People That Are Estranged From Their Parents Share Their Heartbreaking Stories.

People That Are Estranged From Their Parents Share Their Heartbreaking Stories.


You have most likely experienced fights and arguments with your parents, and probably have stopped talking to them for a few days or weeks as a form of protest. But to what extent have you ever kept up this 'no more contact' deal?

In this article, xx people that are no longer in contact with their parents share the final straw.

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1. Favoring one child over the other

I served in the USMC and was deployed to Iraq in 2004. I trusted my mother with my power of attorney, thinking she would have my best interest at heart. For my pay grade and time served overseas, I should have come home to ~$34K, a nice sum piled up to start my young life. However, when I returned to the states and checked my bank balance, there was less than $4,000... My mother had spent my money buying nice gifts for my brother and her boyfriend, including college tuition and a new jeep. That was 10 years ago, and I haven't spoken to her since the day I found my account balance and was told what she did.


2. Don’t look back

I slowly started having less and less contact with them when I went into foster care at 15. Legally I couldn't block them out of my life until I turned 18, but I could "wean" myself off them bit by bit until that day.

I think the final straw was probably the day I finally got out. She had called the police saying I threatened to kill my younger siblings. I had been locked in my room since I had come home from school and hadn't even spoken to anyone else. The cop that came that night gave me a choice on how I could finally leave that abusive situation and I took it. The final straw was when I walked down stairs with the cop and she was tearfully saying how I shouldn't go and how much she'd miss me and on and on....after the years of hell and horror she put me through I was just done and I knew as soon as I could I would be cutting her and her husband out of my life.

Went no contact the day I turned 18 and haven't spoken to either for 7 years. One of the best decisions I have ever made.


3. Leaving and crawling back for pity

I guess he left the state when I was twelve, next time I heard from him was my 21st birthday. It was a self pitying missive about how much he missed me. I responded something to the tune of, "You owe me 100 grand in child support and I'm not the one who changed my address and phone number in 2002." He shot back with more delusional self pitying garbage, and now I try to ignore my annual birthday ruining message.


4. Causing chaos and fleeing

I haven't spoken or seen my father in about 7 years. He was a horrible father who hit my mother throughout my whole life, and even before I was born. Mom sent him to prison twice for domestic violence, but she always went back to him as she thought it would be better to take care of me with two parents in the picture. Final straw was when my dad got aggressive in front of me at my mom and she fled the house with me and got a restraining order straight away. There's a lot more stuff to the story, but I wont get into it too much. He the house with all the valuables before the cops showed up at the door to escort him out. I am so happy that he's gone and I hope that for as long as I live I never see him again.


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