As a classic mascot who's been around for more than 100 years, it was safe to say Mr. Peanut was here to stay.

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Cashew on the beach. It's a shell of a time! ????

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That is, until a social media campaign showed the iconic legume being killed off in a fiery car crash.

It starts out innocently enough- Mr. Peanut is driving alongside a cliff in the peanut mobile, jamming along Cutting Crew's hit song, I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight with friends Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. Suddenly, an armadillo causes them to run off the road. All three passengers manage to grab a branch, but their combined weight causes it to crack. Mr. Peanut makes the ultimate sacrifice for his friends, and falls onto the crashed peanut mobile. It seems like he might survive, until the car explodes.

Fans everywhere where shocked by this; after all, what's Planters Peanuts without Mr. Peanut? Luckily, answers were promised to come in a Superbowl Halftime show. As said in a recent Today article, Mr. Peanut has been brought back to life.

Although, not in a way most people saw coming. During his funeral, classic mascots such as Mr. Clean and the Kool-aid Man were shedding tears as Snipes gave a eulogy. Kool-aid Man's tears proved to be magical, as one causes a plant to grow, revealing the new Baby Nut.

While most people are divided on whether or not this was a good idea, one thing's for sure; the memes are excellent.