It Begins

It's happening. Dogs are finally talking. Well not exactly, but we are getting closer and closer. Professional speech pathologist Christina Hunger has begun teaching her 18-month-old dog Stella to 'speak' through the use of a sound board. Stella can communicate using 29 words, and is on her way to learning more.

Stella communicates by pressing on buttons that each communicate a different word. If Stella wants to go outside, she presses the outside button. If she wants food, she presses the food button. Christina has even taught Stella the say 'I love you' when she is feeling particularly happy.

“She definitely says ‘outside’ the most. She absolutely loves being outside,” Hunger said in an interview with CNN. Anyone with a dog shouldn't be shocked by this, there is nothing they love more than getting to go outside!

Stella is also a fan of using the term 'look' to get Christina's attention.

The question now is whether this is the future? Will we keep seeing dogs learning human words and starting to talk to us? As someone with four dogs, part of me hopes not. When dogs want something, they are obsessive, and I'm not sure I'm ready to have the word 'outside' blasting through my house!

What do you think? Are you ready to have your dog talking to you?