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-In The Hunger Games, I've always had a problem with the whole "Choosing a Tribute" thing. So they said in the books that if you add your name in the tribute jar more times then you get extra food. So why didn't the people of each district just band together to rig the system - imagine everyone doubled the amount of times they put their names in the jar, or tripled it (or more). The probability of being chosen as tribute would stay the same for everyone, but everyone would also be getting way more food too. Never made any sense.

-In The Avengers Nick Fury has been planning to put together The Avengers for a long time. But who exactly did he expect to populate the team with? As we learn, he didn't want Ironman on the team because "he doesn't play well with others." Captain America they couldn't have planned for because he was a surprise they found in the ice. Thor became involved because his brother Loki became involved (which Nick Fury didn't plan for.) They brought Bruce Banner in to be a scientist, he was used as a part of the main team later. And Hawkeye was only there to get revenge against Loki. So who was Nick planning to be on the team originally - a one woman army of Black Widow?

-Also in The Avengers In the first battle between Tony Stark and Thor, Thor hits Tony Stark with a big lightning bolt. Ironman's suit becomes supercharged from the lightning bolt and he uses this power to his advantage. However, later on in the movie, when Tony Stark's suit is dangerously low on battery, why didn't he just get Thor to power him up with another lightning bolt? Could have turned things around pretty quickly...

-In Fellowship of the Ring, a giant orc finds Marry and Pippin at one point, then screams Looks like meats back on the menu boys! How does this sentence make sense coming from the mouth of an orc? Do orcs typically sit down at fancy restaurants and peruse menus? How do they know what a menu is? Can orcs even read?

-In The Matrix, if the machines are harvesting and using human bodies just for their body heat and electromagnetic energy, why not just use cats, or giraffes, or hippos instead of humans? These animals wouldnt even need The Matrix to keep them happy, and there would be no chance of rebellion either.

-In Gremlins, we are told that you aren't supposed to feed the Mogwai after midnight, but when is it okay to feed them again without turning them into gremlins? When the sun comes up? 6am? Noon? If it was so important not to feed them after midnight, why didnt the store owner explain things in more detail?

-In The Walking Dead (Not a movie, but this is a good one). Consider the following. There are about 300 million people in America. The zombie apocalypse happens, lets say about 99% of the population are now zombies. That is 297 million zombies and 3 million survivors. If the survivors formed tiny scattered groups throughout the country, and each group is formed by an average of about 20 people, that is about 150 thousand scattered groups of people. Lets say the average person kills about 10 zombies a month (weve seen some characters killing a lot more zombies than this). This is 200 zombies killed in each group of survivors, per month. 200 times 12 months means 2,400 zombies dead per year. For all groups combined thats 2,400 times 150 thousand groups, which amounts to 360 million zombies killed every year. So in about one year, every zombie in America should have been killed pretty easily. In the show, the apocalypse has been going on for over 2 years, and theyve been constantly assaulted by a seemingly endless amount of zombies...

-In Toy Story: If Buzz Lightyear thought he was actually a space ranger and not a toy, how did he know to freeze and act like a toy in front of humans?

-In Cinderella, why didnt Cinderellas slipper revert back to normal after midnight? The rest of her outfit went back to normal, why not the shoe? The whole story plot of the story relies on the fact that she left that glass slipper behind, and yet it makes no sense.

-In The Harry Potter Series, why didnt they use Hermoines timeturner to save peoples lives instead of Hermoine just using it to take multiple classes? So much unnecessary death could have been avoided

-Also in Harry Potter, basilisk venom is shown to be one of the few things that can destroy a horcrux. We also learn that Harry himself was a horcrux. So how come he didnt disintegrate, get destroyed, or die instantly when he was bitten by the basilisk in Chamber of Secrets?

-In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Voldemort's plan to rig the Triwizard Tournament and have Harry touch the Cup (which was actually a portkey), is literally the stupidest, most convoluted plan ever. The plan could have easily failed should any of the teachers had the least bit of common sense. And wouldn't it have been much easier to just make something else the portkey, like a suitcase in Harry's room?

-In Star Wars, if Luke Skywalker was supposed to be hidden/kept safe from Vader by Obi Wan, why didnt they relocate Luke to a planet other than Vaders own homeplanet or even change his last name? Seems Obi Wan doesnt know much about witness relocation programs.

-In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Darth Vader is in the council room with his Imperial officers. One of them says, "Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader. Your sad devotion to that ancient Jedi religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you enough clairvoyance to find the rebels' hidden fortress," and Vader proceeds to force choke him. What annoys me is that, as is explained in the prequel films, the Jedi were still alive and extremely well known only 17-20 years prior to the events of A New Hope. Did everyone in the galaxy just forget that Vader and the Emporer recently killed all the jedi?

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