Last week, a polar vortex hit most of the United States. The vortex caused snow to fall in unfamiliar places, including Texas. As snow days were granted left and right, and power outages hit in certain areas, some children were left to entertain themselves the old fashion way: building a snowman. 

But seeing the children have fun building snowmen like the iconic Frosty The Snowman only fueled the fire in Karen The Grinch. Karen watched as the children had their fun, assuming she'd be the one to have the last laugh.

As darkness fell, and the children went inside to be warm with their families, Karen and her cold heart set out upon the night. Watch as she approaches one of the snowmen below:

If knocking Frosty over wasn't evil enough, jumping on him to finish the job surely was. But fear not, Frosty was the one who got the last laugh here. Karen got what she deserved!

But still, RIP Frosty.