People Throughout History Who Refused To Die.

People Throughout History Who Refused To Die.


They say when your numbers up, your number is up. Try telling that to these people. Here is a list of 16 people who refused to die.

1. "Receive My Soul"

Anne Greene was sentenced to death by hanging for murdering her "bastard" child, and hiding the body in her boss's house. Seems a little grim, but it was 1650 and what was an unwed mother to do. She was taken to the gallows and fitted with a noose. Her chilling last words were "Sweet, Jesus receive my soul." The hangman kicked the stool from beneath her feet, and Anne's body hung for half an hour.

Anne Greene had always proclaimed her innocence, and her friends were on her side. To quicken her death they thumped on her chest, and hung with their weight upon her legs, lifting her up and pulling her down again with a sudden jerk. Thankfully, someone stopped the madness, they cut her down and put her in a coffin, which was to be delivered to a doctor for "research".

As the doctor began cutting her open he got quick the surprise. One touch of the scalpel on her chest and Anne's corpse let out a groan.

What happened next depends on who you ask. Some people say the doctor immediately tried to warm her body, and revived her. Others say the doctor tried to kick her dead by stomping on her chest, the force so strong it ended up jump starting her heart.

Whichever you prefer, it doesn't change the happy ending to this story. Anne was declared innocent of her crimes, and she lived a long life bearing three more children.

2. Slip And Fall

It was a crisp fall day in 1571, Mathew Wall was a local farmer and he was on his way to his funeral. Why you say? Well, the whole village of Braughing in Hertfordshire was there, and it's be rude not to show up to ones funeral. While the villagers were walking to the event, Wall was getting carried by four pallbearers in a coffin.

As they neared the church, one pallbearer slipped on some wet leaves, and dropped the coffin. Everyone in the crowd jumped as they heard the coffin crashing down, but they would be even more spooked by what they heard next. (Story continues on the next page!)

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