We all love dogs. But some of us have mmmmmaybe taken it a bit too far. These are some signs saying you're a total dog person.

We all love our dogs. But there are some of us that are total dog people. Perhaps too much? Na, no such thing. Right??

They aren't property.

The idea that you "own" a dog is abhorrent to you. Do you own a child?? No! These are your family members, not something that can be bought and sold.

Never alone.

You can't remember the last time you were ACTUALLY alone. Popping down to the store? Take the dog. Out to a bar? Only if it's dog friendly. You may or may not have asked about their dog policy in your work interview. That's fine, this is all fine.

How Long Will That Take?

On the rare occasion you do leave your dog, you will change your schedule around to make sure they aren't alone long. No, I can't stay over, I need to get home to Max. In fact, going out happens less now because the idea of leaving them alone suuuuuucks.

But Look At Him.

Your social media feed is so filled with photos of your dog that friends and family have forgotten what you look like. "Can you post some photos of you?" they ask. Ummmmmm no, have you seen how cute his face is?!

Your Dog Eats Better Than You Do

You survive on a diet of ramen and $1 Taco Bell meals, but the dogs gets premium grain-free food that costs close to $50 a lb. Because of course, they deserve the best!

How About Now.

Your dog sitter (the rare time you need one) has specific instructions about how often you need an update (always) and photos (every half hour).

Kisses Are Normal.

Some people are grossed out by dog kisses. Those people are weird. Dog slobber is a sign of love and the people who don't like it need to re-assess themselves!

Let's Be Real, It's Their Bed

They get the primo spot on the bed and you work around it. Yes, sometimes it's not the most comfortable thing, and they tend to snore, but it's sooooo cute.

They Understand You.

You have been known to have full-on conversations with your dog, but it's because they know and understand you better than anyone else. They don't use words, but the look on their face says everything.

Best Time Of The Year

Halloween is your favorite time of the year because you and your dog have A LOT of costumes. And some of them may be matched. Ok, a lot of them are matched.