This granny wasn't going down without a fight!

Medals are usually reserved for civil servants and other selfless acts, but the Amplifon Awards had to give an accolade to this feisty 83-year-old grandmother.

Shopkeeper June Turner was caught on camera fighting off a burglar when he decided to rob her newsstand. Armed with only her cane, the tenacious Turner took a swing at the robber, thwacking him multiple times.

"I said, ‘You’re not having my money,'” she told reporters. “I couldn’t find the panic button, so I got my stick and I really belted him with it...I went hell for leather on him."

Turner received the Amplifon Awards for Brave Britons in the Act of Courage for her show of bravery.

In the video, the perpetrator is wrapped in some kind of cloak or blanket then gets behind the counter. While the thief attempts to grab some cash, Turner takes her cane and lets loose, hitting the man several times before he leaves the stand practically empty-handed.

The granny also insisted that she would do it all over again in a hearbeat-- “but with something heavier.”

“He won’t be so lucky next time,” she said.

As for the robber, 28-year-old Aaron Mountford was later caught and sentenced to two years for the crime.