Seasoned Parents Share Their Most 'Pro Parent Tip' That You Can't Find In A Book

Seasoned Parents Share Their Most 'Pro Parent Tip' That You Can't Find In A Book


Parenthood is hard. Thankfully, these wise parents are here to make it easier with their pro parenting tips. Enjoy!

1. An ancient old lady who had 6 awesome kids told me "Don't ever forget your child is going to be an adult. Raise them to survive". A similar, but kind of guarded version of that, told to me by an older Jamaican woman was "let a puppy nip you, you get a dog that bite you.

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2. Read to your kid before they go to bed. It could literally be anything. Doesn't have to be a kids book. This will help them spend more time with you and improve their reading skills, and I'm sure they'll remember it when they're older.


3. A great piece of advice I got from a long time friend, that helped when my son was 5, or 6, etc. was to make sure that he knows we ALWAYS love him. Even when we get mad. I taught him this regularly when there was no conflict. And when he'd get angry or in trouble and his mom and I seemed angry at his misbehavior, I would remind him and test him. I'd say, "Right now you're in trouble and mom and I are mad. But even though we're mad right now…" and he'd reply, "You still love me." Kids need to know that their parents always love them. Even when they're in trouble. Parents need to know that discipline can be enforced to teach life lessons and can still be loving. My son has grown up with confidence and a respect for right and wrong.


4. No baby ever died from crying.

There will be times when you're at your wits end and they just. Won't. Stop. Crying.

It's ok to put the baby down, step out of the room, and take a moment to breathe/calm down/recenter yourself.

The worst night of being a parent was the night I came home from work at midnight. My wife, in tears, told me it was my turn. Our son had been crying non stop for the last six hours. The only way for someone to calm him was to walk with him. I took over and had to walk all night after working two jobs. I couldn't even sit in the rocking chair. Finally around 6 am he exhausted himself. I was supposed to be at work at 10 that morning but called and said I couldn't do it. I really needed the money too. I am glad it just happened that one time.

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5. Screw your pride

Let them make mistakes. Let them win arguments if they're right. Screw your pride.

If they break something they don't need, don't (Continue)

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