He's known on TikTok as "Old Man Steve" and at 81-years-old, he's proving to the world that social media isn't just for teens.

Steven Austin can be found on the app wearing his signature bucket hats, doing little dances, and showing people how to cook. It may not seem like a lot, but there is just something about Austin's wholesome and kind attitude that keeps bringing people back for more. The end result has been over 584,000 fans on Tiktok and Austin's newfound social media fame.

The funny thing is that Austin doesn't really consider himself much of a cook.

“I'm not really a cook and I don't really cook in my TikTok videos. I just do stuff like make a sandwich or make some toast,” he said.

He's not far from the truth though! A video of Austin simply cooking a frozen Marie Calendar dinner amassed tens of thousands of views.

But whether he's dancing, cooking, or simply cracking a joke, all of Steven's videos all have his same warm and goofy persona in common.

“Most of the time, I just get before the camera and start talking. Some things you have to set the stage, but most are just off the cuff,” Austin told WRCBTV in an interview.

Austin says he first realized he had gone viral after waking up to see one of his videos had gotten 25,000 views overnight.

“I can't believe that I have finally been recognized at age 81, but here I am and I'm enjoying the ride,” he also said in the interview.

Despite being 81-years-old, Austin is no stranger to social media and has been posting on his Youtube account for 12 years and was also active on the now-defunct Vine app.

But fame or no fame, there is no doubt that Austin enjoys what he does and will keep on posting as long as there are people he can cheer up.

“I've always been a jokester, so I guess it's just me," Austin says, "Besides, I hope it makes people smile or laugh and maybe have a better day.”