They say that when you find someone to love, you get a special feeling that tells you that they are the one. It is a feeling that convinces you that everything is just as it should be. The following stories come from people who wish they could say they knew that feeling.

This is not to say that these people never felt true love, but, when these people met "The One," they were graced with the feeling that not everything was as it should be and shared the experience on Reddit. These are moments when people felt that something was not right their significant other and turned out, tragically, to be correct.

She Uncovered A Bloodline Of Crazy
She Uncovered A Bloodline Of Crazy

"I went on a few dates with a guy. He asked to spend the night after our second date. I told him no. When we went on our third date, things felt very off. I got the 'crazy' vibe from him. I decided to cut things off with him. I texted him that I didn't think we were a good match and we should move on.

He FLIPPED. He threatened to kill himself and make a video blaming me and send it to my college so I would get expelled. I called the police. They had trouble tracking him down. They asked me to ask him where he was. He said he was at a CVS an hour and a half north and I had to meet him there in an hour or he would go through with killing himself. I let the police know his location. They sent an officer out, but he was not there.

They continued to try and find him. I had a hard time because it turned out the last name he told me was wrong. They figured out his real name based on the cell phone number he was texting me from and the address the phone was linked to. They sent an officer to THAT house, which was his parents'. They told the officer they had no idea what was going on and to check his girlfriend's house to see if he was there.

Yep, that was right. The imbecile had a girlfriend.

The police found him there and hospitalized him due to his suicidal threats. He texted me the next day saying I was worthless and stupid for thinking he would actually go through with it and that I was just a side chick to him. Keep in mind, on the third date, he told me I was 'wifey' material.

His mom also called me the next day to try and understand why I had 'put her little boy through that hospitalization' and said he was a 'really a sweet guy' and that 'he was going to leave his girlfriend for me.'

What a great mom.

Clearly, this guy inherited her moral compass. I told the mom that her son was a cheating, crazy, dangerous man and that if he or she or anyone associated with him ever contacted me again I would have them arrested for harassment. Then, I found his girlfriend on Facebook and sent her screenshots of his texts asking to sleep with me and of his dating profile. I never heard from her, him, or his mom again. Crazy people."

She Made Him Doubt His Instincts
She Made Him Doubt His Instincts

"This girl I had met at a bar invited me out, so I jokingly told her she could pick me up at 7 p.m. She did, and drove us to our date at a cool art venue. We had a pretty good time, but we parked in a really sketchy part of town. I told her this. She told me I was being racist and that black men loved her 'Ghetto booty.' She was kind of thick, I suppose. I just shrugged it off because it was better to move on than to argue about it.

It was darker when we were heading back to the car. I started to voice my concerns again. She would not listen to me. I was being racist again, in her words. I noticed four dudes take note of us. I immediately told her we needed to go back to the venue. She refused. At that point, I knew something bad was going to happen, but this chick was acting stupid, would not listen, and was making me doubt my instincts. I did everything I could to convince her we were in danger and she continued to disregard me.

_Fine. Let's get to the car as fast as possible. _

I just kept walking as fast as I could and tried to get her to do the same. Long story short, we get robbed by those same four guys. It's actually pretty freaking funny to me now. They took almost nothing off me but robbed her of most her stuff. It taught me something about how stupid some people can be."

He Said He Was Camping, But Where Was He Really?
He Said He Was Camping, But Where Was He Really?

"Around 10 years ago, I had a boyfriend who went away on an overnight camping trip. For a while, I was suspecting something was up. There were really no signs, but I had this deep, gut feeling of doom. I KNEW something was up.

Although I know it is wrong, I went through his email and found he had a secret account. I was able to log in and found the life of a whole different person I had never known about. There were at least 700 emails to and from men and women he found on Craigslist and multiple online dating sites, all discussing meeting up and talking about performing personal favors, the works.

After he came home and I confronted him, he admitted to only meeting up with this one dude a few times. Ultimately, we tried to work past it, as we had been together for three-and-a-half years at that point, but I could never get over it. We broke up like a year later.

I suppose it happened because I'm a woman and he was curious and I couldn't offer him those kinds of experiments. He didn't think I would understand, which I would have, so he chose the sketchiest way to experiment possible and hunted down a 50-year-old married guy to blow in a motel room.

What got me was if it really was just an experimental thing, why would he go sooooo deep into it and have multiple accounts on multiple different websites with hundreds and hundreds of emails? It sounded more like a problem/addiction than experimentation to me."

He Expected Something Might Be Wrong, But Could Not Have Expected What He Saw
He Expected Something Might Be Wrong, But Could Not Have Expected What He Saw

"My now ex-wife was in the midst of having transformed into a crazy, black hole of stress with a serious drinking problem. After a long work day, I had put our young children to sleep with book time and then went to sleep myself. My wife was still up with a neighbor mom downstairs, drinking.

This isn't good, I thought.

I awoke around midnight to loud sounds of some crappy movie. I went downstairs to see her going down on the neighbor's mom on the couch, the same couch upon which we watched kiddy shows with the kids. Some horrible cop movie was blaring at loud volume.

I stood there a good minute, not being noticed. I went back upstairs. I tried to collect my thoughts. I couldn't. I went back downstairs and they were done. The kids could have woken up and bumbled downstairs. My ex-wife, loving scapegoats, blamed it on Ambien and the neighbor."

Off Road And Awfully Suspicious
Off Road And Awfully Suspicious

"My boyfriend and I were at an off-road riding park for dirt bikes, four wheelers, ATVs, etc. Most trails were for one way riding, but a few intersected where people came from either direction. Everybody knew to be slow and careful.

It was day two of riding. It was just he and I as his dad had stayed back at the campsite with his wife. I fell a few times, but I had gotten the hang of shifting and started speeding up, going up and down steep mountain terrain and having the time of my life. We found this one trail loop I got comfortable with and kept riding it. Just before the last loop around, something told me to hang back. I verbally expressed this to him. He wanted one last go, so I brushed it off and we set out.

We were coming out of the woods toward a power line section that was open two-way riding with one very steep hill to get up. You couldn't see the top from the bottom, but you could sure as heck see the bottom from the top if you were not riding like a self-centered idiot. Just before we broke out of the woods, I started to feel like something was WRONG. My heart rate sped up. I slowed down and started shaking. I told him something bad was going to happen. He took me more seriously and slowed down. Just before the hill he would usually fly up at 40mph, I come to a complete stop.

Every single fiber of my being told me this was where somebody was going to die. I told him we should not go up there, due to my gut feeling. It sounded stupid, but he looked concerned. He told me he would go up it first to remind me it was safe. I agreed. He got a few feet ahead and I yelled at him to go slow. He paused and took off slowly as asked, just in time to see some dumb imbecile in a Razr crest the top of the hill easily going 60mph. He had JUST enough time to stop and turn off. I screamed and started crying immediately. He used the adrenaline to chase the idiot down and verbally tear him a new one."

Skipping Class Was Justified That Day
Skipping Class Was Justified That Day

"When I was in college, I left a very important class almost as soon as I arrived because my girlfriend had a headache at home that seemed suspicious. I knew she felt bad before I left home but, for some reason, I started to panic as class was about to begin. I left frantically, came home, and kept quiet on the computer while she rested on the couch.

About 45 minutes later, she woke up, sat straight up, grabbed her arm, and said, 'I think I'm going to have a seizure.' She had several very violent seizures. I called 911 and kept her from hurting herself on furniture or falling off the couch. After what seemed like half an hour, the EMTs came and so began the journey.

She had a stroke at age 22 and a somewhat unusual one, a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. This means the veins in the brain clot up, not the arteries. Blood continues to build pressure in the brain from the arteries, but it can't be drained away. The pressure built up to the point where her arteries started to bleed into her brain. That meant blood thinners to treat the clot caused more bleeding and vice versa. She also developed an allergy to the strong blood thinner they were using which complicated matters. Organ donation papers were prepared on the fourth day, and a very desperate treatment method happened to work and she pulled through.

She had to relearn to walk and use her left hand, brush her teeth, etc, but she has had a mostly complete recovery. She was a dental hygienist and had just enough hand dexterity damage to have to change careers. She started all over, went to school, and is now a registered nurse. When we attended her graduation, her mom met one of her instructors and recognized her as one of the nurses that came to visit my girlfriend when she transferred to the ICU. She had been her teacher for years, but neither person ever realized it.

We're married now, have a house, and she's actually asleep on my chest right now as I write this. Honestly, I almost forgot what we've been through until I wrote all of this."

She Just Knew She Struck Tragedy
She Just Knew She Struck Tragedy

"When I was about 17 years old, I had been dating this guy for six months or so. He was starting to get a little too much. I finally decided to break up with him when he did this whole stupid, I'm waiting for you to get home - no I'm not... or am I? thing. I drove to his house a few days later to break up with him. It was not pretty. I sped home, broke down crying, and just, all in all, had a bad night.

While I was crying to my mom, my little brother came upstairs and said there were flashing lights outside our house. That wasn't too strange, because the corner we lived on had at least one accident a year due to it being a two-way stop instead of a four-way. I went downstairs to see what was up and if I could help, but the second I saw where the lights were, my stomach just dropped.

Instead of being on the corner, in the intersection, they were on the side of our house. I had this sinking feeling I would recognize the car, so I walked outside. My parents kept yelling at my little brother to keep me inside, keep me away. I just knew. When I finally got close enough to see what was going on, I broke down all over again. My recently ex-boyfriend had crashed his car into the telephone pole right across the street from our driveway.

I asked him about it later. He told me that he had intended to kill himself, but jerked the wheel to the side at the last minute. He told me he was hurting and wanted me to hurt as much as he did. He wanted me to think of him every time I left my house."

He Appeared To Be The Perfect Man, But She Was Not Sure
He Appeared To Be The Perfect Man, But She Was Not Sure

"In high school, I was a bit shy and skipped a couple years of school, but my best friend was super social and popular. She started dating a guy a couple years older than we were. She was a freshman, I was a sophomore, and he was a junior. We went to a casual school dance. His group of friends were pretty determined to set me up with his best friend. It didn't really make sense - he was enormously attractive, popular, and in the 'in' circle. I was... not.

I danced with him a couple times. We went out a few times afterward with the group and tried to talk, but he just always felt so off to me. But, he was always sought after, homecoming king, prom king, etc. He had plenty of attention from most girls, but word was that he was always stuck on me, the one girl who was not interested.

About nine years after I graduated, he killed and dismembered a maid in a hotel room. He bounced around mental health facilities, apparently suffering from schizophrenia, before finally being sentenced to two life sentences. His family said they started seeing the signs his senior year. I felt them at least a year earlier.

I am not saying he would have ever done anything to me, of course. I have enormous empathy for him, his family, and anyone suffering these severe mental illnesses. I, obviously, have more empathy for the victims and their families and I hope that goes without saying, but a huge part of me feels like the signs were obvious and covered up by the fact that he was gorgeous, wealthy, and a state-ranked athlete."

A Sense Of Dread Kept Him From Sleeping
A Sense Of Dread Kept Him From Sleeping

"My girlfriend had not come to bed at the normal time, but I knew she was still in the house. She was just in a different room watching some TV or something similar. This was a somewhat common occurrence and I usually just went straight to sleep, but, this time, I just couldn't get comfortable sleeping and had a sense of dread.

I had about an hour of fitful sleep and woke up to her still not there and the sound of loading screen music coming from the other room. I got up and, sure enough, I heard a very faint sound coming from the basement. Long story short, she was banging someone whom I considered a friend in the basement. I sat there for five minutes at the top of the stairs listening to them talk about their dirty little secret. I don't know how many other times they slept together, or how many other guys she was with, but things ended shortly after that."

A Stressful Night In Paris
A Stressful Night In Paris

"Two years ago, I was taking a semester in Paris while my girlfriend stayed at our home city. We went to the same art school but studied in different departments. One night, at around 2 a.m. in Paris time (around 3 a.m. where she was), I got this really weird feeling that she was going through something stressful or not pleasant. I knew she was out drinking with some friends because we had talked earlier. I shook it off and kept studying, but I got the feeling again, only much stronger.

I texted her, 'Hey, is everything OK?' No answer. That weird feeling did not go away. About an hour later, I got a text from her saying, 'I'm at the hospital.'

My heart sank and I called and texted like crazy while looking for the earliest flight back home. Eventually, she called me. Apparently, one of her friends was a bit wasted. He tripped and fell while going out for a smoke from the bar and broke his jaw. She was the only one in the group sober enough to handle the situation. She called an ambulance and followed it to the hospital. Her phone died the minute she texted me where she was."

Flirting At The Festival
Flirting At The Festival

"I was at a festival and had been flirting with a guy for a few days. One evening, we ended up alone together and we spoke for a while. Even though he seemed nice and said the right things, I somehow had a weird feeling about him. Later, we ended up in his van. I knew if I did not leave immediately, it would have led to something I was not comfortable having with him.

I told him that I was sorry, but I had to go, and I left. I felt a bit stupid leaving, as the whole evening was kind of leading up to it, but it just felt like something was wrong. The day after, he started acting really weird, became aggressive, and was eventually thrown off the site a few days later. I asked a few people about it. It turned out that he completely changed his behavior every time I was around. I had never been happier to have trusted my instincts."

"Had I Been On Duty, I Would Have Been Sent There"

"I was a London policeman back in the 1980s. On Sunday, the 6th of October 1985, I was due to work the late shift that day. I had gone out in the morning with my wife and children to visit relatives.

'Please don't go to work today,' my wife turned to me and said. 'I have a funny feeling that you might get hurt or something might happen to you.'

She was really concerned, so I rang work, took a day's leave, and settled back to enjoy my unscheduled day with my family. Later that day, a riot took place in London at a place called Broadwater Farm. Had I been on duty, I would have been sent there. Officers from my station who were sent there were on the neighboring serial to a police officer called Keith Blakelock. Keith was attacked by rioters and hacked to death by machete-wielding thugs, which my colleagues witnessed. It makes you think."

The Signs Were Right In Front Of Her
The Signs Were Right In Front Of Her

"When I was 14, I 'dated' a guy who was a bit older than me. I use the quotation marks because it was for only five days and he pretty much guilted me into the whole thing. I realized something didn't feel right so, I broke it off, despite his best efforts to manipulate me into staying.

I found out recently that he's in prison for assaulting two young girls not long after I broke it off. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am pretty freaked out that it could have been me."

Spring Break-Up
Spring Break-Up

"My boyfriend at the time was on Spring Break in Florida. His break was not the same week as mine. I was still in school. I didn't think anything of it because he had family down there and was staying with his brother and grandparents. Everything felt good and fine. We called every day to chat and he was super excited about the NASA museum or whatever else was down there.

Well, one night he had not replied for a while, but he was out with his brother so I felt decently OK about it. However, I got this immense sinking feeling after a bit. When he finally called me, the feeling didn't go away. He started telling me about all the cool stuff he and his brother did and put me on speaker phone so his brother could chat too. It felt good to be included in their outing like that, but I still had that feeling.

A month later, I found out, through a friend who sent me screenshots of his texts in which he bragged about that night, that he cheated on me with some random girl. On the same night I got that sinking feeling."

He Followed His Instinct On A Long Journey Home
He Followed His Instinct On A Long Journey Home

"I was working on a boat in Germany. If I was to go home to Holland, it would have been like about a three-and-a-half hour train ride. I called my girlfriend and she assured me everything was just fine. I could just hear the cracks in her voice. I got all anxious and started to shake. It got me crying like a baby that something was wrong. I decided to leave work and go home. I took the whole train ride back to Holland.

I took the train at 8 p.m. and got back home at 11:45. There she was on the couch crying, telling me she did not feel good. She was trembling and puking. She did not want to upset me and did not want to ask me to come home. I was glad I did. My gut was right all along.

She had very painful cramps in her stomach. It got worse by the minute. This had already happened before I got home. When the pain did not go away after another hour, I took her to the hospital. After various tests, they came up empty-handed. She was still in pain and crying for help. They gave her a shot of morphine. After that, she could finally calm down.

A few months later, it happened again. Only this time, I was at home. Within 15 minutes, I had her at the hospital again and we demanded answers. After being there three FREAKING days, they found that her food processing system was not functioning right. She has been having the symptoms for more than 15 years. There is no cure for her condition. She has learned to deal with it, but she will never lose it."

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