It is a little suspicious when the kid doesn't look like the 'alleged' father...

She Didn't Even Know She Was Pregnant?
She Didn't Even Know She Was Pregnant?


"There was a woman who was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve with abdominal pain after she fell (she had been drinking). A routine pregnancy test came back positive and the doctor thought that she was either a bit plump or about 30 weeks pregnant, to which she was oblivious. She wasn't even aware she was pregnant!

She was transferred to obstetrics, due to ongoing pain, which turned out to be contractions.

Her sister came in while I'm writing in her notes and I asked about her partner who apparently was on deployment with the Army until a month ago. He was already on the way, and he now knew she was pregnant, but not 30 weeks pregnant.

Soon after he arrived, she pretty much just coughed and out came her baby, eight weeks pre-term, but not in bad condition considering.

He quickly put two and two together and realized it clearly was not his child. She genuinely didn't even know what was happening as she is still pretty buzzed.

He just leaves and I presume never came back, especially now that he can see what a mess of a partner she is.

The next day I review her in our post-natal ward and she is discharged, although her baby is staying. She asks me what happened. Like this woman literally had no idea she was pregnant, admits to having slept with someone but can't remember who. She also doesn't remember her partner showing up and dumping her.

I felt sorry for her and the child. I mean, she might see this as a massive wake up call and turn her life around but she had everything stacked against her; a single unemployed mother with a baby she was totally unprepared for."

He Ended Up Getting Custody For All Three Kids!
He Ended Up Getting Custody For All Three Kids!

Jasminko Ibrakovic/Shutterstock

"My girlfriend's uncle (let's call him Jay) has three children (boy, girl, boy). The two oldest are both brunettes, have olive skin, look very alike, and have very computational brains. They look very much like their father's children. The youngest child is blonde, fair-skinned, and looks nothing like his siblings. He also has almost no computational element to his brain.

So right after this kid was born, Jay thought something about him was a bit different just from the blonde hair and pale skin. He didn't immediately accuse his wife of infidelity, but his ears were pinned back. He ends up catching her having an affair within a short period. They reconcile their differences, but it only lasts so long.

When their youngest kid is about four years old, she leaves him for her partner in crime. He is the blondest, palest guy of all time, and works in real estate. Jay fights for custody of all three children and wins.

He knows his second son isn't his, but he doesn't care. He told my girlfriend's mom that he always knew things didn't add up, but he will always love him as his son and treat him as such, even if there is no DNA shared between them."

How The Mother Got Caught
How The Mother Got Caught


"So I'm a neonatal intensive care unit nurse that was floating in the nursery where a baby was born with a genetic abnormality (had one missing limb) but otherwise, was doing fine.

The pediatrician was in the parents' room discussing with them the follow-up type of stuff for the baby: appointments with a geneticist, an orthopedic surgeon, etc. At some point in the conversation, the mother asked what the baby's blood type was, to which the pediatrician responded 'A+'. The father of the baby insisted that was impossible, as he AND his wife (this was their third baby) were both O-.

The pediatrician got totally flustered and came back to the nursery to verify the lab results - baby really was A+. We even went so far as to re-draw the baby's blood and re-test it - nope, A+. There is absolutely no chance that the baby belonged to that man.

The husband left the hospital soon after and didn't show up again until it was time to pick up the mom and baby to bring them home. The mom spent the rest of the hospital stay, lying alone, in the dark, mostly hiding under the covers."

He Spent Countless Nights In The Hospital With The Sick Baby
He Spent Countless Nights In The Hospital With The Sick Baby

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"A friend of mine found out that he was going to be a father to his girlfriend's child. He had gone down a dark path of substance abuse and we'd lost touch after a big fight about how he was messed up all the time and he was wasting his life.

He contacted me out of the blue to say that I was right. He needed to step up and be responsible, so he had quit everything cold turkey because he was going to be a dad. Apparently, he was going to help his girl get sober and they were going to have this kid and get married.

He really got his life together over the course of the pregnancy. He was clean, got a job, and got a nice place to live. She was not so dedicated. She continued to party throughout the entire pregnancy.

She ended up going into labor at 26 weeks. She gave birth to a premature substance-addicted baby boy. He went directly into the NICU. She stayed in the hospital and visited the neonatal intensive care unit until she was released. She then disappeared. She never visited the baby, never called to check on her son, didn't go home, just fell off the face of the planet.

He, however, spent every spare second in the hospital with that baby. But sadly, as the weeks passed, it became pretty obvious that the baby wasn't his as the skin tone evened out and hair started to come in. The chick was blonde with blue eyes. My friend is super pale, blonde hair, and has blue eyes. The baby was clearly half Hispanic.

He wanted to adopt the baby, but they wouldn't let him. The state took the baby boy and he went into foster care.

It totally messed him up for a long time. He relapsed for a while and got into a bad car accident. He spent some time in the hospital and then got everything back together. He's married now to a really nice girl and they rapidly had four kids that are his with another on the way."

There Was No Way The Kid Was His Son
There Was No Way The Kid Was His Son


"Back in college, I was seeing a girl for a while. It was getting kind of serious, more so for her than me apparently.

She winds up pregnant. I was young, didn't really know what to do, but knew if it was mine, I would do the right thing and be the father.

Major caveat - I have a physical condition that makes it highly unlikely that I can actually get anyone knocked up, and she knew this.

Anyway, she swears up and down, through the whole pregnancy, that it could only be mine, so I went along with it. I was out of town the weekend that the child was born. She apparently tried to reach me, but this was long before cell phones, and I had gone home to a different city with a college friend.

The child was born, so I went to see them a few times over the next few weeks. Shortly after that, my folks called to tell me that she had stopped by their house and introduced it to them as their new grandson. They were ecstatic and happy for me and all the fun stuff they anticipated about being new grandparents.

I had to basically put the brakes on real hard at that point and tell them I was pretty sure that it was not my kid. I pretty much knew after I saw the baby. I took one look at the baby and there was just no connection at all. It was a baby - I saw nothing there that I recognized as 'mine' in any way, shape, or form.

Due to the fact that she was already registered as unemployed with the government, the state mandated a paternity test. I figured I just might as well get it over with and showed up for the appointment when they told me to.

Once the results came back, there was a less than 1 percent chance that the baby was mine. I turned around and never looked back.

I have only seen her twice since then. It has been a little more 20 years now, but both times she was almost in tears trying to apologize for doing that to me back then. I learned of the father's identity through the grapevine and he already had a few kids running around, so he was no help to them at all. Not only that, but his poor health and other issues put him in an early grave, so that poor kid had no father figure growing up.

Thankfully, I kept a level head through the whole ordeal and even got a letter of commendation from the county prosecutors office saying that they wished even half the potential fathers were half as cooperative as I had been."

His Two Father-Figures?
His Two Father-Figures?

"My mom stayed with her husband at first and he is legally my father, but my dad decided he wanted to stay in the picture. My mom eventually married him and I have two dads.

My mom got married when she was 17 years old and had three sons with her first husband, I'm going to call him Ben. They were together for a long time, I think about 18 years total. Somewhere along the way, she realized she was caught in a loveless marriage but couldn't really do anything about it.

My dad, who I'll call Dave, moved in across the street and the two of them started spending time together and she started an affair with him. They weren't careful enough and next thing you know my mom is pregnant with me.

She knew from the get-go that I wasn't Ben's, and he kind of had an idea too because they weren't intimate that often and the math didn't work out. But I think he went along with it just because he didn't want to think about what she was doing behind his back.

My dad initially didn't want to have anything to do with me, so when I was born, they put down her husband's name on my birth certificate as the father and called it a day. Paternity tests were done, though, and my mom confirmed what she already knew.

Dave definitely didn't want to stick with my mom or me, so it was just agreed that Ben would raise me, as his, and they would all forget any of it happened. He was and is a great guy and an awesome dad.

Now, the way I heard that Dave is my dad, despite his convictions, was he couldn't stay away because he loved my mom so much and once he laid eyes on me he was head over heels.

Some of my earliest memories are visiting him in his apartment. At some point between the time I was two and three years old, my mom and Ben divorced. I don't remember it and was kept largely out of it, but I understand it was very messy.

Because I was legally Ben's daughter, I got the same visitations as my other brothers who were still underage. My mom and Dave married when I was four years old, and Dave was never happy about these visits, but I was because I loved Ben so much I still went. Ben was always 'Daddy,' Dave was 'Dad.' It was understood and I never confused the two or made reference to one being my parent in front of the other because even as a four and five-year-old, I knew the sensitive nature of the situation.

It was never confusing, either, because they really are two very different people who I think provided me with a great balance of paternal figures in my life.

Like I said, Ben was always 'Daddy.' He was sweet, endearing, with a heart of gold who just wanted his little girl to be happy and would spoil her rotten to see her smile and make stupid jokes to get a giggle out of her. Dave was 'Dad.' He was still kind and loved me to death, but more of the disciplinarian who I knew not to mess with.

My mom is not married to either of them now (another long-winded story entirely) but I consider both of them to be my father and I consider both of them to have done the best job they could have, and I think I turned out alright."

Wasting Nine Months Of His Life
Wasting Nine Months Of His Life


"My best friend's stepbrother was that guy who found out he wasn't the father because the baby was black.

The dude had gone to rehab twice and was doing really well. He came back home for a weekend and slept with his ex-girlfriend. He left and went back to his house (states away) to continue his newfound life. He got the call that she was pregnant and dropped everything to come back and be a father. We were really worried he would relapse but he was great.

So months of preparation goes by, and we all thought that he was going to be an awesome dad. All the worries about him relapsing were gone and he seemed ready to become the best dad he could ever be.

Well, the baby comes out, everybody's happy, but then the nurse takes him aside after a few minutes, and says, 'I want to ask you something. You do know that's not your kid right?' He says, 'What do you mean?'

'Well, that baby is at least half black, but the pigments are probably going to really darken.'

So he goes over to his ex-girlfriend and asks if there is any way that what the nurse just told him is true. She starts sobbing and breaks down completely. She then admits that she slept with a black guy right around the time he came back. So he says, 'Alright. I'm glad you and the baby are healthy. Have a nice life.'

He walks into the waiting room, where all the new grandparents are waiting, and ask him if everything is good. He responds: 'Yep. Healthy baby. Healthy mom. I'm NOT the father. I'm outta here.' And he walked right out the freaking door.

The girl's parents even wanted him to support the child. He moved back to where he got his life back together and is doing incredibly well. But man, I wish he had all that time back."

He Took Leave For Her!
He Took Leave For Her!

"When I was in the Navy, I had an on-again, off-again relationship with a girl back home.

On my last deployment, my girlfriend told me, via email, that she was knocked up; I accepted it, emailed my parents, told the military, all that jazz. I ended up getting discharged, so I went back home and took care of 'my' pregnant girlfriend. She had the baby and I thought I was the father for five months...

While she was on vacation with a 'girlfriend,' I received an email from her boyfriend telling me that they had been together for the last four months and also for the week in Myrtle Beach I bankrolled. After that, I bought a paternity test and found out the child wasn't mine. I told her I was done and wanted no contact.

The bad part is that my parents still babysit and treat the kid like their grandchild, so she's at a lot of family functions and such.

Also, the guy wasn't even the father. Forget her!"

The Guy Still Doesn't Know The Kid Isn't His!
The Guy Still Doesn't Know The Kid Isn't His!


"My best friend/former roommate once hooked up with a girl who claimed to be single. The next day, her insane boyfriend shows up at our apartment extremely angry because he thought my friend was sleeping with his girlfriend.

I spent the next few hours talking to the guy and convincing him that nothing could have happened because my best friend and I were out of town so they wouldn't kill him. The guy accepts it and leaves.

A week or so later, I run into the guy and his girlfriend and she pulls me aside and thanks me for covering for her.

About two years later, I run into them again and they have a little redhead son that looks exactly like my best friend. I ask the age and do the math, snap a picture of the happy family and move along. I show it to my best friend later and he goes dead silent. 'I think I'm the father,' is all he can say. The dad think's it's his, the mom knows it's my friend's kid and my best friend tried to make things right.

To be a jerk, every year on father's day, I send my best friend a card, because what else are friends for?"

The Family Members Create The Most Drama!
The Family Members Create The Most Drama!

"I work in a neonatal intensive care unit.

I see plenty of drama from our patient's family members.

The most recent and most jacked up family I can think of, at the moment, is a baby who was the love child of a mistress and a married man. However, the wife of the married man would come to visit the baby too, as if she were an aunt or a godmother. They were all involved and would all three be there all the time. The mistress's family members would come up there and berate her for being in such a crazy situation, but she wouldn't listen. The baby went home and life went on for whatever life is for them, I guess.

Another situation was a mom who had her baby by her boyfriend. While her baby was in our unit, she got pregnant again by another man who was not her boyfriend. That baby ended up in our unit as well.

The last drama involved redneck family members who were fighting and arguing all the time because the mom couldn't recall the identity of the father. Two men were up there, demanding paternity tests. We don't do them because a social worker (outside of the hospital) and a doctor have to be involved in order for it to happen.

There are so many mothers that have boyfriends that aren't the father of their baby. I don't judge this in any kind of way, but the boyfriend/partner/husband/whoever usually sticks around. If my partner was having a baby that wasn't mine, I doubt I'd stay. I'd also like to think these people have good intentions, but usually, it's to get part of the welfare check that some of the moms get for having a baby in the hospital. This sort of situation is so common."

Awkward News Delivered By The Nursing Student...
Awkward News Delivered By The Nursing Student...

Have a nice day Photo/Shutterstock

"I was a nursing student going through a labor and delivery rotation. We had a married woman with a preschooler who had given birth the previous day. If I remember correctly, she had O- blood and her baby either had A+ or B+ blood. In this situation, we give an injection so she doesn't develop antibodies for positive blood which could attack and kill a future fetus who has positive blood.

So I'm being a good student doing my patient teaching about why she was getting the injection and the mood of the room is very good-natured. The couple was laughing and joking...until I said the baby's blood type. They stopped in their tracks and did a 180. Luckily the husband's mom, who was in the room with the older child, wasn't paying attention.

I got out of there as fast as I could while they were talking about blood types. Then I ran and told my teacher thinking she would be angry at me. All she said was, 'Well, they would have found out sooner or later.'"

The Hair Color Saga
The Hair Color Saga

Ana Blazic Pavlovic/Shutterstock

"The first story is about my son:

I have dark blonde/light brown hair (depending on who you ask) and grey-green eyes and my husband has very dark (as close as you can get to black) hair and very dark brown eyes. We are both white.

My husband and I were both born with very light platinum blonde hair that darkened for both of us (we are both carbon copies of our respective fathers).

Fast forward to the birth of my son who was born with reddish-blonde hair and straight up brown eyes (no blue, threw us all for a loop since most newborns have some form of blue eyes). This was actually not weird, as both of our mothers had different varieties of red hair. Once he turned about 6 months old, his hair changed. It didn't really lighten or darken, so to speak, but his hair turned to shade very similar to mine, it was like he shed the red or something.

Again, my husband and I were both born with blonde hair, so no one really bats an eye...except my monster-in-law, who is not allowed near us via restraining order.

Apparently, someone snuck her a photo of our son and now she never shuts up about how 'that blonde little child is not her grandson.' I'm unsure if she truly believes this (if so, she is completely forgetting her son was born with blonde hair) or if this is 'payback' for us cutting her out of our lives because of her substance abuse, violence, and lies. Regardless, it's actually quite comical because our son is my husband's exact copy, except he has my hair.

Next one involves my mother:

My mother had six children, the oldest two (my younger brother and me) have the same father. My middle sister had another father and the last three (my baby brother and two baby sisters) are also supposed to have the same father, except for the youngest sister. She doesn't have his last name and looks nothing like the rest of us. Instead, she looks like my mother's current boyfriend, who she didn't 'officially' get with until my baby sister was three years old.

I won't bring it up, there's no reason or point to since the other 'father' has a drinking problem and doesn't see any of them anyway nor help support them. But, the fact remains that she looks near identical to the current boyfriend and his daughter from a previous relationship."

"Trying To Cover For My Dirty Excuse Of A Wife..."

"My first child was born in 1994. It was a high-risk pregnancy and being a good husband and dad, I paid the extra for the specialty hospital with the private room. The kid was delivered quickly, naturally, and with no complications early one morning.

Back in the room, there was a steady stream of different nurses and technicians testing and checking on mother and child. By late morning, our pediatrician (who was a drinking buddy and knew us both for years) came into the room with a worried look on his face. There also happened to be a nurse in the room fussing with the baby. Scared to death that something was wrong with my child, our pediatrician started stammering about my wife's blood type, my blood type, and how it wasn't possible for our child to have his blood type.

The nurse in the room, who no one knew, trying to cover for my dirty excuse of a wife, pipes up and says, 'Yes, it's possible.' My pediatrician friend looks me in the eye and says, 'No, it's not possible.' He says that he will have everyone's blood type retested for errors and then he disappears.

For the rest of the day, I stood against the wall fuming about the situation. Now the steady stream of nurses would come into the room with their heads down, start working on mom or child. Later that evening, we found out that this blue ribbon hospital we were paying extra for had the incorrect blood type for my wife."

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