18 People Share Their Most Embarrassing Sexual Experience.

18 People Share Their Most Embarrassing Sexual Experience.


Everybody has their embarrassing sexual stories, and some of them are absolutely jaw-dropping.

Below are 18 stories of the most mortifying sexual experiences people have had. Check them out!

1. Just wanted a cup of tea.

My boyfriend was going down on me in the lounge room and his mum walked it, screamed, turned around and hit her head on door, then proceeded to say, "I just wanted to make myself a cup of tea"


2. Plot twist!

I was young and at a girlfriend's house and we decided to try a new position. Everything was great until she was just dismounting when it went wrong. Her bedroom door swung open and in walked her mum!

I remember making eye contact with her mother through the triangle made by my pelvis and the girls thighs!

The look of shock on her face was unbelievable and probably mirrored my own. My girlfriend screamed for her to get out which she hastily did before calling through the closed door in a very angry tone, 'Why isn't he even wearing a condom?' Mortified. I'd like to add that I once bumped into the mother about 10 years later in a bar. She bought me a drink and invited me back to her house. I politely declined.

Dave Jones

3. Oh that's not good.

I decided to spend the night with my girlfriend in a hotel. The only simple thing I had to do was to call my mother on the phone and tell her that I was going to stay with a friend from school. So there was me and my girl, we were driving to the nearest hotel, I tell her to...(Continued)

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