Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.

Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "Hotel staff of Reddit, what is the creepiest, weirdest, most unexplained event that you've experienced on the job?"

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1. The dark event room

I'm a set up manager at a hotel for big events. I was double checking all the rooms before I went home for the day and I went into one of the event rooms and flicked on the lights. I kid you not but there was an adult naked man in the dark. He flinched when I turned the lights on and it scared me. I sort of yelled "What are you doing?”

Turns out he was swimming and needed a place to change. Instead of just going to his room like a normal person would, he chose a dark event room.


2. Pythons need bath time, too!

My dad used to work in a hotel. A few years ago, he hears a scream from a maid as she's cleaning one of the rooms. He runs in, and there's a giant python just chilling in the bathtub. This thing is apparently like four feet long.

They tried to track down the couple who had just checked out of the room, but the number they'd given the front desk wasn't working. Eventually animal control showed up and took the snake.

That poor maid was terrified to clean the bathrooms for awhile.


3. This lift is obviously full

Got into a lift from the top floor to head down. Lift stopped at 4th floor, door opened, saw people outside standing still, making no attempt to come in despite me being alone inside and there was room for them. The automatic lift door then closed and before it was completely shut, I heard someone outside said "Why is the lift so full of people?”


4. Just stay in one room, mister!

We have this guy who always has hookers. Not than surprising since we are a brand that promotes a party lifestyle. But recently the dude came down and asked me to give him a different room, was super vague about his reasoning: the room "wasn't cleaned well enough.” So whatever, I do it and about 30 minutes later we get a call down from the original room which in our system comes up as vacant, from a woman attempting to order room service. So essentially this guy had sex with one lady, and then switched rooms, got a new hooker and left the first one in the original room. My supervisor had to interrupt his back to back session for some explanation and he just had his tail between his legs.


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