Don't get in the way of these old folks and their bingo! That's at least one lesson learned in Mississauga, Canada when seniors were asked to stop their unlicensed bingo tournaments.

After some complaints to the city about unlicensed gambling, the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission took it upon themselves to crack down.

The seniors of Brampton couldn't have cared less about the new law though. Simply interested in betting quarters on the weekends, the stakes are obviously not high and the retirement homes are obviously not some kind of shady gambling front.

“It’s non-profit,” Gord Thompson said to Toronto City News. “If they were making a profit off it, I could see it. But they aren’t making any money off of it at all.”

“Isn’t that just wonderful?” another senior said sarcastically. “It’s pathetic is what it is.”

So what is the verdict on the vaunted bingo fiasco?

Well honestly, both parties are not really inclined to step in. The seniors just want to pass the time and the fuzz isn't about to break up some old folks playing bingo. So maybe in that sense, the senior citizens of Mississauaga fought the law and won.