He Couldn't Ignore This Reckless Driver
He Couldn't Ignore This Reckless Driver

I turned around to the other dad holding a badge. He then asks the driver for his driver's license.

Turns out the other dad was a highway patrolman. The driver was terminated."

They Came To Check In At The Perfect Time
They Came To Check In At The Perfect Time

"I'm an officer for what is essentially the UK's version of America's SWAT team. One day, a colleague and I were driving through a reasonably large town that we work in around midday. We were in plain clothes and an unmarked car. There had been loads of jewelry shop robberies recently so we were going along checking that everyone was okay. We pulled up and entered one of the stores to chat to some of the people we know. My colleague went out the back to check some CCTV when a rather large gentleman entered the shop with a long coat on.

He handed the assistant a note that read 'I hav a weapon, don't make me angry, I will shoot you, giv me all your jewels.' That is how he spelled it. The assistant shrieked which put the guy off. Next thing he knew he was face down on the floor with a glock muzzle to the back of his neck. Never before have I seen a grown man cry as much as he did."

This Situation Escalated Very Quickly
This Situation Escalated Very Quickly

"A few months back I was leaving drill (Army National Guard) and was still in uniform with one of my buddies, a fellow NCO named Russ. Normally I don't make any stops on the way home because I don't like being out in public with my uniform on but today was an exception. Going off of little sleep and in need of an energy drink or two and a pack of smokes to get where I needed to go, I stopped at a gas station. My buddy and I go in and commence browsing their fine selection of drinks and discussing the various merits of each option.

A few minutes later this white trash wannabe gangster enters the store and goes about doing what he apparently does best. He grabs a 12-pack, a lighter, and some chips before blatantly trying to cut in front of four or five other people. No one protests for some reason but the clerk does ask him to go the back of the line. He immediately becomes belligerent and starts yelling and threatening people. The clerk asks him to calm down and says she will call the police unless he leaves. He just gets angrier and says, 'You ain't gonna call anyone!' He's already drawn the attention of my friend and I. Without a word, we set our stuff down and approach him. Being the bigger and stronger one I approach him from behind while Russ goes around to flank him. This is how our interaction went down.

Me: 'Hey buddy, why don't you calm down and do what the lady says, you're making this situation a little difficult.'

Jerk: 'Why don't ya mind your own business there, soldier boy,' he says once he turns around.

Me: 'I'd like to, sir, but you're threatening people here and I'm not going to stand for it.'

The jerk smirked, set his stuff down and tried to crack his knuckles (seriously, who does this?) and says 'I'm gonna beat ya, no one tells me what to do!'

Russ: 'I wouldn't advise that sir, we are more than capable of defending ourselves and detaining you until the police show up.'

At this point, the clerk was calling the police and giving them our location.

Jerk: 'You [n-word]!' He yells and swings on Russ. Thankfully Russ is a quick guy and stepped back just in time to avoid the blow.

I grabbed his free arm and pinned it to his back as I put him on the ground. He starts screaming, making threats, and then starts crying about how he can't go back to jail and that he has warrants. Russ and I started laughing. I know, it's kind of a horrible but the way he went from tough guy to begging was too funny. Plus we're your typical disturbed combat veterans so we'll laugh at most anything anyway. A few minutes later the police show up and start doing their thing. The jerk made some claims we attacked him for no reason but the various witnesses and cameras pretty much proved him to be lying. We hung around for a bit, made our statements, paid for our stuff, and then scooted on out of there. Oh, and on a side note after talking to the arresting officer, we found out he had warrants out for assault and domestic abuse."

Maybe He Was Just Really Hungry
Maybe He Was Just Really Hungry

"I am a police officer in one of the smaller cities surrounding Jackson, Mississippi. While on my way home one night I decided to hit the drive-thru at McDonald's.

There were two cars already in the drive-thru and one more showed up around the same time as me. So as the other car and I enter the drive-thru using the proper route, this idiot decides he's going to try to cut in on us. The car in front of me attempts to pull forward and not let this lazy jerk into the line. The guy starts yelling out of the window 'move your car, I'll beat you up,' etc etc. Now I'm watching this thinking this guy is an absolute lunatic. I couldn't believe it. The car pulls forward and successfully blocks him out of the line.

At that point, this crazy dude exits his truck and grabs his tire iron from the back and starts going to town on this guy's front end. There is plastic and stuff flying everywhere. When I see the tire iron, I hop out of my car but not in time to stop the damage. I'm in plain clothes but I have my badge on a chain and my leg holster on. I didn't have my taser strapped on so I draw my weapon on him and yell the standard orders at him. That's when this guy really freaked out.

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