."

He Definitely Didn't Display Boyfriend Material-Like Behavior
He Definitely Didn't Display Boyfriend Material-Like Behavior

Daniel M Ernst/Shutterstock

"About a year ago a guy I was talking to came over after a night of drinking. We're hanging out in my kitchen when he excuses himself upstairs to the bathroom. I didn't really realize how much time had passed and when I did I went up and knocked on the door and I heard my shower running. I asked if everything was ok and he said yes and I went back downstairs. About 10 minutes later he comes downstairs with wet hair and says he has to leave. Go upstairs and find my sink FILLED with vomit. I can handle most body fluids but puke makes me dry heave even thinking about it. Spent the rest of the night using a plunger to unclog the chunks and scrubbing my sink and trying not to add to it. Yep...never talked to him again."

He Was A Bad Influence On Their Innocent Daughter
He Was A Bad Influence On Their Innocent Daughter

Sofi photo/Shutterstock

"We let a friend stay with us when he got out of the Navy until he got back on his feet. It was supposed to only be for a few weeks but then it turned into several months. He tripled our electric bill and doubled our water bill within 2 weeks and he didn't start paying me until nearly a month and a half into him staying with us. He would help around the house for the first two weeks and then just stopped. He would go party with a few people who often would take advantage of him since he's really attractive. Then he would come home and blame me (not even kidding, one of his other female friends forcibly made out with him and he came home and yelled at me and told me that my gender just takes advantage of people like him).

My daughter wasn't even a year yet and he would just randomly invite people over to spend the night without contacting us first. I would get up for work at 4 and get my kid ready for daycare and there would be wasted people I didn't know passed out all over the living room. He used to watch raunchy and trashy shows with scenes that could pass for softcore smut in the living room while our daughter was in the room. He used to show her weird videos on YouTube that looked like cute kid cartoons but had creepy dubs. When we told him to stop doing that, he got mad and said but it's not like she would remember it anyway. He once fed her a protein bar because she was fixated on its gold wrapper and got mad at me for getting mad at him. His reasoning was that one time I said that she didn't like eating meat and somehow that meant that she needed protein and so he was just doing me a favor.

It hit a crescendo when one day he decided he was going to try and stay up for 36 hours. He made himself a pot of coffee on the stove even though we have a Keurig, went to his room and passed out. The coffee boiled into this black tar and smoked up the entire house. I woke up at 3 in the morning to the smell. I called him out on it since my daughter's room was right next to the kitchen and could have hurt her (not that a fire could've started but it's the principle of the matter). He apologized but then he did the same mess the next day. I wound up kicking him out that week and our friendship ended then and there. On top of that he told everyone what happened but failed to mention the coffee incident so I opened Facebook to see huge rants about how much of a witch I was."

His "Artistic Expression" Wasn't Allowed Here

"My roommate's boyfriend comes over wasted. The roommate was not there but he said he wanted to wait for her, and we were too non-confrontational to make him leave. After a while, he goes into the bathroom and we can hear lots of splashing around, but again, too timid to ask what the heck is going on in there. He comes out, sits down, and we notice his arms are completely covered in black marker. Then he says 'You might want to clean up the bathroom. There is water all over in there,' and leaves.

He had taken a freaking black sharpie, colored his arms, then tried cleaning it off and when it wouldn't come off he got the marker wet and splashed black sharpie water all over the entire bathroom. There were puddles of purple sharpie water all over the floor. It stained the linoleum and, despite our roommate's attempts to clean it up, we ended up losing security deposit money over it. I still have not idea why he colored his arms though. Like I said, he had been drinking so I'm sure that had something do with it. He was also super freaking weird all the time. I would love to know his reasoning, if he had any.

After that, he was no longer allowed over without her there."

What Happened That Night Would Forever Be A Mystery
What Happened That Night Would Forever Be A Mystery


"We had two futons in our common space in one of my college dorm rooms. We woke up one morning to leave for breakfast, walked through the common room and noticed that both futons had giant wet spots on them. Someone came into our room and peed on BOTH futons. We had one shady roommate who we all suspected, but we don't know for sure. Were there two of them? Did one person pee one futon then move to the other and also pee there? The world may never know..."

"I Love My Family, But No One Is Staying In My Room Ever Again"

Jo Ann Snover/Shutterstock

"We had some relatives with really poor control of their kid over for a week. We didn't have enough bedrooms, so their kid stayed in my room and I slept on the couch. In the time they were staying that kid managed to:

--- Break the door to my bedroom

--- Break my Xbox 360

--- Scratch the new paint off the wall next to my bed, leaving a huge white blotch in an otherwise blue wall

--- Break the railing on our stairs, after trying to climb them

--- Break most of my Lego sets, and lose some of the most vital pieces

I love my family, but no one is staying in my room ever again."

They Gave Her An Inch, She Gave A Mile's Worth Of Demands
They Gave Her An Inch, She Gave A Mile's Worth Of Demands


"Oh, man. 2003 or so, I get this call from an old friend from college in the late '80s. She was one of those people who had a crap ton of talent but was for some reason determined to mess up her life in every way possible. We live halfway between where she lived and where she was going, so she called and said did we mind if she crashed on her couch to break up the trip. Sure. My wife had to work on her master's thesis, so she was just like 'have fun.'

My friend shows up a) married to a white guy with dreadlocks and ear gauges who was a complete jerk b) with two children, 3 and 2, in tow and c) about six months pregnant. I'm like well, there aren't a lot of extra places to sleep, but I'm going to do my best to roll with it.

Gentle readers, I could not. The children were horrible, just completely uncontrollable unless they were sitting in my soon-to-be-ex-friend's lap. And I like kids, and understand that they're going to have energy. These kids started pulling down everything off our shelves, and Mom was just like 'ha ha.' The husband was worse than useless. He dragged me into the bedroom: the friend had said I'd probably have pot, which I did, and didn't mind sharing, but the husband smoked basically the whole eighth in like two hours. Spent the whole time complaining about what a crappy wife and mom my friend was. She came in in the middle of it and smoked a ton of pot while pregnant, too. Then they wanted dinner: she rode with me to a local joint, ordered a bunch of food to go, and was like 'Sorry, dude, but I'm out of money.' So on top of it, I was out like $60 when times were tight. She spent the whole car ride complaining about what a crappy husband he was. When we got back, Kid 2 was literally climbing a bookshelf, and the husband had Kid 1 pinned to the ground, arms and legs. The kid was screaming bloody murder; husband was like 'This is the only thing that chills him out.'

My wife spent the whole night locked in the office; they didn't leave until afternoon the next day and were fighting the whole time. Blocked, deleted, ghosted."

Something About Their Decor Seemed Too Familiar
Something About Their Decor Seemed Too Familiar


"When I was in my early 20s, my roommate and I threw a party and we each invited our friends. A few of my coworkers showed up too, but everyone mixed and had a good time. There was a bunch of drinking, flip cup, etc.

A few months later, I was over one of my coworker's apartment and noticed a magnet on her fridge that was identical to one at our place.

'Hey, how funny! My roommate has the same magnet. Random!'

'Oh, yeah, she used to! I saw it at your party and loved I took it.'

Like, what the?! She wasn't even ashamed or trying to hide that she'd stolen from us. I still kind of wonder what the heck else she took.

Unfortunately, I was super awkward and just laughed it off, because they were the 'cool' coworkers and was scared to say anything.

But I was really upset and never invited them over again."

Their Friendship Ended The Minute He Brought This Woman Into Their Lives
Their Friendship Ended The Minute He Brought This Woman Into Their Lives

Valua Vitaly/Shutterstock

"Lost my friend of 30 years over this: He brings a woman over for a small get together. She encourages my pregnant wife to drink, asks our friend if she's bi (she's not). She comes into the kitchen, grabs knives and pretends to stab everyone while doing knife Katas.

Later she chases the not bi friend all over the house in what to all of us felt very stalkerish --- I physically stop her by grabbing her wrists and say 'What the heck is going on with you?' She replies, 'Go ahead, break my wrists.'

The not bi friend (who was so upset she took a self-defense course) made up an excuse to stay in the bathroom for an hour.

We had a fire outside where the weird guest remarked, 'There are three things you can watch forever, a river flowing, fire burning, and someone being hurt.'

My friend of 30 years saw no problem with any of this behavior, married her, and I've not heard from him in a year nor do I wish to. I saw him in the supermarket with his now pregnant wife-- and slipped out. I assume at some point she will murder him."

Childhood Friendships Aren't Always Made To Last
Childhood Friendships Aren't Always Made To Last

Serdar Tibet/Shutterstock

"A few years ago my childhood best friend came to visit me with his girlfriend. Plans were made, and our other childhood friend was coming over when they arrived. Well they show up with a third guy in tow from his new town I don't particularly like, but whatever I'll deal with it. Then our other childhood friend arrives and immediately pulls out a bag of coke and starts cutting lines on my coffee table. My wife (girlfriend at the time) flips out on him and the third wheel tried to stick up for him and decided they'll just do it outside... My neighbor was a cop, so that didn't end well for them. On top of that, the friend with the coke is now a substance abuser and a total mess and the third wheel killed his girlfriend and is looking at serious time. The original friend and I are the only clean and successful people. Kinda sad but they're nitwits."

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