Restaurant Employees Share The Craziest Orders Customers Actually Made.

Restaurant Employees Share The Craziest Orders Customers Actually Made.


You don't want any pickles on your hamburger? Fine. You want soy milk instead of regular milk? Fine. You want me to microwave your milkshake because you're "allergic to cold"? That's weird.

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1. Spice girl.

I had a lady tell me it was impossible to make a dish too spicy. When I told the cooks, they took it as a personal challenge.

I don't remember what they put in it, but I do know that someone ran to a grocery store for a special ingredient. It was literally the spiciest thing I have ever smelled. Just being an arm’s length away from it for 30 seconds while I delivered it had me coughing and tears steaming down my face. Guests at nearby tables complained about the smell.


She ate everything. She ate every single bite and then scraped up the remaining sauce and ate that too.


2. Now THAT'S how you treat a hangover.

I worked in fine dining for a while.

I had one lady order creme brûlée french toast with a fruit loops crust and a bottle of champagne with two carafes of orange juice.

We made it. Actually, we made a whole batch and the workers ate it. It was actually really good.


3. Like a baby bird.

It wasn't so much the order that was disturbing, but the post order request. He asked me to chew up the food and put it back onto his plate. No medical reason. No missing teeth. Not old. Just creepy. He got very upset when I declined.


4. Rock lobster.

I worked at a restaurant/fishmarket type of establishment, where we sold raw product but would also prepare the food on the spot. One day I was helping an old lady out and she told me had never had a whole lobster and would love to try one. As she was shopping in the fishMARKET portion, I assumed she wanted it alive. (continued...)

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