Dating can reveal some of the wildest people on this planet. Regardless of gender, there are people out there who, by date three, may have already revealed themselves to be a deranged maniac.

These stories happen to feature men encountering some of the strangest, most violent women in their love lives. It didn't end well for many of these fateful men, and it will certainly be awhile before they log back into their dating apps. This bizarre content has been edited for clarity.

Ridiculous Road Trip
Ridiculous Road Trip

"We started hooking up, and she got clingy very quick. She talked about moving in and marriage the first week or so. When I told her I wanted to keep it casual, she flipped. Calling and texting non-stop. Stopping by my house three to four times a day to 'check in' and see what is going on. When I realized that she couldn't handle this type of relationship, I cut things off. Stopped answering my front door and phone. She was relentless. I even brought the police to my house for a wellness check.

Anyway, she seemingly got the point and I didn't hear from her for a while until my mom called. She had driven to their house to try to get them to convince me that we should be together. During this discussion, she shared all the intimate details of our relationship with them.

My parents live 2,300 miles away from me. You read that correctly. She drove across America to drop in on my folks. They were not amused. I forgot to add that we are in our 40s.

She had never met my parents, and I guess she just used Google to figure out where they lived. It was very inappropriate to include them. According to my dad, she got graphic describing our romance. Not sure what her end game was, but my folks were nice for about 30 minutes and then told her to hit the road."

Babysitting Under The Influence
Babysitting Under The Influence

"I had a car break down on me and couldn't pick up my kids. With her being home all day, I asked if she was able to pick them up as a favor. I told her it wasn't a problem if she couldn't, but I just really could use the help. She picks them up no problem.

Anyway, I get home and she is napping. My kids are watching TV, but one of them is under two so maybe shouldn't be unsupervised. I don't think much of it because she is younger and maybe didn't think before napping, and it's only been an hour or so. I go to fix a drink after cooking up some dinner for everyone. A half liter of a hard drink is empty from the cupboard.

In the two hours I had left her alone to run errands, she had drank that much and still gone to pick up my kids before passing out in the room. I moved her out that same weekend."

"My Ex Stabbed Me In The Neck"
"My Ex Stabbed Me In The Neck"

"My EX stabbed me in the neck and chest with a pair of nail clippers whist we were on holiday. She was always a little wild, but we had been dating for four years and I really loved her. We had a free bar, and she got wasted on the first night. She saw me giving another girl directions to the toilets and accused me of trying to hit on other girls. She went to our hotel room in a mood.

I followed shortly after and as she opened the door, she was wielding a pair on those short bladed nail clippers, stabbed me three times, and locked me out of the room. I stood there bleeding, begging her to let me in. She called the hotel reception and told them I had beaten her. The police came and arrested me. After the medic patched me up (luckily only flesh wounds), I spent a night in a Tunisian cell. They let me out the next day because she didn’t want to press charges. I got back to the room, and she tried to hook up with me. I refused, packed my bags, and never looked back. The twist here was I’d had an engagement ring hidden in my luggage. Lucky escape.

Sadly the story didn’t end there. My car got keyed, my windscreen got smashed in twice, and everyone in our mutual friends group turned on me because she accused me of abuse. It was only me sending screen shots of abusive messages and photos of my bruises to our friends that they finally saw the real picture.

That was the finale so to speak. She was always jealous, and she used to push me about and hit me, but I did the typical man thing. 'Men can’t be victims of domestic abuse.' She was a small girl, I’m a big guy. I never put a hand on her once. I stayed with her because she destroyed my self-esteem, I thought I would never get a girl as attractive as her, and she would tell me that on a regular basis.

Fast forward 15 years I’ve been married for 10 years to an absolutely wonderful woman who is more attractive than her in every way, and we have and incredible son. Couldn’t be happier!"

The Aliens Are Coming!
The Aliens Are Coming!

"She tried to kill me. My ex-fiancée Theresa was crazy. The straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, was her telling me that she regularly talked to her dog. And of course you know he talked back to her. She and the dog were convinced that aliens were sending signals (messages maybe?) to all the people of the planet to mess with her life. I pretty much broke up immediately with her when she said that. Even though I really loved her, I was young and knew that I was in no way capable of handling someone with such strong mental issues.

The day after we broke up, she took three out of four lug nuts off of one of my tires, but left the last one on nice and tight. She was hoping as I was driving that the pressure would snap the last one and throw my tire off, hopefully on the highway. I was too young and stupid to understand how the wobble I was feeling was BAD news, and that I should have pulled over immediately. I got lucky the wheel didn't snap off on the highway. My dad called me at work to say, 'You better check your car because there are three lug nuts sitting on the ground where your car was this morning.'

I called cops, but they didn't seem to care, since nothing had really happened in their eyes. They didn't even seem interested in having me fill out a restraining order. They just assumed it was just a couple of teenagers in a love spat.

I had one other run in with her later, but it's been over 25 years since I've had to deal with that level of crazy."

"It's Been Seven years, And I Still Get Messages"
"It's Been Seven years, And I Still Get Messages"

"We started dating in the summer before our freshman year. It had been about a year or two of people pressuring us to date due to us being together. I was best friends with her younger brother, and they were our neighbors. We would pend practically every day together going back to the fifth grade until the day we broke up. It started with jealousy due to the fact that I get along better with girls than guys. Aside from her brother, another guy in my grade, and my cousins, I had no male friends. She moved at the end of our sophomore year to a neighboring city/school, which made her trust in me diminish more because she couldn't keep an eye on me and my friends. Her friends started to tell me how she would ask for updates all the time, and eventually, they cut ties with her.

Jealousy turned to controlling with the major red flag of a post to my Facebook wall of, 'I'm jealous of your family who sees you every day.' She wanted me to check in between classes, before and after work, call during any breaks and school lunch etc. Once she got her license, she would just show up and sit in the lobby at my job (which was a 45-minute drive from her house). I worked as a dishwasher/cook at a private golf club, so they started to say I was going to be fired since she wasn't a member.

I broke things off mid junior year. She tried to get a job where I worked shortly after, but her littler brother (my best friend turned distant friend) got the job instead. I started getting pictures texted to me of my dog in my yard with a text along the lines of 'you weren't home.' I got notes on my jeep's steering wheel.

I got a new girlfriend beginning senior year and the crazy ex threatened her multiple times to the point that the new girlfriend's parents were able to get a restraining order.

It's been seven years, and I still get messages from new phone numbers, Facebook accounts, YouTube pages. I tried to get a no contact/restraining order, but the police think I'm not in enough danger to require one. So I applied for a concealed carry license the next day.

About two years later I was having a movie night with a girlfriend when a message popped up on our television through DIRECT TV from my crazy ex trying to get in touch with me."

I OWED Her A Child!
I OWED Her A Child!

"There was this one girl. She was HOT. But she was self centered, vapid, and kinda boring. She had no ambition in life, and was always asking for or demanding stuff. After two months of hooking up, I decided to break it off. I said we could still be friends, but I wanted more in a relationship than just hooking up. She calmly looked at me and said, 'Okay, if that is the way you want it,' and I left her house. I was a little concerned with how she would handle it. I had seen flashes of crazy, but it all worked out amazing in the end.

The next day, she called and said she wanted a real relationship with me. I was a little peeved, so I politely said, 'No, I think this is for the best,' to which she informed me that I had no choice in the matter. We were dating. End of story. I explained that this is not how it works, but she laughed at me and said, 'Too late,' and hung up.

I went to work, and this crazy girl called me on my work phone to ask about our relationship. Not once, not twice, but non-stop. I mean I would hang up, and as the phone hit the cradle, it would be ringing again. I yelled, I pleaded, I got angry, I threatened police, but nothing worked. We blocked her number. That is when the calls from other numbers started to roll in. After two days of this, I asked to see her in person to settle all of this. She agreed. We met. I went off, yelled, called her a child. She just sat there with a stupid smile on her face. There were no more calls that day. That is when she started coming in to work to see me. The first time, she said, 'I need to apologize for my behavior, can we talk for five minutes?' and I was like, 'Oh thank god, it is over!' Nope, the second we were in my office (I left the door wide open of course), she was on her knees trying to undo my pants. This was her 'apology.' I physically had to throw her out. She came back. Every day. Sometimes three times a day. We had to get a trespass warrant against her.

Three days after that I got a call from her sister. She said that my ex was out walking, trying to get over us, and she was attacked and assaulted. At this point, I didn't believe anything. Of course, I told her to call the police. She said, 'All she wants is to see you. She feels safe with you and needs to talk.' I refused. The next day, I was told by her sister that this girl tried to commit suicide. Now, no matter how much I was over this girl, I never wanted to see her pushed to that point. Her sister asked if I would come by to say hi. She was bed ridden and all the family was there.

Ugh. I was an idiot. I believed her. When I got there, she answered the door in thigh highs, a corset, high heel boots and nothing else. I turned and almost RAN back to my car. So she was assaulted a few days ago, tried to off herself, and this is how the door was answered? She told friends, family, work, everyone that would listen that I did assault her. She never told the police, because she knew it would turn on her quickly with the million calls and texts.

After threatening lawsuits, she moved out of the country with her family. But calls still continued. At least once a month for seven years! Due to the distance and infrequency of the calls, emails and texts, I was able to ignore her, until one day when I got to work. She was there, and she was UPSET. She started screaming at me in the parking lot about how I, 'Stole her life from her,' and, 'She waited to have children with me, and now it was getting too late. I OWED her a child!'

She demanded that we go right now and try to conceive one. I finally lost my temper. I grabbed her by the shirt, pushed her back into the car and screamed at her to never talk to me again, ever! Our faces were close. I was red-faced and furious, and then I saw in her eyes a look like hunger. She tried to lean in and kiss me.

And let me tell you boys and girls. At that point I was afraid of her. She had this look in her eyes. She was not all there. There is nothing she would not do to get what she wanted. Nothing. I went inside, called the police, and then I found and called her mother. It seems they moved back to the states. We had a long chat, her and I. I explained everything. She said in a soft voice, 'I know. She has issues.'"

Frightening Phone Reveal
Frightening Phone Reveal

"I was in a 'friends with benefits' situation with a co-worker. We would hook up in our cars after work, hook up in the bathroom when there was a 'mess' to clean up, go to her house and sleep with her while her two daughters were out (She's in her late 50s, I'm 19). We started to get a hotel, so we can spend hours having sleeping together without having to worry about her daughters walking in on us. She wanted me to film her with her cell phone, so I did. I accidentally recorded only my left arm tattoo, so I told her to keep going, as I'm going to delete the video and do it again.

I delete the video and go to recent deleted folder and find pictures of me and my family on a family vacation trip when I was a child. I was very spooked out. I then came across screen shots of my Aunt's Facebook page where she got the photos from.

I was being cyber stalked by this woman, and she had a whole folder of photos of me when I was a kid on her phone. I told her I wanted to end the 'friends with benefits.' She started to tell me how I told her I wanted to be with her forever, and that I was going to move into her house and tell her daughters that we have been seeing each other for months now, so we can look into being in a relationship. Her daughters are a couple years older than me and I'm not ready to be a step-dad."

Turned On By Vomit
Turned On By Vomit

"In college, I dated a girl for a little while and things seemed pretty normal until I got pretty sick one week. I didn't even leave the couch or bed in my dorm. One of those 'have a bucket within reach at all times' sicknesses. I talked to my girlfriend on the phone and told her how sick I was and about my bucket.

After being sick a day, my girlfriend came over, way hornier that I had seen her in the previous few months we've dated. I really wasn't in the mood, but she started to get undressed, so I wasn't going to say no.

She demands I be on top, which is pretty normal, but she's never demanded it. I didn't think much of it. At this point, my fever is raging, sweat is flying everywhere, and I hear Satan churning in my stomach. I look around for my bucket and just can't find it. She looked up at me with wide eyes and a crazy look on her face and yelled, 'PUKE IN MY MOUTH! I WANT TO TASTE YOUR CHUNKS!'

I actually started to laugh a little, but before I could ask her, I ralphed on her. Not right into her mouth, but on her chest. She was picking it up and putting it into her mouth, which made me even more sick. She asked me why I stopped and tried to suck me off while still covered in my vomit. I told her that I really didn't feel well, she called me weak and started to diddle herself, sitting in a pile of my own vomit. She got up, took the fastest shower ever, and left. I never called her back."

Played Me Like A Violin
Played Me Like A Violin

"This was the summer of 2009. I had been out of the Air Force for a few months. A girl I went to high school with had gotten in touch with me and said she had always had a crush on me. We start dating, and soon she introduces me to her three kids. Generally I’m not a fan of kids or dating a woman with them, but she’s hot. All summer, she gets me to practically spend every waking moment with her. While we were dating, she was always complaining about the kids’ dad and how he wouldn’t send her any money. So I would lend her some here and there for diapers and food. Mind you he was a Marine in Kansas or something and DID send money weekly.

At one point, her ex-husband, the dad of her kids, got my number and would text me vulgar things about what he used to do to her and how I’m the sloppy seconds and would also threaten to hurt me if he ever saw me. He also said something about me being the side piece and her real boyfriend (a dude in the army) was in Afghanistan. I confronted the woman about it, and she said that they broke up, but he didn’t want to believe it. I took her word for it.

Cut to a couple months later and I think things are good. She told me that she got pregnant and it is mine. I believe her because I’m stupid I guess. I tell my family and get excited. Then she has some weird reaction to some medicine she is on (or, so she tells me) and that we go to the ER. While there, the doctors and nurses tell me that she needs her stomach pumped. This worries me because of the baby.

They then tell me that she was never pregnant. Needless to say, that was it for me and I left. Turns out that her and Army Man in Afghanistan were engaged, and they BOTH knew I was just a side piece for the summer. And her whole family knew but swore not to tell me.

About three or so years later, she called me out of the blue because she missed me or something. After talking for a bit, I finally got her to admit that she played me the whole time, and that she used the money I sent her on illegal substances. She was never pregnant and she was engaged. That messed me up for a long time, and as I sit here typing it, I’m starting to shake and get short of breath."

"I'm Struggling To Breathe"
"I'm Struggling To Breathe"

"She’d been talking for a couple days about how she found my chest hair itchy when she rested her head on it. I suggested if it was that bad, she could just rest in the crook of my arm, because, being honest, I’m a hairy dude and I wasn’t interested in shaving my chest.

I’ve been working night shifts for the last few weeks and sleep during the day. I wake up one afternoon with a burning pain in my chest, and I’m struggling to breathe, I think, 'This is it,’I’m having a heart attack at age 23.'

Nope. It turns out I’m just massively allergic to the hair removal cream, and she’s put it all across my chest whilst I was asleep. My skin all bubbled up like it had been burnt, in the perfect shape of the outline of the Superman chest logo. It took about three months for the hair to grow back properly.

Ladies, if you are gonna give your partners 'surprise beauty treatments' don’t, but at least do a patch test first."

But I'm Innocent!
But I'm Innocent!

"My daughter's mom sent me to prison for three years for something I genuinely didn't do. My kid was about a year old, and I was separated from my kid's mother at the time. This ex-girlfriend found out that I got another girl pregnant. She called me saying she wanted to talk about getting back together. I looked outside, and she was already on my porch. So knowing she was crazy, I cautiously opened the door and let her in. She proceeded to tell me that she wanted to 'be a family' and leave her then boyfriend. Again, I knew she was nuts, so I cautiously told her I was not interested in that at the time.

She flipped out and stared breaking my TVs, punching me, and generally just going crazy. I told her to leave, and she said, 'I'm calling the cops and you're going away.' She then started slamming her face into a wall repeatedly. I was young and didn't want to deal with that, so I left. I got a call from the cops telling me to come back and give them my side of the story, and they said to come in person.

About a week later, they showed up to my dad's house (I was 19) and arrested me for battery. On the way to jail, they told me I was also being charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. The weapon was in the house (I was renting an addition on the side of someone's house), but it was not in my room. Apparently, she found it before they got there and placed it on top of my bed. She also said I pointed it at her and told her I would kill her.

I went to prison for numerous felonies from that incident, and my ex-girlfriend refused to recant her statement. I was young, into selling illegal substances at the time, so in a way I feel like my decisions still sort of led to that outcome. I still have to deal with this woman and have 50/50 custody of my daughter."

Narrowly Avoiding Murder
Narrowly Avoiding Murder

"It was her birthday, but I had a show that night. I also was pushing a 102 degree fever. She came to the show, and I had done what I thought was above and beyond for this girl who I still barely knew. I bought flowers, a small cake, we had the bar sing happy birthday to her.

She then proceeded to get exceedingly wasted and spent the evening talking badly about me to my own friends, not even ten feet from me as if I couldn't hear her. At the end of the show, I told her I was too sick to go out afterwards for her birthday, but I would take her out over the weekend. She exploded into a tirade of screaming and crying. I just walked away to my car and drove home.

She texted me later that night to say she didn't feel like I was invested in this relationship, and if that was the case, we should just break up. I wholeheartedly agreed, wished her well, and blocked her on every platform imaginable. And that's how I broke up with a girl, on her birthday, by text message. She used to be a prison guard but definitely didn't look like it because she was very petite. She used to sleep with a weapon in her night stand. I definitely think back and I'm pretty sure I avoided being murdered."

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