Mortified Parents Recall The Most Awkward Phase Their Kid Went Through.

Mortified Parents Recall The Most Awkward Phase Their Kid Went Through.


Parents of Reddit were asked: "What phases did your child go through that was awkward for you?" These are some of the cringiest answers.

1. You really can't help but chuckle

My son just turned 3 years old last month and has started this phase where he has to get my wife's attention in public places and declare to her loudly that his "peepee is big now." He wont tell me but he makes damn sure my wife knows. She hates but I can't help but laugh.


2. This, this is a weird one

My son went through a phase when he pretended he was his own imaginary friend. He followed himself everywhere. Sometimes they fought. He lost himself in a store one day and ran up and down the aisles screaming his own name. My son was a strange kid.


3. This one is absolutely mortifying.

My daughter is 7 and my son is 4. We live across the street from a shopping center and to get there we have to cross 2 crosswalks. My wife and I made the mistake of telling the kids that we had to wait for "the white man" to flash before we could cross. No big deal, no incidents, I didn't think anything of it - it was simply a matter of fact.

THEN my friends come to town and stay with us. We all decide to take the kids into the shopping center to get something to eat. We get to the cross walk and my kids (can't remember which) said something like "Wait! We have to wait for the white man, he'll tell us to cross!". My friends both lose it and my kids start hamming it up. Saying stuff like "The white man is great!" And that sort of thing - keep in mind that it's nice out and cars are close, with their windows down... So they can hear us. My wife and I are mortified.

NOW EVERY TIME we get yo the crosswalk my kids start yelling about the white man. We are trying to get them to stop...


4. It's like playing skimpy dress up!

My daughter, probably aged around 2 yrs went through a stage of going into my undies drawer and putting as many undies as she could find around her neck. She would then walk through the house like it was totally normal, regardless of who was over. Glad I took lots of photos!


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