Everything Turned Out OK In The End


Everything Turned Out OK In The End

Come to find out, when he called his mom, she pointed out that they have a second cousin who is albino and maybe the baby got that gene. Turns out that's what happened, the baby was albino."

It Was Something She Never Knew Until Adulthood


It Was Something She Never Knew Until Adulthood

"I'm a nurse. I had an older male patient who was in for anemia with critically low hemoglobin levels, receiving a few units of blood. I'd been taking care of him the last couple of days, and his daughter was visiting at the time with the patient's wife and him. We had to do our 2 nurse identification process for the blood, where we go over the name, ID numbers, and blood type for confirmation before hanging it on the patient. When we were going through it, the daughter stops us and asks us what blood type we just said. I didn't really understand why at the time, but I told her again, and she got really concerned we may be using the wrong blood.

She said that couldn't be right because she was an anatomy professor, and there was no way the crossmatch could be right because she was AB, and she knew her mom had type A, so her dad couldn't possibly be A also. I didn't think much of it and went back to the doctor to ask him for another crossmatch, and he was like, 'Oh, yeah, she might not be his daughter then.' We ordered another crossmatch, and sure enough, it came back as an A blood type. She just sat in the corner really quiet the rest of the day with a really sad look on her face. Her mom and dad didn't really get what was going on, but I know she had some idea."

How Many Fathers Just Don't Know?

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How Many Fathers Just Don't Know?

"I was an intern (what you have to do after finishing your medical degree) and checked on a mother, father and baby's blood type (among other things), handing the results to the nurse and tell her to get them done again. I pointed out the lab should pay some more attention this time. The nurse and patient are confused, so I explain to them how blood groups work and how the result has to be wrong. The patient asks me if I am under the medical oath (meaning I can't tell her husband or others, using specific names). I answered that I am not allowed talking about her medical record with anyone. She just nods and says the blood test is most likely correct, but I am not allowed to tell the father - her husband (since science says he isn't the biological father). Kinda scared me a bit how easy she said that. Made me wonder how many people fathers are out there not knowing about their children."

She Lied To Everyone


She Lied To Everyone

"I worked as a lab tech before I became a nurse. We had a set of twins in the NICU that were super early and the mom was still in the OR getting sewed up from the cesarean. I was drawing Baby B's blood when mom was wheeled over to Baby A's isolette. She was crying and said, 'Oh thank god you're not black! I have been so worried for the last 7 months.'

So newborn babies, especially when they're born early, are very pink, almost red. So even if a baby was part-black, their skin isn't necessarily dark yet. But looking at these babies, it was obvious they were going to be black. The shape of the face, the texture of the hair, and Baby B that I was working on had an intense Mongolian spot.

A few weeks later, my NICU nurse friend told me that the babies were now on a 'no-info status' security alert, meaning we can't give anyone information about them, can't refer to them by name, etc. She said there was a huge fight because the mom's husband (white guy) obviously noticed that the babies were half black and that mom had cheated on him and got pregnant. The real dad (black guy) came in and didn't realize the mom was even married.

Those poor babies."

Everyone Who Might Be The Father Was There
Everyone Who Might Be The Father Was There

"My father is an OB/GYN, so he has some good stories. His latest story is about a women who came to his office with her husband and her boyfriend. They don't know who the father is, and they can't find out until the baby is born, so both men want to be there during doctor appointments and the birth. The two men were surprisingly cordial with each other but I'm betting a paternity test will be run before the umbilical cord is even cut."

He Is Lucky For The Nurse


He Is Lucky For The Nurse

"My (ex)girlfriend delivered a baby while I was in the delivery room, and turns out it wasn't mine.

She was 16, I was 15. All along I was under the impression that this kid was mine, and time to be an adult. I took all the classes, read the books, worked every night/weekend to save whatever money I could as a 15-year-old. I finally get the call that she is in labor, so I have somebody rush me to the ER. Luckily for her, it wasn't a long labor, only about 6 hours, but there was a complication. The baby came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. The doctor assured us it was going to be OK, but the nurses were prepping for things to go south.

The baby comes out, it's a light shade of purple, and the nurses immediately take the baby and put on the smallest mask you have ever seen, to help it get oxygen I guess. I was too panicked to ask a lot of questions. They state they need to keep the baby on watch overnight, so I stay in the room with the ex.

The next evening, the baby is back in the room with us, and all seems well. My ex is asleep, and the same nurse from the night before comes into the room and beckons me out. She states that at risk of her losing her job, she has to break some harsh news, I couldn't believe what she told me.

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