Avril Lavigne Is Dead
Avril Lavigne Is Dead

In 2015, Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Broderick traveled to Brazil to learn about Brazilian internet culture. While in South America, he discovered a blog called "Avril Esté Morta," which is Portuguese for "Avril Is Dead." The blog goes into extensive detail about how sometime around 2002, Avril Lavigne killed herself and her persona has since been portrayed by an actress.

The blogger supports their claims by showing side-by-side comparisons of photos of Avril before and after 2002. The blog also analyzes Avril's song lyrics for secret messages that reference Avril's alleged death.

The conspiracy went viral around the world when Broderick returned to the United States.

Even though a lot of people have bought into this theory, it's just a big hoax. The opening of the blog even states, "this blog was created to show how conspiracy theories can look true."

Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenét Ramsey
Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenét Ramsey

We all know the case of JonBenét Ramsey, right? Well according to a conspiracy theory, the six-year-old pageant queen was never actually murdered and actually grew up to be Katy Perry. A YouTube video posted by Dave Johnson detailing the conspiracy, which has since been taken down, claimed that Ramsey's murder was staged by her parents, who are actually Perry's parents. No one actually died or got hurt.

The theory that Perry and Ramsey are the same person is mainly supported by the fact that they look alike. Additionally, Johnson's video also noted that Ramsey's parents and Perry's parents also look alike.

Another video by YouTuber VK 33 mentioned a line from Perry's memoir that seemed to reveal her "true identity." Perry said, "Not that I was one of those stage kids. There was no JonBenét Ramsey inside of me waiting to burst out."

Additionally, VK 33 noted that Perry writes songs about reinventing oneself, which, of course, means she's talking about the fact that she's actually Ramsey. Never mind the fact that Perry was born six years before Ramsey.

Taylor Swift Is Actually A Satanist High Priestess
Taylor Swift Is Actually A Satanist High Priestess

The resemblance between Taylor Swift and Zeena Schreck (LaVey) is undeniable. Come one, just look at them.

If you're unfamiliar with who Schreck is, she is the daughter of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. Their resemblance to one another is so striking that the internet has conjured up quite the conspiracy theory about them.

According to AV Club, there is a theory that Taylor Swift is actually a clone of Zeena Schreck. Who is responsible for the cloning? The Illuminati, of course.

This theory actually makes (some) sense considering how Swift has embraced serpent imagery as part of her aesthetic for her latest album, "Reputation."

What's even more suspicious is that Schreck was the church's high priestess from 1985 until 1990, when she renounced Satanism altogether. 1990 was also the year after Taylor Swift was "born." After Schreck left the church, she went on to pursue some musical ventures. Some would say one of those ventures included cloning herself to eventually become the world's biggest pop star.

David Bowie Predicted The Rise Of Kanye West
David Bowie Predicted The Rise Of Kanye West

This isn't really a conspiracy theory, but rather it's just a really strange coincidence. According to Cosmopolitan, many people believe David Bowie predicted the existence of Kanye West via his album, "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars."

On the album cover, Bowie is seen standing under a sign that says "K. West." That alone isn't incredibly significant. For all we know, "K. West" could just be the name of a store. However, if you dig deeper into the album tracklist, the first song is "Five Years," which is the song where Ziggy learns that unless a "Starman" comes to the rescue, the world will end in five years. West was born exactly five years and two days after the album was released and grew up to become one the most iconic rap stars of all time.

Crazy, right?

The Many Conspiracies Of Tupac Shakur
The Many Conspiracies Of Tupac Shakur

22 years after his death, Tupac Shakur's murder is still unsolved. Naturally, the mystery surrounding his death has lead to a bevy of conspiracy theories.

When Tupac died from cardiac arrest days after being shot in a drive-by in Las Vegas, the media was quick to point their fingers at The Notorious B.I.G., Shakur's rival. It was speculated that Biggie's 1994 song "Who Shot Ya?" is about Tupac getting shot in New York. Biggie was eventually killed in another drive-by six months later.

One of the most well-known conspiracies about Tupac is that he's not actually dead. According to Rolling Stone, many people believe Pac faked his own death and fled to Cuba to live with his aunt. The evidence? Seven posthumous albums, a "fake" autopsy photo, and the way his mother said Tupac "chose to leave quietly" when she addressed his death.

Most recently, Suge J Knight claimed on his Instagram account that Tupac is currently alive in Malaysia. Knight's father was with Tupac when he was shot in the drive-by that led to his death. The day after Knight posted a photo that simply said "Tupac is alive," he posted a cryptic screenshot that said it was time for him to go, alluding that the Illuminati is after him because he knows too much about the true whereabouts of Tupac.

The conspiracy that Tupac faked his own death isn't exactly new. It's a trope that conspiracy theorists have used for other celebrities like Jim Morrison and Elvis. Heck, for all we know, they all could be living it up together in Pac's secret Cuban hideaway. One thing is for sure though: with the Knight's new claims, we're going to be hearing about this conspiracy for a while.

Khloe Kardashian's Dad Isn't Who You Think It Is
Khloe Kardashian's Dad Isn't Who You Think It Is

Before the Kardashian family got into the reality TV game, they were best known for their involvement in the highly publicized OJ Simpson trial. Kris Jenner was close friends with Nicole Brown Simpson, whose murder was at the center of the case. Meanwhile, Jenner's ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, was on the legal team that represented OJ. Robert is the father of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob. However, some believe that Robert isn't actually Khloe's father though.

According to PopDust, Robert told his last two wives that Khloe was not his biological daughter. When the word got out, people started to speculate that Khloe's father is actually OJ.

This theory isn't as far-fetched as some of the others out there because there's actually a lot of proof. Khloe is significantly taller than her father and her sisters, Kim and Kourtney. Kris admitted to having an affair during her marriage to Robert around the time Khloe was conceived. Kris and Robert also went on vacation with OJ and Nicole quite often during this time. Khloe even questioned her own biology on an episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and asked Kris if she was adopted.

Whether or not Khloe is a true Kardashian is still a mystery to this day. Even though Kris and Khloe did a maternity test, Khloe still has not done a paternity test with any of her siblings or OJ. Perhaps she doesn't care who her father is, or maybe it's because she already knows the truth.

The "Truth" Behind Kurt Cobain's Death

When Kurt Cobain tragically died on April 5, 1994, a slew of conspiracy theories emerged about the cause of his death. Officially, the King County coroner declared that though there was an incredibly high amount of dope in his bloodstream, Cobain died by suicide via shooting himself in the head. However, many believe there was foul play.

According to Telegraph, Cobain's wife Courtney Love said he had been struggling with substance abuse and was suicidal around the time of his death. When Cobain disappeared from rehab, Love hired a private investigator to find him because she believed he was murdered. The P.I. claimed that there's no way Cobain would have been able to shoot himself because of how much smack was in his bloodstream. Thus, the investigator believes that someone murdered Cobain by giving him a lethal amount of dope and shooting him in the head.

Additionally, people believe that Cobain's assassin tried to cover their tracks by adding a few sentences at the bottom of a letter Cobain had written to Love. According to Ranker, the inconsistencies in the handwriting of the letter indicate that it wasn't entirely written by Cobain.

Some believe Love murdered him; others believe she hired someone else to do it. Whatever the cause of his death was, Cobain's legacy through his music has made him immortal.

Justin Bieber Is A Lizard Person
Justin Bieber Is A Lizard Person

This conspiracy makes even the weirdest theories seem normal.

In March 2017, an Australian publication called Perth Now posted an article with the following headline: "Hundreds Of Fans Claim They Saw Justin Bieber Turn Into A Giant Reptile." Let's unpack that real quick. Not one, not ten, but HUNDREDS of people all claim that they saw the Biebz shift into a lizard.

The original article was quickly taken down, but according to Buzzfeed, the Perth police had been called by multiple witnesses who claimed that they saw Bieber's body covered in reptilian-like scales. Perth Now denies ever publishing the story, but screenshots live forever.

The incident in Australia wasn't the first time people have witnessed Bieber's reptilian transformation. Remember when he got arrested? Youtuber RyGuyVA pointed out how Bieber's eyes blinked in a very reptilian way while watching a video of him in court.

Bieber isn't the first celebrity to be accused of being a lizard person and as long as people keep believing that the world is being taken over by reptilian overlords, he probably won't be the last.

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