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These people share the most outrageous story of brides they've encountered.

"We Are No Longer Friends"

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"I was in a wedding for a friend, and the whole thing was a moment. Thank god I wasn't the maid of honor, just in the party.

I manage projects for a living, and this thing required more oversight than some of the stuff I manage at work (which can be in the billions of dollars). We had weekly, scheduled Skype meetings to go over progress on everything for an entire year. She actually had two wedding ceremonies and receptions, so each one required speeches and toasts from all of us, which needed to be vetted and corrections made. The bachelorette party was destination. We offered her a more reasonable destination, since most of us were broke, but she threw a fit and we ended up in Vegas, getting bottle service at VIP tables. I got pregnant during all this and was made to feel like a traitor.

The day of, things were so busy that we didn't actually get to eat until dinner. She then threw a hissy at the end because she felt like people were mad at her. We are no longer friends. I pretty much just ghosted her after that, as well as most of the other girls."

She Had Ridiculous Demands For The Wedding Party
She Had Ridiculous Demands For The Wedding Party


"The woman who married my brother-in-law. The highlight of her bridezilla moments (and there were many) was sending out a four-page, front-and-back letter to all the members of the wedding party regarding what exactly was expected of them.

This included exactly how much they were to spend on gifts for the couple (basically, 'Oh, don't go nuts, tee hee...But it had better NOT be too cheap!!'), expected dress code for everything from informal meet-ups to decide wedding attire and favors to the stag/bachelorette parties, and how they were to behave at all times. AND part of this four-page list was for her bridesmaids to lose weight, and not only was hairstyle to be approved by her (which is OK), hair color and cut had to be approved as well for the entire month or so before the wedding. This was to a group of punk rock, anti-establishment kids with tattoos, colored hair, and leather galore. This was not unknown to the bride, as she claimed to be part of that scene herself. She actually demoted the best man the night before the wedding and 'moved up' another of the groomsmen, because she felt the original best man (one of the groom's oldest and best friends) wasn't 'pulling his weight' and doing things the way she wanted. This despite him honestly trying and being on his best behavior for everything, even though he had never been a fan of this girl.

And that's just the tip of the bridezilla iceberg. I hate to say luckily, but......luckily, the marriage did not last."

She Yelled At Him For The Dumbest Reason
She Yelled At Him For The Dumbest Reason

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"I was 17 and my dad was marrying a terrible woman. She made my brother and I walk my dad down the aisle. No big deal, whatever.

When the wedding was over, I was summoned to her hotel room so she could scream at me that I looked bored when I was standing next to my dad and I ruined her whole wedding. She then proceeded to tell me that I was not allowed to live with her and her children at her house and had to live at my dad's house alone, where he would visit me on weekends.

Five months later, my dad takes me out to get Chinese food and tells me they're getting a divorce."

She Tried To Kill Him... Literally
She Tried To Kill Him... Literally

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"The bride at a family wedding literally tried to kill me because I wore a funky suit and tie. If I remember correctly, it was a Grey/Forrest Green striped suit. She claimed it didn't go according to dress code. I do not remember a dress code being addressed. She grabbed her to-be husband's weapon from his glovebox and fired four shots at me.

She was arrested because a bullet grazed my arm and the wedding never happened because husband realized Bride was completely crazy. He bought me a new purple suit afterward and we became best buds. Miss Crazy is still in prison after she attempted to start my apartment ablaze. I now have restraining order and such, but all I can do is laugh at the situation."

She Was So Horrible, Everyone Bailed
She Was So Horrible, Everyone Bailed

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"Bride yelled at me because I wasn't inside the church at exactly 7 to do her makeup (I got lost getting to the church in the middle of nowhere with no GPS signal), but I was in the parking lot getting my kit out at 7. She called and gave me an earful.

Then while I was doing her makeup, she kept getting up to yell at her mom and sister about the groomsmen not having their shirts tucked in a whole hour before the ceremony. She told her mom she could leave if she didn't wanna listen to her yell, told her sister to go home since she 'obviously' was jealous that she's getting married. Everyone left me and her alone in the suite after that. No one answered her calls or texts, no one came back to dress her, no one wanted to be around her. I felt bad for her, so I helped her get her dress and shoes and veil on and walked her outside to the entrance of the church and promptly split."

She Put Up With So Much Trying To Help Her Friend
She Put Up With So Much Trying To Help Her Friend

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"The bride was my boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend. We were pretty good friends, so she made me her maid of honor. This instantly made her two sisters hate me (later I found out that she chose me so she wouldn't have to pick between them and make them mad at her - such logic).

It was a small church wedding with the reception at the church, so things weren't too complicated. But she made them complicated. She told her family that I was helping her plan things, but she told me that her family was helping her plan things. She then told the groom that she had things under control. End result: no one did anything. She ends up calling me crying because it's two days before the wedding and nothing is done.

Her family was nuts, but her mother was the worst. Imagine a 500 lb raging whale who wanted to control everything, but put no effort into anything -- and lord forbid if someone else did it. I bent over backward to be nice to her, but all she did was post terrible things about me on Facebook and try to convince her daughter to get rid of me. The bride wouldn't talk to her family about what she wanted, so I basically had to coax her into telling me what she wanted done -- colors, flowers, decorations, the cake, everything. I then had to go shopping with her crazy family because they were paying for decorations, I basically was the bride's mouthpiece to get stuff done, because the family wouldn't honor what the bride wanted if they were sent to shop on their own. Her family hated me and made every step of the way difficult, but I was just trying to help my friend. And I am a super shy, quiet person and super non-confrontational. I'm the type of girl that everyone's parents like, honor student, I rescue kittens, whatever. I've never had people hate me so much without even knowing me. They just hated that the bride put me in charge, even though they didn't want to put in any effort.

Somewhere in all this, the groom finds out that she lied about having everything done, and he tries to help all he can (he worked two jobs and was oblivious to most of the wedding planning). Sidenote: bride's family hated groom's family and refused to let them help in anything.

So we spend one afternoon going to Michael's and Hobby Lobby buying decorations and fake flowers, and we decide to order cupcakes instead of cake because that's the only thing we can get done with two days notice. After the nightmare craftstore trip, I was on my own. I stayed awake for 36 hours straight decorating the dang church. I made around 50 floral arrangements by myself. Tried to get the bride's sisters to help me, but they destroyed the material instead -- they cut the flower stems off completely, cut the ribbon into unuseable lenghts, hid scissors from me, spilled confetti on the floor, any petty little stuff they could. About 12 hours before the wedding, me, my boyfriend and the groom set up over 200 chairs for the wedding itself, and then tables and chairs for the reception. Somehow we managed to make the place wedding ready -- and somehow I managed to be nice to the bride's family the whole time.

The thing that gets me the most is that the bride never sent me a thank you card. The only thanks I got was from the groom and his family, who thanked me for saving the day.

Funny ending -- the bride forget to deliver the signed wedding license to the courthouse, so their marriage was never legalized. They had to get remarried later.

I did all that because I was trying to be a good friend. I thought that she had issues with depression, which I can relate to since I suffer from it, too, but I later learned that the depression story was bull. There are definitely some issues, but it's not depression. Reality is, she has an untreated histrionic personality disorder. She orchestrates scenarios like this for attention. I'm still 'friends' with her, but at a distance now. I refuse to get sucked into another crazy situation like that again."

"I Had No Idea How To Respond"


"I worked for a florist setting up weddings when I was 15. I was the lowest person on the totem pole - I had no control over any aspect of the work and I was a grunt.

I was setting up a wedding with hideous pink and sparkly decor. I remember it pretty distinctly. It was at the art museum on a Saturday, a venue that costs $10,000 to rent. So the bride and groom had money. I was alone at the museum because I couldn't drive yet and I was frequently abandoned. Everything was ready for the reception.

Then, the bride comes in and starts crying and screaming about how the pink wasn't the right shade and her wedding was ruined. According to the contract she signed with my boss, she had to have seen an example of the work she was getting and approved it. She approached me (15-year-old me hiding behind a column because I didn't have anywhere to go) and started screaming at me for ruining the wedding. I hadn't made a single arrangement there. I had no idea how to respond except to say I was sorry."

It Was A Hot Mess
It Was A Hot Mess


"Photographer here. The worst one I dealt with didn't really seem to care about her wedding at all. She was in a hurry to rush through their pictures and get in the party bus they had rented for between the ceremony and reception.

She made the entire guest list sit and wait to eat while she and her new husband and bridal party spent two hours getting so wasted they could barely walk in the door of the reception hall.

Once they got there, two of the bridesmaids had puked on each other and their dresses were a mess.

She waited until we were doing the pictures to ask me if I could edit her maid of honor's chest tattoos out of the pictures, despite having chosen low cut gowns for her girls that accented all of their 'assets' and the landscape-style tattoo had obviously been there a long time as it was faded. The friend was not happy.

I took the opportunity while they were eating to use the bathroom, as it's generally considered rude to snap photos of people with their mouths full of food.

Not two minutes later, she sent one of her puke-stained girls in to knock on the stall door and tell me to hurry up because she remembered another pose she wanted to do in her pictures. I was peeing!"

She Demanded To Get Everything She Wanted
She Demanded To Get Everything She Wanted

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"I have a friend who took out a $7500 loan for her wedding. Okay, that's not too bad. It's workable. Then, she asked her fiancé to take out a $25,000 loan (forced him, really, by saying she'd leave him if he didn't). He had much better credit and he got the loan. Then she begged his parents to pay for their honeymoon. His parents were completely unaware that she had asked their son to take out a loan for the wedding. They thought her parents were paying for a modest outside wedding at a local garden and she repeatedly lied to them until a few weeks before the wedding. She kept threatening to leave her fiancé if he didn't do things the way she wanted them done.

Anyway, his parents were so happy to pay for a cruise for their honeymoon; a really, really nice Alaskan cruise. But, that wasn't enough for her. She then lied to her own parents saying that his parents were only giving them $250 for the honeymoon, which her parents were shocked by as they were paying for the wedding and reception and thought the groom's family would at least pay for some of the honeymoon. They encouraged her to get a better job (she worked 20 hours a week as a receptionist at a nail salon) or to at least go full time at her current job and she flat out refused saying that she had so much to do in planning for the wedding/honeymoon, etc. She was an absolute nightmare.

She and I hadn't talked since high school (we weren't very close, more like acquaintances) and she had gotten my number from a mutual friend to call and ask if I'd sing at her wedding. During that phone call she just spilled her guts about all of this. When she asked what she should do about the honeymoon, because she wanted her fiancé to take off two and a half weeks instead of the 9 days he'd already taken, I told her that she was being a little unreasonable and very demanding with people. I said it gently and kindly, I wasn't just like, 'Wow, you're being the worst person ever right now and your fiancé is reeeeal stupid to marry you for a lifetime of this.' I said, 'It seems like you're putting a lot of pressure on everyone around you to do things your way and only your way. This is Evan's wedding, too. Maybe ask him what he'd like. Planning this together instead of you by yourself can be a lot more fun. You guys are going to be together for a lifetime, so putting this much stress on everyone, yourself included, just makes things so much harder than they have to be.'

She was quiet for a few seconds then said, 'Uh, okay, I deserve this wedding and Evan's going to give me what I want. I don't want you to sing at the wedding, you're kind of a witch for telling me that I basically don't deserve a beautiful wedding!' When I tried to explain that I thought she could have a gorgeous wedding, just with less stress and anxiety, she goes, 'you're just like everyone else and you don't want me to be happy! My dad keeps telling me to get a better job and Evan fought getting the loan and you saying this makes me want to give up!' And she burst into hysterical tears and hung up. It was bizarre. She was like that in high school; very dramatic, mean to people and very selfish but I don't remember her being that crazy and delusional about things.

They got divorced 14 months after the wedding."

She Demanded People Be Happier For Her, Among Other Things
She Demanded People Be Happier For Her, Among Other Things


"She spent weeks crying to my sister and I that 'No one is happy enough that we're getting married!' She literally wanted us to call her once a week and tell her how happy we were that she was getting hitched, and how lucky we felt to be in her wedding party.

When we went bridesmaid dress shopping, she broke down crying when we chose the less expensive dress and accused us all of trying to ruin her big day by making ourselves uglier. Yes, uglier.

The next day, she called me to tell me I was out of the wedding party because I just wasn't the kind of person she wanted in her wedding. You know, after we bought the dresses. She then invited other people to take my and my sister's place in her wedding party, with the expectation that she'd be able to give them the dresses we'd paid for. She called, screaming that I had ruined EVERYTHING when she went to pick up her bridesmaids' dresses and was two short.

I had called and canceled the order, and gotten a refund."

She Just Wanted The Gifts
She Just Wanted The Gifts

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"My friend got married, and from the second she announced her engagement she was asking for gifts. She posted her registry on Facebook at least once a week, before save the dates even went out! She hosted an engagement party and threw a fit because she didn't get lots of gifts (it's not customary to bring gifts to an engagement party). She told me that anyone who didn't get her an engagement gift wasn't invited to the wedding! She hosted two bridal showers for herself. She had a bachelorette party with lots of random people, and the invite had us all bring cash and drinks.

Throughout all this, she never sent a thank you card. I gifted her something expensive at the engagement party, some stuff from the registry for the shower, and cash for the wedding. I got one thank you card - six months after the wedding. She hadn't even signed it! It was just a generic printed thank you card with her and her husband's name printed in it.

After the wedding, she got pregnant within like a month. Then started the baby registry begging. Posting on Facebook nonstop, hosting herself two baby showers and inviting random people (like my parents, who have met her once but my parents are rich so we think she invited them for the gift). She didn't send any thank you cards for the shower gifts either.

Baby is born, and the first thing she does is set up a GoFundMe for raising money for the baby. I think the goal is $1,000, so not much. But she also set up this meal delivery thing, where she's asking her friends to sign up to bring her hot dinner every night for the first two months after the baby is born. She's requesting super specific and expensive dinners too - stuff like grilled steaks, bbq ribs, and gluten-free foods (she's not gluten intolerant...). It's just annoying. At least send a thank you card."

She Had No Idea What To Expect As Maid Of Honor
She Had No Idea What To Expect As Maid Of Honor

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"I was maid of honor at my (then) best friend's wedding. She was a banquet manager at a hotel in the city, so she saw many weddings and had many ideas for what would be the perfect wedding.

When she got engaged in October, I strongly suggested that she wait over a year to have her wedding because she would not be able to plan her dream wedding in June of the following year.

When she officially asked me to be her maid of honor, I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she would not give me any specifics, so as my first time in a bridal party, I Googled it and figured some stuff out.

Starting at her engagement party, I kept record of all the gifts she had received and who gave them. It seemed like the present I gave her (a hand-carved soapstone Inukshuk with a poem which explained that the couple was 'on the right path' with their marriage) was unimpressive and unappreciated from the moment it was opened.

The groom invited me to a surprise bridal shower the day before it was planned, which caused me to cancel plans set in place for over a month because 'I was the bride's best friend and her maid of honor, so I had to be there,' where I also kept track of the gifts and got a concussion moving food which no one seemed to care about.

For the bachelorette party, she wanted to have it destination in Niagara Falls. I told her I could not afford that since I was a student barely able to afford my phone bill at the time. She compromised and was set to have the party at her cabin. A freak snowstorm required the party to be held at my grandparent's cabin (planning started less than 24 hours before the party was supposed to happen) and she seemed upset that people were having fun at a party that she didn't plan.

When it came to dress selection, she chose the absolute worst dress and color for her bridesmaids. I was on the heavier side, as was a bridesmaid, and another was pregnant. The dress she chose was coral (not great for a redhead/ginger like myself or another bridesmaid), and the fabric had zero stretch. I ended up needing to order alterations for my dress, which was 10 sizes too big for my chest but just barely fit my hips. My parents also bought the dress for me as my 21st birthday present, since I could not afford to buy the dress myself as a student. The alterations cost more than the dress itself.

Bridezilla had told me that she expected I book off the entire week before the wedding, and when the week actually came she had nothing for me to do. Thank God I worked a job where my hours were flexible and I could work from home on a regular basis. The Friday before the Saturday wedding, we drive to the out-of-town venue and as we go to check in to the hotel, she tells me that 'her family' does not approve of my boyfriend and I sharing a hotel room because we were not married. I told her that I could barely afford the hotel room I was already renting and would not be renting another one. She also tried to get me to give her the hotel room I had booked because it was further away from the rooms her family had booked.

At the venue, the tables were set up 'incorrectly' and she expected me to move all the tables with a wrist that had recently (less than six weeks previous) been operated on. I was not even allowed to text, never mind do any physical labor. I also picked up the linens from the rental company and put them on the tables in the exact manner that she wanted, with my bum wrist.

While myself and the other bridesmaids are killing ourselves with manual labour preparing the venue, the groomsmen show up for the rehearsal and say the groom told them not to do anything because it was all taken care of. The men ended up playing with picture frames while the women did hard manual labour.

While the girls were getting our nails done the bride insisted on having 'I said I Do' on her nails, which the artist couldn't do.

Day of the wedding and I ended up doing the makeup for the bride, her mom and the hair for another bridesmaid, as well as my own hair and makeup, making myself barely ready in time for the ceremony.

Between the ceremony and the reception, all her family heads into the town for lunch, while the bridesmaids continue to do an elaborate setup with lights and pictures, crawling around on her hands and knees in our dresses. My boyfriend heads into town for food and I have to call him in a panic to pick up ice for the reception and he needs to rush back to the venue when the bride's family is at the same restaurant he is.

This was a dry wedding, so I got my boyfriend to pack a flask, which I never got to enjoy since I was working the entire wedding.

At the end of this nightmare, my parents stayed longer than the bride and groom's parents at the venue to help clean up.

Needless to say, I've barely talked to her since then, and I'm still in an absolutely fantastic relationship with the same guy who has convinced me not to have a wedding, but a party with our friends where I can wear a fancy dress where we make all the food and just enjoy the party with our friends."

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