Anonymity is certainly one key feature of the Internet. These people share their darkest and most heinous secrets that they can only share online.

He Was Going To Be Late To Work So He Did The Unthinkable...
He Was Going To Be Late To Work So He Did The Unthinkable...

"When I was 19, I was running late to work in my tiny economy car and on fume. I didn’t come to a complete stop on a right turn when I suddenly saw lights behind me so I pulled over. I know I’ve barely got any gas at all and was almost to a gas station, hence why I rolled through the stop a little. I just didn't want the car to die.

At the time (around 1995), a new digital phone had come out called Voicesteam (now TMobile), and their whole big thing was the phones were digital and not cellular. They were the first phones with caller ID, and one of the big things the salesman had said over and over was since it was digital the signal couldn’t be triangulated or traced. Not that I cared but it stuck in my mind.

Well as I gave the cop my license, registration, and insurance card I got an idea. I knew if I was late to work I was going to lose my job. They were super strict there.

So I get an idea and right after I handed the papers to the cop and he walked back to his cruiser, I called 911 and told the operator I just saw a guy with what looked like a loaded pump-action walk into a 711 that was about two blocks away. Crazy I know. But yes, I confirmed the address then hung up.

About 30 seconds later the cop came sprinting to my car and handed me all my stuff and rushed says, 'Come to a complete stop next time!' then peeled off in the direction of the store.

I pushed my car to the gas station that I’d almost made it to and felt pretty pleased with my ingenuity.

I was an idiot and I confessed, but you gotta give me props for creativity!"

She Slept With Her Daughter's Ex And Got PREGNANT!
She Slept With Her Daughter's Ex And Got PREGNANT!

"This was back in... let me think, maybe 1997? I was 38 and my daughter was 18, and she was dating Harry, who was 24. I was an addict and dabbled in other substances, mostly coke. I was not a good person, let alone a mother. Not like I was abusive to my daughter or anything, but I was generally inattentive and cared more about my spirits and pills than her, especially in her teen years. I am 14 years sober now.

I disproved of my daughter dating Harry, but I never told her why. He would flirt with me, constantly, and the age difference also creeped me out. Also, he was an addict just like me. She broke up with him over his addiction.

Soon after she moved away, not too far but regardless she didn't live with me anymore, Harry kept calling me and asking if we wanted to get drinks, I turned him down, but then one day he said he had a bunch of coke and I couldn't resist. He came over, we did the coke, and we ended up hooking. He was a very good-looking guy. He looked A LOT like Justin Bieber! Definitely a looker.

For the next few months, maybe like three to four months, he would sometimes come over and we would sleep together and do narcotics and get wasted together. Any addict knows what that is like to have an addict buddy in that way.

Then I got pregnant. I knew it was by him, we had been hooking up without protection a few times stupidly. I never told him I was pregnant, and I went and got the abortion and kept it a secret.

Anyways, I stopped seeing him after that, it was too weird. I also got sober, for like four months, before relapsing. Fast-forward two years and my daughter contacts me and tells me that she got back with Harry and that he is fully sober. I was mortified honestly. He was gonna tell her that we slept together, and she is going to hate me for life. They came over one day and said hi, and when my daughter was gone, Harry told me that there is no reason to tell her about what happened. I agreed.

It's been 16 years of marriage on their part. They have a kid together. Harry got cancer, then beat it. I got sober. That's basically it.

I don't see them very often, they live in Texas and I live on the east coast. But whenever I do, there is always that tension between me and Harry; it's literally the first thing that comes to either of our minds, I can just tell. Not like tension, like 'Why did we have to do that? What the heck is wrong with us?' kind of tension.

I think about this often. Especially when I see my grandson. I always think that could have been my son if things had gone differently, but WOW what a disaster that would have been if I decided to keep that child."

He Hacked Into His Boss's Email And Got Himself Unfired
He Hacked Into His Boss's Email And Got Himself Unfired

"A couple of years out of college, I worked as an analyst at a pretty small private equity firm. The CEO was one of the biggest pricks I've ever met. He was fairly young in his 40s, a multi-millionaire, and the type of guy driven solely by money with 0 business ethics. He'd do anything to get the upper hand in a deal regardless of who he steps, employees...I even saw him seriously ruin a long-time family friend of his without any remorse.

Anyway, aside from my analyst role, as it was a tiny business (only about 20 people in the office, and then a bunch of people working remotely), I also happened to be one of the few semi-technology-literate people in the company. So like many of my generation, I became the defacto 'Millenial Office Computer Guy' too. Despite my lack of qualifications, I got put in charge of handling pretty much anything minor tech-related.

They thought I was some sort of computer genius...but really I was just mostly winging it, Googling pretty much everything.

But eventually, I got legitimately pretty good at all the tech stuff. They gave me bigger tasks like planning all of the computer systems for their owned businesses and supervising installs. I didn't get paid extra for any of this mind you.

After a couple of years of serious working there, I was pretty worn out. I wasn't progressing. I hated working for captain moron...he treated everyone like trash. I was pulling 12-14+ hour days with no overtime or performance bonus. And they weren't paying me nearly what they should have. I also hated being "the tech guy" and was depressed as heck basically living in a cubicle. So I decided I full-on had enough of the 9-8 life working for pricks....and I would start my own consulting business working for myself.

However, instead of quitting right away, I figured it would be smart to first build up my client base on the side while I was still getting a steady paycheck. So that's what I did. I launched my company and landed my first clients.

As the workload increased, I slowly started spending more and more time working on my side business while at my office job. At first, I was pretty low-key about it. But eventually, it was blatant. As it was a tiny company...I was the only one who knew how to do a lot of important tasks and operate some key internal systems. It was easy for me to tell my boss a project was taking a whole week to complete when I actually finished in 10 minutes.

Pretty soon, I was spending 80% of my day working on my own stuff in the office. I'd even take calls for my side business clients at my desk. The rest of the time I was usually messing around on Reddit or something. Of course, we had systems in place to monitor network activity. But I was the person in charge of monitoring it.

This continued for a while. As my own business ramped up, I cared less and less about the office job. And since I hated waking up early, I began rolling into work late. At first, it was only 30 minutes or so. Then it progressed to an hour. When my boss didn't reprimand me, it became clear how much they needed me there. I took full advantage of this. Before long I was arriving around noon, working for a couple of hours, then heading home.

My coworkers weren't happy, but I helped them with all of their tech problems and they hated the company too, so they kept their mouths shut about it. My boss eventually said something to me about all it at one point, but I just came in on time the next few days and then went back to coming in whenever I wanted.

After more than two months of coming in four to five hours late, and working on my side business in full view of my idiot boss, I couldn't believe I wasn't fired yet. I deserved it and felt it was inevitable.

On a hunch, I decided to do a little investigative work. As I was the tech guy also had full access to the company email server. So I logged into the CEO's personal email account and searched for my name. Lo and behold, there was a recent email thread between him, my direct boss, and some other team members with my name in the subject line. Obviously, I opened it. They're discussing my recent performance issues...the last email in the chain basically said 'If nobody has any objections, I will be terminating him at the end of the week.'

I wasn't surprised, but I decided there was no way I was going to let these morons fire me. Although I didn't give a care about that job, I didn't want to have a termination in my work history. I also wanted to keep getting paid for a while longer. Of course, I couldn't let him know I actually knew I was getting canned. So, I formulated a plan to perform a little inception reverse-psychology mind trick on the CEO.

The next day, one day before they planned to fire me, I requested a meeting with him to discuss my current performance.

In that meeting, I sat down, and he asked me what I wanted to talk about. So I told him (paraphrased): 'Look, I know I've been a lousy employee lately. I'm sure you've noticed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been kind of getting the feeling you guys are planning to let me go soon.'

When I said that the shocked look on his face was priceless...he must have thought I was psychic to work that out on my own the day before it was going to happen. I remember him just saying something like 'uhh.'

I continued while he sat flabbergasted.

'So I'll be honest with you, My heart isn't in this job anymore. As you know, I'm an entrepreneur at heart...which I’m sure you can relate to. I want to start my own company. However, as you're aware, I have a lot of responsibilities here nobody else can do.'

I then proceeded to list all of the things I did and projects I was working on. I could see it on his face when the realization sunk in of how sunk he'd be if I left suddenly.

'So here's what I propose. You don't fire me. I don't quit. I keep working here for a month, finish my current projects, and train whoever you want on everything I'm in charge of. After a month is up, I will continue to come in once per week until it's complete. After that, if you still need can pay me on an hourly project-by-project basis.'

I intentionally mentioned the possibility of me quitting so he could feel like he 'won' the negotiation, even though I technically had him by the balls.

He paused to think for a minute, then said something along the lines of: 'Okay. You have a deal.'

So, not only did I get myself unfired...I actually turned the company into a paying client. During that month, I continued doing pretty much whatever I wanted since I had an expiration date (while training my replacement as promised). After the month was up they hit me up regularly for remote task work. I charged them triple what I was earning while working there, and barely had to deal with the CEO. My client base was big enough I dropped them for good.

...after all that, the CEO still calls me up for advice/questions nearly three years later. These days I just blow him off saying 'Sorry, I'm too busy.'"

He Took Someone's Life And Will Always Carry The Burden
He Took Someone's Life And Will Always Carry The Burden

"One night when I was in college, I was driving to get some drinks for a party my fraternity was supposed to throw the following night.

I was taking a street I was very familiar with to get back to my house. It was dark but the street was lit with streetlamps. I remember I looked at my radio for a second, just a second not very long at all. But when I looked back up to the road there was a man crossing.

I didn’t have any time to react; by the time I saw him he had already hit the good of my car and bounced off the side. I remember hearing shouting and then hitting the brakes. I’ll admit I had thought about speeding away, but I pulled over to the side and ran out of my car to check on this guy.

When I got to him, his family was standing outside the restaurant he was leaving and they were all screaming and crying. He was laying on the side of the road. Two other men were standing with him trying to see if he was alright and calling 911.

All I could say was 'I didn’t see him.' I was frantic by the time it had set in what I had done.

I sat on the curb across from the family and listened to the sobbing while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. I sat there and sobbed while paramedics took him away in an ambulance. I don’t believe I’ve ever cried so hard and for so long. The worst part about all of it and what still kills me today was that his wife came over to me while I was distraught on that curb, sat next to me, placed her hand on my shoulder, and said 'I was married to him for almost 50 years. We had a good life.'

Then she hugged me and said that she forgave me.

After everything was said and done it was ruled that it was an accident. I wasn’t charged with anything and I had one of my friends pick me up from the police station. I went down a dark path the years after that. I drank heavily, dropped out of college in my senior year, and had to move back in with my mother and father because I couldn’t hold on to a job. It was a hard road to recovery (which I feel I’m not fully recovered from nor do I feel I ever will be the same). But eventually, I got my life back in order. Joined the Navy and saw a bit of the world, and now I’m on track to go back to college and hopefully finish what I started there. It took almost a decade but I finally start to feel almost whole again. I’m back to hanging with my friends, and actually going out. So maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel."

The Mother Who Hates Her Son And Isn't Afraid To Admit It
The Mother Who Hates Her Son And Isn't Afraid To Admit It

"I'm a single mom of two boys. They are 12 and 7. My husband passed away three years ago in a work accident. A very large portion of me believes it was a suicide. I can't see him EVER making the mistake he made that caused his death, and he had taken an action just before that which ensured his co-workers weren't in the room. I fully believe he killed himself because of our younger son and no one will ever change my mind.

We were told when I was pregnant that he would have Down Syndrome. We could handle that. But his disorder is very severe. Suffice to say he'll never be anything more than he is now or has ever been.

But what he is, is nothing. I hardly consider him a person.

He doesn't appear to have any awareness and never has. His eyes are locked in one position and doesn't respond to noise, touch, or pain. My son isn't capable of doing anything and is tube-fed and on oxygen. He is in diapers and will be forever. He makes no sounds, no attempts to communicate. He is a vegetable.

I'm not upset because I got a special needs child. I feel the way I feel because this... thing... takes up 200% of my time and does NOTHING. I didn't get an imperfect child. I didn't get a child.

I don't love him. He doesn't have any personality, there is nothing to love. And yet I'm responsible for him. In addition to his extreme delays, he's also medically fragile.

Our older son has suffered because his nonexistent brother has affected everything in his life. He's had medical care get delayed because there's only one of me and his brother is more critical. I was starting law school but I gave up my dreams for my children and this potato.

The final straw was I heard a sound. I went into Younger Son's room to check, thinking he had forgotten how to breathe again, and saw Older Son hitting him and screaming 'You're why I don't have a mother! You're why I don't have a father! You're why I can't have friends over! You're why I can't be in sports! I didn't ask for you and I hope you die!'

Instead of being horrified, I watched. And Younger Son just did. not. react. No signs of pain or fear or upset. No reaction at all.

He breathes but he is not alive. He doesn't know who I am. He doesn't know who Older Son is. He has no sense of self, life experience, or awareness of his surroundings.

He doesn't need to be in my home. He doesn't know or care where he is. He is genetically my son but he is not family. My previously abused, brain-damaged cat who can't walk straight has more personality and is far more loveable than my 'child.'

This boy is not a gift. He is a genetic mistake I probably should have miscarried and would have definitely terminated if I'd known he would be like this. And the flip side is if he HAS awareness he's certainly miserable. And there is nothing I can do. If he has likes and dislikes no one knows what they are. If he is in pain he can't tell anyone. If he wants anything, he can't communicate.

So I made a decision. He's leaving our home on the 29th. I feel excited and relieved and then guilty because I know we'll be happier with him gone.

He's already taken my husband and my son's father. He was working so so so much OT to pay for the cucumber's care. For the experimental therapies insurance wouldn't cover. Because THIS one was going to be the BREAKTHROUGH. He was tired and defeated and disappointed. He sought counseling as well but I don't think he could ever say the words 'I don't want my son in my home' either.

He's ruined my older son. I was so wrapped up in the younger I never realized how ignored and damaged he was. He lost his father too. I didn't just lose my husband. HE is my priority now and this malignant lump can be someone else's problem. At least they'll be paid a wage to care for him. At least they'll get a break from him when they punch out.

I just want to never think of him again and I'm not sorry. And for that, I'm sorry."

His Dead Best Friend Was In Love With His Wife
His Dead Best Friend Was In Love With His Wife

"My friend died a few months back due to heart problems. He was taking care of himself so it was a shock to everyone. Especially his wife who was with him at their house when he died. Due to this, she decided to move somewhere else and because she and her daughter were still distraught she asked me to pack up his stuff.

He had some boxes in his basement and after a while, I started feeling nostalgic and decided to look into them. I found pictures of us from when we were kids all the way to before we got married. That was enough to make me feel bad and I just got back to taping them up.

But one of the boxes seemed to be in much better condition, so I decided to check it in case it was something important. To my surprise, I found pictures of him and my wife from when we used to hang out together, as well as more recent pictures from family reunions. The most recent being from my wife's birthday party.

Alongside the pictures, there were letters that he never sent her. The first one dated two months before I met her. The last one was also the same date as her birthday party. There was one that stood out the most was one from after I started dating her. He wrote that his time had passed and since my happiness was as important as his own he would watch over us.

I'll keep his box safe since it isn't my secret to reveal."

This Teacher Turned A Blind Eye On A Student And Felt No Remorse
This Teacher Turned A Blind Eye On A Student And Felt No Remorse

"I'm a History teacher, and in my class (12-13-years-old) there's this little prick that always makes a lot of noise, keeps touching and messing with other kids and employees, and makes mean, prejudiced jokes about everyone. He is constantly trying to make my life, and the life of his classmates into a nightmare thinking he is funny or something. In a nutshell, he is a bully.

Yesterday he destroyed his group project, causing everyone in his group to fail (Although I'm giving more time for the rest of his group to re-make all of their lost work).

I already tried calling his mom, but the moron defended her precious son saying 'would never do such bad things, he's such a sweetie.'

Today I was walking to the teacher's room to grab my coffee and I saw the kid being dragged to a corner. I knew what was going on the moment I saw it and I just ignored what I saw and kept going my way.

The kid got roughed up and had to go home early while every soul at the class is silent shut about any suspects but I believe that everyone in the class knew about this for some time now.

I personally feel no remorse nor I plan to advance or help on the investigation. I just pretend nothing happened and gave my lecture as always.

No remorse but I can't change the flair."

A Fast Food Scam Paid For His First Car
A Fast Food Scam Paid For His First Car

"I worked at a fast-food chain in the '90s when I was in high school. When I worked there, they were in the process of phasing out denominational gift certificates. ($5, $10 & $25) The way it worked was if you spent more than half of the certificate they gave you the cashback. So if you ordered $5.50 worth of food and gave them one of the $10 gift cards, they gave you the $4.50 back in cash. My manager was in charge of destroying all the existing certificates as we transitioned to the more traditional credit card-looking gift cards.

So my manager said he shredded the certificates like he was supposed to, but one night when I was closing I found two boxes of the gift cards tucked deep in the dry storage room. They were FILLED with the certificates that were supposed to be shredded. So, I scooped them up, brought them out to the dumpster in trash bags, and threw them away. After we closed, I came back and recovered the bag, and brought the certificates home. I counted them. There were 1,000 $25, 1,000 $10, and 500 $5 certificates. None of them had expiration dates. The total haul was $40K in fast food certificates. My manager never said a word, he couldn't. He had reported them destroyed weeks earlier.

Over the next three years, my girlfriend and I toured every location in our state, and the next four states ordering food, and getting the change. We never kept track on a spreadsheet or anything, but we got good at knowing what menu items were just about half.

After the first year, we started saving the change in a shoebox, and let it build up.

I bought my first car for $7,800 cash from the change. And for some reason, a kiddie cone was $1.05, if you gave them a $5 cert they gave you $3.95 back. We threw away a lot of kiddie cones."

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