Ever notice how when people tell lies, they usually try to cover their tracks with more and more lies? Well, the people in these stories had lies that were snowballing downhill, but finally those snowballs melted and the lies were no more! They were caught in the act and hopefully learned some sort of lesson about telling fibs. They probably didn't. Content has been edited for clarity.

Who Would Make Up Something Like THAT?!
Who Would Make Up Something Like THAT?!

"When I was in 6th grade, I did not like my English teacher because she often made fun of me when I did poorly in her class. One day, she said something or did something that made me think I just didn't want to be in her class, so I threw my stuff down and ran to the library. Being that she was about 7 months pregnant, she wasn't exactly going to chase after me. Even though she was totally right to write me up for running out of her classroom, which I was guilty of, she also decided to add an extra bit about me threatening to punch her in the stomach and abort her baby when she reported the incident to the Vice Principal, which I 100% did not do.

The Vice Principal found me in the library about 20-30 minutes later and brought me into his office. He told me I was in trouble and asked me why I had threatened to punch the teacher in the stomach and kill her baby. I freely admitted running out because I was in the library, so obviously I was not in her class, but I totally denied the second charge.

Wonder of wonders, the vice principal believe me and decided to verify what had happened by going to our class and talking to the other kids. He pulled or five of them aside and asked them what that happened. All agreed that I had been telling the truth and my teacher had been lying. They all gave the same story: I had being getting questions wrong, got mad, and ran away.

If you think this is the part of the story where everyone clapped and justice was This is the part of the story where they threw out the write-up told my teacher to not say such things again and told me I had to be in her class the rest of the year which, thankfully, was only a few weeks longer.

To this day, I wonder what exactly was going through her mind and what exactly I had done because this was only the culmination of an entire school year of torment with this lady."

The Crazy Roommate Who Didn't Know When To Quit
The Crazy Roommate Who Didn't Know When To Quit

"I had a very crazy former roommate who I found in a fit of desperation on Craigslist when I was very poor and had just left an abusive ex. Me and crazy roomie shared a bunk bed in a master bedroom in a home that was owned by our landlords.

We had this arrangement where we would alternate who bought the toilet paper. I bought a really big pack of the stuff. Halfway through the big pack, the rest just disappears. She buys a puny little pack of four from the dollar store and accuses our landlords (a large Mexican family) of stealing the rest of what I bought.

I had a hunch, so one day when she was out, I went rifling through her stuff. I found the rest of the TP I bought hidden in her dirty laundry hamper. After washing my hands about 10 times, I stowed it in the trunk of my car (along with everything else valuable that I owned), and didn't bring it up again... she brought it up for me.

She came to me the next day, nervous and stammering, and said that her girlfriend had 'misplaced' the tp. I asked her, 'Oh, where was it?' She had no response. When it was next my turn to buy tp, I bought one roll, just waiting for her to say something about it. I only stayed there for another month because I'd paid for it, but she got kicked out before I left for hotboxing the room while the landlord's whole family was home.

Dorthy (no that's not a misspell) was a real class act. I have so many awful stories about her considering we only lived together for two months."

A Strange Incident On The Road
A Strange Incident On The Road

"I was waiting at a red light behind a red BMW. I saw that its bumper was kinda messed up. The light turns green and he starts going and I slowly accelerate like any normal human. Then he slams on his brakes and I do the same. I don't hit him at all. He reverses into my car then turns on his hazards and pulls into the shopping complex near us. We exchange information. I am absolutely calm.

Later at a small claims court after rejecting his claim with my insurance:

Him: 'Yes, your honor, this rear ending left me with $5k in damage including paint and $1k in emotional distress as I have needed physical therapy.'

Judge, looking at me: 'And you say you have video of this incident?'

Me, handing the CD to the bailiff: 'Yes I do, sir.'

Dash cam clearly shows his fraud.

Judge: 'So is that you in the video?'

Him: 'Uh..uh...uh...'

He literally got arrested and had to pay me $5k in damages. Get a dash cam people!"

He Already Had All The Proof He Needed
He Already Had All The Proof He Needed

"I was working loss prevention for a big store chain in my state. An adult male was hitting us like 2-3 times a week with shopping carts full of merchandise. Approximately $600-800 a shopping cart. We had videos and pictures of him obtained form our CCTV system. I knew what days and what times the guy came in, so I stared working those times religiously!

Finally the day comes when he is at the store on my shift. I spot him immediately and observe him as he begins filling up a shopping cart with merchandise. The guy finally exits the store without paying. I approach him outside and take him back into our office for processing.

I play the nice guy act with him and ask him why he’s stealing. He says something like, 'I lost my job,' or whatever. I ask him how many times he’s shoplifted from the store. 'This is my first time stealing ever in my life, I’ve never even been to this store before.' He’s apologetic and says he won’t do it again. I tell him to just tell me the truth and tell me how many times he’s stolen from my store. He keeps playing all innocent and says never each time.

Finally I open my desk drawer and reveal five different pictures of him walking out with unpaid merchandise. The look on his face was priceless! The police took him away shortly after.

About a month later, my co-worker detains him for the exact same thing at the same store. Cops takes him. A month after that, I detain him again at a different store location and the cops takes him again..."

She Exposed Every Bit Of His Deceit In Court
She Exposed Every Bit Of His Deceit In Court

"I went through a nasty custody battle with my ex a few years ago. He and his new wife were making absolutely insane accusations about me without any type of proof or reason why they’d even think these things. I know judges are used to family court being a battlefield and don’t take accusations seriously unless there’s evidence supporting them, but it really bothered me that he’d try to do that to me in the first place. So, with the blessing of my lawyers, I went above and beyond to prove my ex was a liar.

I hired a substance abuse counselor and had him secretly and randomly test me every week for the remaining 8 months of our battle; I had a full psychological evaluation done; I recorded all my phone calls with my ex; and I followed up on absolutely everything my ex mentioned, like his statement that my son's teacher called the stepmom and said she had a feeling that my son was afraid of me.

All of his accusations were proven false and all third party statements he said were completely fabricated. The final hearing gave me warm, fuzzy feelings as each lie came to light. My ex still tries to claim that I must’ve paid off everyone involved, but I know deep down he doesn’t actually think that. I don’t have nearly enough money to cause multiple professionals to risk their careers."

Look Ma, I Got The Papers Right Here!
Look Ma, I Got The Papers Right Here!

"My mother is a terrible person. I don’t say that lightly. She has stolen medication from me after I had dental surgery and on two occasions (a decade apart), she stole my identity and my sibling’s, opened several credit card accounts, maxed them out (tens of thousands of dollars), and never made a payment.

She tells people she’s a nurse (she barely finished high school), and makes up extravagant and potentially very damaging lies, which she believes will never be found out.

Yes, she’s a terrible person, but my dad isn’t, so when my now-adult daughter was an adolescent, my mother was allowed to spend time with her.

A few years ago, I’d lost my job, was having trouble finding employment, and had to trade in my sports car for a sedan so that I could drive Uber and Lyft to make ends meet.

My mother told my daughter and several relatives that my car had been repossessed for nonpayment.

I took great satisfaction in showing my daughter, relatives, and yes, the shrewish, lying hag herself the dealership papers clearly laying out the terms of the trade-in.

The aftermath was both hilarious and sad, as she also has a vile temper."

She Heard The Whole Plan
She Heard The Whole Plan

"I am an ER nurse. I was about to walk into a patient’s room when I heard her laughing and talking on her cellphone about how she expected to 'score some oxy (oxycontin).' I opened the curtain and watched her instantly transform from laughing to grabbing her abdomen and screaming about her pain. I pointed out that she was fine just a moment ago, to which she claimed she wasn’t just trying to feed her habit.

I replied, 'Well, that’s good, because you won’t be "scoring some oxy" today.' I heard profanity that could melt steel and she stormed out of my ER, screaming the whole way."

Not Such A Good Guy
Not Such A Good Guy

"We had a substitute teacher back in high school who liked to flirt with the female students. He was attractive, a youth pastor, school bus driver and cheerleading coach. I called him a child predator when he was condescending to me in class and got in some trouble. A month later, he was arrested for whipping out his junk while driving one of the cheerleaders home. After an investigation, it was found he was banging several kids using his good guy badge for cover.

I was righteously loud about my accuracy to everyone around. Always beware the good guy badge. It's always a lie.

Always Price Match!
Always Price Match!

"When Fallout 4 had just released, I convinced my partner to let me go and snap up a copy on launch day, which was being advertised for the discounted price of $69 at Target.

Afterwards, while she grabbed a pizza for lunch, I went into the nearby EB Games store to just idly browse; anyway, this young bloke and his mother came in with a catalogue from Target and asked the guy at the counter to price match Fallout 4, as is their policy.

The clerk launches into this patronizing spiel about how that only applies when stores in their vicinity have a lot left in stock and he knows for a fact that every store in town has no copies left, as it's such a massive game and it being launch day and all.

The mother sighs and begrudgingly agrees to pay the full $99.95 that over-exorbitantly priced EB seems to think every game should retail for, which is when I pipe up, excusing myself for interrupting but saying that I overheard their conversation and I know for a fact that the local Target store still has multiple copies in stock.

The cashier sneers and tries to argue that they didn't, to which I suggested that the lady give the store a quick call to ascertain whether they did in fact have any stock left and produced the receipt from my wallet that showed that I'd literally purchased a copy at the discounted price less than fifteen minutes earlier.

The cashier finally relented, sensing that he was close to losing out on the sale altogether, shooting me daggers as he rang up the price and condescendingly stating to the lady that he'd make the exception this one time for her and her son.

Satisfied, I booked it out of the store and chowed down on some Dominoes pizza as a reward; I hate when unscrupulous people try to take advantage of people, particularly older people, so it felt good to put this imbecile in his place; a small victory, to be sure, but a sweet one nonetheless."

He Realized He Recognized That Band
He Realized He Recognized That Band

"We were at a music festival and some dude we didn’t know was hitting on a girl from our group. My other friends and I didn’t really pay attention to their exchange until the guy told her that he was a music video producer. Suddenly, we all listened because, hey, that’s a pretty cool occupation.

Another friend asked him if he could show us some of his work, he said he’d love to and took out his phone to show us a screenshot of a music video he was working on. As soon as I looked at the picture, it rang a bell, and another moment later it hit me. I pointed to the lead singer and asked him what this guy’s name was. He said that’s his friend Mark. I asked what the bands name was. He told me some name I can’t remember. That was when I decided to drop the bomb and told him to stop lying, because the guy in the photo is named Alex Gaskarth, the band is called All Time Low, and he sure as heck didn’t produce that music video. I used to listen to that band a lot when I was younger, and they’re not very well-known where I’m from.

I’ve never seen somebody’s face go pale this quick. My friends around me went completely silent for a second, as if they were in shock, and another second later they were literally on the ground from laughing so hard at this guy. He kept standing there for another moment, stammering and trying to come up with an explanation, until one of my friends wiped a tear out of his eye and went up to him, put a hand on his shoulder and said, 'I think you’re done here,' and so he scampered off. I let myself be celebrated for a little while and then we went on with our day.

To this day, this is one of my favorite festival stories. I still can’t believe the nerve of this guy."

Oh, It Hasn't Been Working, Huh?
Oh, It Hasn't Been Working, Huh?

"I used to work for Comcast in their retention center. One call I'll never forget was this college kid trying to cancel his service. The call went something like this:

Me: 'Welcome to Comcast, how may I help you?'

Him: 'Yeah, I need to cancel my service.'

Me: 'Sorry to hear that, have you considered not cancelling?'

Him: 'Nope. My semester is over and I'm moving back in with my parents in [City that doesn't have Comcast].'

Me: 'No problem. I've gotten that set up for you. Is there anything else I can help you with?'

Him: 'Yeah. I need you to credit the last six months of service.'

Me: '...I'm sorry? Could you repeat that.'

Him, now sounding agitated: 'Your terrible service didn't work and I shouldn't have to pay for it. Credit it. Now.'

Me, still confused: 'Why didn't you call in to our technical support?'

Him: 'I didn't have time, I'm a college student.'

Me: 'Let me get this straight. Your service didn't work at all. Like, if you turned on the TV, all you'll get is static and it's been like that since December?'

Him: 'That's what I've been saying!'

Me, while looking at his account information: 'Then how did you rent a movie last night?'

He then spurted out a bunch of apologies and hung up.

That was probably my favorite call in the four years I worked there."

What Disciplinary Reasons?!
What Disciplinary Reasons?!

"10 years ago, I got laid off and applied for unemployment. I received a denial letter stating that my former employer claimed that I was fired for 'disciplinary reasons,' which was 100% NOT true. I appealed the denial and the unemployment people organized a phone call with their rep, me, and my former manager. The rep asked me to tell my side, which I did - that I was let go and given no reason other than that my assignment was over (it was a temp job) and I had never been disciplined, written up, or even so much as warned about anything during my time there and if my performance had been unsatisfactory, I had never once been made aware. She then asked the manager if what I said was true. Manager was quiet for a second and then squeaked out, 'Yeah, I suppose that's about right.' She had to admit she lied and I got my unemployment.

Ha ha witch, that's what you get for trying to mess with your employees. This same temp agency tried to withhold pay from me once, too, and kept feeding me some lies about the check being in the mail until I finally filed a wage claim with the labor department, and then magically, 3 days later, I had my check. I think they didn't think they'd get caught because most people don't fight stuff like this but darn was it satisfying to call them out and win."

Throwing Shades
Throwing Shades

"I went on a trip with some close friends. One of the girls, Jenna, couldn't find her expensive pair of sunglasses and was really upset as she knew she hadn't lost them outside. She had a feeling one of the girls, Erica, had taken them, though she had already denied seeing them. We started packing up the car when Jenna suddenly demands Erica open up her luggage to look for the sunglasses. Erica gets irritated that anyone would think she took them (we all had a feeling she did) and after a few minutes of crying, she opens up her bag and wouldn't ya know, Jenna's sunglasses were right there. It was delicious seeing everything unfold but it ended up being an awkward car ride home."

Lying May Cause A Bumpy Flight
Lying May Cause A Bumpy Flight

"I'm a pilot and had a habitual liar as a mechanic, so you can see how I was in a bad position. There are maintenance items that you can extend the time on them and some you cannot. He tried to pass off an inspection as having an extension and he said he 'just read it in the manual.' So I told him he needed to show me. My scheduled flight was on hold until he could find it. About 30 minutes later, he comes out and says he can't find it. Huh... funny how he just read it in the manual...

I grounded the aircraft and my boss called me all ticked off. I explained what happened and my boss says, 'You caught him, huh?' Felt so good to finally catch him in a lie. He ended up quitting because he couldn't stand that I saw through his fibs. On his last day I told him, 'You know, we could have gotten along if you didn't lie to me.' He couldn't even respond. See ya!"

They All Ditched Her, And Her Brother Wanted To Know Why
They All Ditched Her, And Her Brother Wanted To Know Why

"My older brother's girlfriend invited me to go hang out with her friends.

I was supposed to meet them at 2:30 pm at a restaurant, but they didn’t show. I waited there for like 30 minutes, kept asking the host if they cancelled the reservation or for any updates, there were none.

I then realized she and her whole group stood me up. I’m not the kind of person that immediately thinks, 'Oh they’re awful, they stood me up, and they’re terrible! I hate them!' I was more like, 'Oh, something must’ve come up, might as well call her and see if everything’s ok.'

Mind you, I had called her multiple times before, but she only just answered this one time. I asked her if everything’s ok and if they were gonna show. She managed to come up with, 'Oh, my cousins from Ireland are here, I didn’t know they were coming, sorry.'

I was like ok...That’s fair enough.

I kinda brushed it off and call my own friends and we spend the day wandering round the city. It’s not till I get home and my brother asks me how it was that I realized he wasn’t aware of her sudden change of plans. I tell him about her cousins and he calls her up asking why she would make plans with me if she was just gonna ditch me anyways, and why the rest of the group didn’t come just cause she didn’t go.

She didn’t really answer any questions and it made him super suspicious. Apparently she’d been really distant and weird the past couple of weeks and he’s been wary of it.

He texted one of her friends and asked why they ditched me. At this point I was getting super embarrassed cause it seemed like he was making a big deal out of this for no reason. But she answered that she didn’t even know about the meet up and that his girlfriend didn’t even have cousins in Ireland.

My brother is up the wall at this point, he grabs his keys and decides to go to his girlfriend's house. I just tag along because why not.

She opens her apartment door in a bathrobe, there’s a voice from inside the apartment. She panicked and said that it was her cousin from Iceland and I was like, 'You told me Ireland,' and she was like, 'Yeah yeah, that’s what I meant.'

We walk into her place and there’s a dude in his underwear just chilling on her couch watching a cartoon or something. My brother just loses it. Not in the yelling, screaming, violent way. But he just looks at her, tells her she’s the worst thing that happened to him etc., then he breaks it off. I just stood there in shock, the 'cousin' turns to my bro's now ex and says, 'You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend.'

I just look at him and say, 'I thought you were Irish.'

She looks like a fish at this point and my brother just storms out, yelling at me to come on. I wanna laugh so bad because this was the dumbest lie I’ve ever experienced, and she grabs my arm and asks where I was going.

I looked at her, looked at the dude, and said, 'To my Irish cousin's haha!' Then I ran after my brother.

Honestly, that's one of the funniest things to happen last year. My brother was heartbroken at first, but he ended up finding it absolutely ridiculous."

"I Was Worried For Her Mental Health"
"I Was Worried For Her Mental Health"

"There was a girl that I went to high school with. She was always boy crazy. She was also desperate to be popular. My friends and I were friends with her and we started noticing her acting differently. When approached her about it, she said she had a boyfriend. Okay, cool. When we asked who it was, she told us he was in college (we were freshmen) and that we wouldn’t know him.

We went along with it until one day she slipped up. She had handed me her phone to read a message he had sent. I accidentally scrolled too far up and noticed she was sending the messages to herself. I didn’t say anything at that point and she acted like all was well...until three days later when her 'boyfriend' died in a horrific car crash. Everyone was sympathetic towards her, but I was worried for her mental health.

Two days later, she mentioned getting a message from her boyfriend while we were in class, saying he couldn’t wait to see her that night. That was it. I reached the point at which I couldn’t stay silent. I confronted her with all that I knew, including the fact she had said he was dead just two days before. She tried to save face, saying he hadn’t died but had been hurt. All of our friends were shaking their heads, backing me because we had all heard her. She eventually confessed that it was all a lie.

Thirteen years later and she is still a pathological liar."

Caught By Social Media
Caught By Social Media

"Me: 'Heyyy, welcome back! You feel any better?'

Employee who called out sick the previous weekend, about 10 minutes before their shift: 'Oh yeah! OMG, so much better! I dunno what happened! I could barely get out of bed, I was so congested and achy!'

Me: 'Oh man, that sucks... How was Coachella?'

Employee: '...what?'

They were friends with another manager on social media and the manager ratted her out by showing the management team everything the employee posted from Coachella all weekend.

When we wrote the employee up, they used the whole, 'Well, [another employee] was there too! Are you going to write them up?!'

Me: 'Nope.'

Employee: 'What?! Why?!'

Me: 'Because they requested the time off a month ago, they didn't just call us the day of, pretending to be sick.'"

For Free?!
For Free?!

"A woman claimed I had promised her something for free, when in fact all I did was offer her a significant discount. She came in demanding it for free and I refused. She said she had a recording of me saying it was free. I don't know what her end game was, but on the off chance that I messed up what I said badly enough, I would honor it. I asked her to play me the recording. She refused, because 'I was being difficult.' She actually had the gall to ask for my boss' number, and my boss' boss' number so she could complain about me not honoring a product for free (valued at around $400) and thought they would actually side with her.

I did give her the number for my boss, but refused to give her contact info above that, saying that was up to my direct boss. While my direct boss actually increased the discount I offered (which was fine in this case, and it was only a small increase), he refused to give her the product for free, refused to give her info to go up the chain, and said if she didn't act within a few hours, the deal was void. He told her there was no benefit to our company giving stuff for free (as is the case in most companies). He told her she had no basis for a complaint and he wasn't going to help her. Man, the threats this woman threw. She really thought threatening that she would get me fired for not giving her a $400 product for free had a bigger chance of me getting fired than....well...ACTUALLY giving her a $400 product for free, which very well COULD have gotten me fired."

A Skeezy Attempt At A Free Make Over
A Skeezy Attempt At A Free Make Over

"I used to work as a makeup artist at a makeup counter in the mall. Our rules for giving full-face makeovers are that the customer must purchase three full-size items from our counter in lieu of paying us directly as we were only paid sales commission. Pretty simple policy, easily explained and understood.

I had a woman call and make a full-face makeover appointment for her daughter. I explained the policy to her and she agreed. The next day, the mother and daughter showed up for the appointment and I ended up actually being the one to spend an hour SLAYING this girl’s face. She had terrible skin that needed lots of coverage, and she requested a very complicated eye look with glitter, liner, and false lashes. She had brought her own lashes, but we aren’t allowed to apply anything brought in from outside the store because we are liable for any infections or reactions that could happen. She declined to purchase lashes from me so I just loaded her up with mascara.

I asked her what three items she wanted to purchase, and her eyes grew wide. 'None of them, I don’t have any money,' she said. The mom showed back up at that moment and began SCREAMING that I was trying to scam her and I had told her that the makeover was free if they provided their own makeup. I asked them where their own makeup was that they had supposedly brought, as I had only seen the lashes and used 100% of my company’s makeup.

My manager was standing beside me, as well as another coworker, while this was happening, and they had actually been standing next to me while I took the original phone call and informed her of the policy! They backed me up and it was at this point that the mom began to squirm. I squirted a ton of makeup remover onto a cotton pad and went to remove the daughter’s makeup, and the mom said, 'NO NO NO! we’ll buy some...nail polish!' and grabbed some off the shelf behind her.

'Sorry,' my manager replied. 'Those aren’t from our company. You’ll have to choose something from our counter.' The mom was a total witch the entire transaction but she had no recourse and she knew it. She kept grumbling that she was going to return the items right away so I took a Sharpie and blacked out the UPC codes so she wouldn’t be able to."

Plagiarizing Jokes Now, Eh?
Plagiarizing Jokes Now, Eh?

"This guy told this 'glorious' story about how he epically struck out at the bar with this girl...

Except it was my story, and not even a good one really, and he was retelling it to me like two days later to be cool. Thing is he was retelling it to me and all the other people in the group I told it to.

Everyone is shooting me glances as the guy is going on about it, obviously they all knew, too, but no one is stopping him.

So I couldn't resist, right when he gets to the end I cut him off and say, 'Oh, hold on, I remember how this went - it ends when she says: "Her girlfriend wouldn't like that very much."'

All the blood drained from the guy's face when he suddenly realized he heard the story from me, and the rest of the group laughed.

I felt sorta bad after...sorta."

How Can Someone Have 2 Birthdays?
How Can Someone Have 2 Birthdays?

"Hoo boy. There was a girl I grew up with who was notorious for being a pathological liar. All you need to know for this is that this is when she and a bunch of girls were going through their 'weeb' stage, and that meant everything in and from Japan was the best thing ever. So, this girl (white as bread) tried to convince her fellow students that she was from Japan via adoption. As in, she was adopted from Japan and then she said she had two birthdays because of it. I had grown up with her and she never celebrated her 'second birthday' up until that year and I knew all about her family.

Basically, a friend gave her a gift on her 'second birthday' and I pointed out to my friends as we watched this unfold that she didn't have a second birthday. I then explained what I'd learned and observed. Well, the friend who got her a gift asked her about it and she was ticked. She came marching over to me saying, 'How DARE you lie to him!'

I told her I knew she'd been lying all year and that I grew up with her, so I knew all about her birthday and what not. I said, 'you know darn well that today isn't your birthday so stop lying to people just to get attention.'

She hated me after that, and she did lose most of her friends except for the naive ones who'll believe anything you tell them."

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